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Thought to have a blues or ppd thread.

Is insomnia a ppd sign? I find very little on it.

Arm I'm tired but like right now I'm wide awake and it past midnight. No caffeine either. Have my six week checkup next week and will see what my mw says. I don't need meds but something is off, just don't know what. The wakefulness just started. I could sleep all day but can't so maybe it's not insomnia.
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I know insomnia and night waking are symptoms of depression so I'd think they would also be symptoms of PPD. I find Vitamin D and a B complex to be super helpful for that off feeling and mood disruption generally. Have you checked your D level? Mine was crazy low before supplements.Is anything else new, less help at home, older kids doing something different or new? I'd keep a close eye on it. I know with my DD, PPD presented with tons of anxiety and night waking without classic depression symptoms. My general isolation from other moms and my need for perfection and doing everything myself compounded things.It sounds like you do a lot by your posts, esp with a newborn. Do you think maybe you could slow down a bit? I didn't require/use meds but it was a long time before I felt like myself. Big hugs mama! I hope your MW has some helpful thoughts. Keep us posted.
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What about those of us still hanging around start posting in life with a babe. ? Seems dead here .... That said - hippy try the iron / prenatal/ cod liver oil if you're feeling off . I know it's iffy but it can't hurt to try . I know what that insomnia is like and feel for you . And yes it is. A symptom of ppd .
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Thanks. I hopped on over. Insomnia and anxiety at the strangest times it's so weird. I have no clo, will look for a safe one.
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My mw and. I think it's been having family here for three weeks and not being able to relax. Plus lack of sleep and negative bf comments adding to stress. Going to try rescue remedy too. Hope to see an improvement with family leaving and getting back to being around my friends.
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Omg, yeah - that would put me over the edge too! I am having trouble sleeping this week myself. I fall asleep but wake up around 1-2am and cannot fall back to sleep. I am anxious about returning to work on Monday and my thoughts are racing. Fx it goes smoothly! Hugs mamas!!