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My oh my! Buyer beware when buying a condo unit. How do you know whether the hardwood flooring (with insulation) meets the board's approval? Then grandparents without considering neighbours, bring the young grandkids to spend the holidays! They run in shoes back and forth throughout the days. Walking was never taught and grand ma has forgotten how to supervise OR doesn't care. Shameful! Items are dropped night and day and never a thought of apologizing to suffering owners. A condo unit measuring 1212 sq. ft. cannot serve as a playground for kids. Why should kids be confined to small areas!

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I see you are new to MDC - welcome!  It seems to me like you are a condo owner and have some questions or a vent about visiting grand children and how to discipline in a temporary holiday visit when there are neighbors to consider. Is that correct? Perhaps also some tips on how to talk to your neighbors if/when their grand children come to visit again. 


First, I would say that the place to start for talking with your neighbors could be from a place of, "Hello!  I hope you enjoyed your visit with your grand kids. What a special time!  I came up today to let you know that the insulation in our condo is poor and with your hardwood, we can really hear footsteps downstairs. When it's just you it doesn't bother us but something about the pitter patter of small shoe'd feet was pretty loud. I'm sure you didn't realize!  Do you think you could remove their shoes the next time they are staying at your house?  Also, perhaps you could have some quite play over the area rug in the late evenings...bla, bla, bla..."  


I know that when someone needs to point something out to me as a parent that I appreciate if they assume the best of me and the conversation always goes well. I never want my kids to be a source of irritation for others. 


As far as this being a discipline issue...  It's hard to say because so many people tend to adapt the expectations and plans for kids when they are visiting relatives for a short while. It may be that these kids are on a fine schedule and get outside plenty the rest of the year, yk?  


Anyway, I don't know if that helped. I wish you some good rest and quality communication with your neighbors. 

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