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I know issue with my fridge was I hung clothes on it as I pulled them out of washer(ok stupid I know!)  but maybe that is issue with your-we duct taped our tight every night and it fixed itself mostly.  


Got a credit on electric that is basically 1 1/2 months electric.  That is AMAZING as had no idea it was coming.  Signed up for food stamps and they found out I was eligible.  


Dropped internet to lower speed but no difference so that saved 25 a month or so.  Of course a new bill pops up but it is nice to have good news for a bit.

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Just grocery shopped. So depressing. $74 later I carried five bags up the stairs. :-( I just don't know how we'll make it sometimes. Bills are paid. Rent is paid. Safe for another two weeks until it's all due again. sometimes the struggle seems so futile. Got my house cleaned and laundry done today since we were getting really behind on it all. Took the kids to visit my parents and play outside in the backyard so that was nice. I actually have a lot of hours coming up this week at work so hopefully that will help financially. Got a few opportunities for work coming up so I need to decide how I want to proceed and which road I want to take but it's nice to have choice.
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I hear ya, justmama. It seems like a constant struggle sometimes and constant feast or famine. When there is enough to put aside something happens. Shrugs. On the plus side I was able to get some really nice plus sized clothes off freecycle. Some new stuff for myself plus Im sharing with many others. Easter is costing me very little out of pocket. I got some plates, plastic ware and napkins at dollar tree. We also did a little easter basket for my grandpa who is in assisted living and has dementia so its hard to really take him out for holidays(he gets upset and confused afterwards). I actually have a frugal brag!
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I am sorry Justmsma greensad.gif Been a rotten day here too....
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In our last semester of college and NO job offers. Everywhere we've applied and really expected to get in hasn't panned out. We really didn't expect to be in this situation and have no idea what we're going to do... My mom has an apartment she can let us stay in for cheap, we can stay with MIL for awhile (she's in the UK, so can't be more than 3 months unless we can get a visa/permanent residence for me- she's covering travel because she REALLY wants to see her grandbaby!), we've got a little in savings, so we're not totally dead in the water, but it's hard not to freak out.


Right now I've got a fundraising campaign to cover my final project expenses, and I'm kind of hoping for a miracle that we can get enough to cover expenses for awhile. I'd love to be able to make money for a freelance artist, but it's not easy to. Even low paying jobs get snatched up FAST by people with way more experience than me, and I don't have a fanbase so I can't make much money on my own...

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My hubby is up for a promotion today. Wish him luck! Itsin the other plant so its a bit further a drive and its five days instead of four, second shift (still forty hrs). Im not sure what the new pay would be but there is more room for advancement. In other interesting news I may have tracked down a semi local and inexpensive source of raw milk and butter. Its always been waaaay out of my way but if what I heard is true the farmer isnt charging much more than conventional.
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Interview seemed to go well, but we have to see where things lead. I did my grocery comparing today for my list. Thanks to easter theres some nice prices on staples.
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So 2 dr.s visits and 80 $ in copays and all my labd are normal though my vit d is borderline low normal. I hope my insurance pays for all the labs work. I was put on prednisone for a couple weeks. The dr admitted he was guessing I had a virus a months ago that threw my system off whack. I have been having dizziness headaches lethargy and leg and knee pain and twice in the past week I had a low grade fever. I know I am probably dealing with ms. I have had these symptoms im the past but diagnosing ms usually takes decades. So I am taking extra vit d and going to finish prednisone and see if I get better.
Finally got support Tuesday. My ex is going nuts and honestly I don't know what to do. Not income related but the decisions I make regarding his psychotic episodes will affect me financially. Either for the better or worse depending on what decision I make.
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My heart goes out to all :grouphug.


I am having a rough spell here, too. My "Dream Job" that I have been loving for the last 3 years seems to be morphing into something I will not like. It would take writing a book to explain, but the condensed version is that a new employee with a far different style from mine is rewriting the whole game plan. She has a very assertive personality, and her style is permeating the agency. Much more structure, documentation, formality. Yuck. Just yuck.


It has been about 2 weeks, and I have not heard from the interview I had. I guess it isn't going to happen. That is sort of OK - while it would pay double my current salary, it was 50 miles away. I have another application in for a pretty fantastic job, but I haven't heard. I will keep applying, but it is hard to maintain optimism.


My landlord wrote the weirdest nasty letter the other day. Not only is he raising the rent by $100 (no surprise, but it still sucks), but he complained about the oddest things ((complained in the sense of formal, written documentation). Too much dog poop in the yard - he stepped in some when he came to repair the fence 3 months ago. Well, he still hasn't finished the fence, and really, if you stepped in dog poop, wouldn't you mention it then, not 3 months later? Would you even remember it? Also, when the ugly, cheap vertical blinds broke, rather than asking him to replace them, I took them down, and installed decorative curtain rods, and matching drapes in the dining room and living room. Huge improvement, and I didn't ask him to pay. Now he says I will be responsible for the cost of blinds when I move out. I don't really care - if he charges me, I will take the drapes and rods with me, but wouldn't it have been nicer to just ask me, rather than the nasty accusatory tone of the letter.


All these things are things I can cope with, but it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I am also grumpy because I just got paid 4 days ago, paid some bills and got some groceries, and I am broke now till the first. Car registration is due, and next month will be just the same. It just gets old after a while.

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Ugh, our landlord is a nightmare as well. Over the awful winter, the plows couldn't be bothered clearing our parking spot properly- the other tenants called up the landlord to complain about the plow and how this wasn't fair to us, and she gave us this nasty call about how everyone was complaining about our parking and we needed to fix up our act and be better neighbors. Obviously not the only issue we've had.

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My apartment can suck bad eggs a lot of the time. You def have my sympathies. My husband keeps talking about looking into buying a home but the responsibility and cost worries me.
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Well my parents had been planning an addition to their house under the guise of "increasing value" for resale purposes. When it fell through my mom seemed more upset about it than I thought she would..I told her that it just wasn't meant to be..she said "The addition was for you and the boys, now what are we going to do?" I said "Can we not do what we've been doing"? She says "That won't work either!" Oh. Ok. I get it now. I'll be applying for HUD housing on Monday I guess. Anyone know how that process works? I'm upset but it's whatever. I thought that we were the kind of family that could have a multi-generational home but my parents care more about their freedom than anything else. I guess it's just because we live in a very hispanic area and I see these homes all the time where several generations live together, abuela watches the kids while mama and papa work and when abuela gets old mama and papa take care of her. Guess it's not in the stars for us though. :/ Oh well.

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I think we are all getting burnt out of being broke. It's hard when it happens constantly and it's not a stepping stone to something better but a way of life. I'm thinking of all of you and hoping that you all have better things happening next month.
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