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Used 3 skiens from yarn stash to make a valentines present and will send present off next week.... (have a minor yarn problem)





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Originally Posted by skyview222 View Post

Have you seen thredup.com ?  I have a few pieces of clothing I am going to consign to them.  They give you a prepaid postage bag to mail your clothes.  I don't know how it compares to local-type consignment stores, but it seems easier. 


I haven't, no. But I don't think they would take clothes from overseas. :) Thanks anyway :) I'm okay with donating, but I just cant seem to decide what's necessary and I'm not sure if I've actually reached the point where we can't do with any less. My main issue is that I just don't have space to store all the clothes anymore. There are bags of clothes piled in front of the cupboards and I'm tired of looking at them. Not sure what to do at this point except to try and keep decluttering.. I'm going to try for 20 clothing items today and perhaps 30 over the weekend.

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455-456. repurposed packing box and night cream sold on eBay shipped--$59.01

457-473.  bathroom counter clutter trashed

474-478 trash in car




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I think having a number to get rid of worked well in terms of motivation. I first walked in the room looking at everything and thinking it can all stay because it's all "useful".. I basically got nowhere for 15 minutes.. so I left the room and told myself that 20 items had to go, whether they could stay or not! I owed it to myself to follow through (which I'm pretty shit at). So I managed to weed some stuff out from the piles. I have 21 less items in that room now! Tomorrow I intend on doing another 15 and a further 15 on Sunday (as more clean washing makes it's way through from the laundry).


416 / 2014

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79 obvious-to-get rid of items in the bedroom today; will continue the bedroom tomorrow.  It would be nice to say the master bedroom is a romantic, relaxing space...


1 library book--returned

 2 empty boxes in the pantry--trashed

13 misc junk in nightstand--trashed

7 magazines--trashed

20 trash behind/around nightstand

33 junk under bed--trashed

1 book--donated

1 old cell phone--donated for recycling fundraiser at work

1 plastic bracelet--donated




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Got rid of some junk today:


4 broken pens + 1 stack of junk paper from desk

son chunked one ripped sock

6 unused toiletries from bathroom


That's 12 more items gone. + 156 previous total =




Headed off to work on more today before work. I do have some other things I've set aside but I'll count and add them when they are walking out the door so they don't mysteriously make their way back into the house.

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Moved all my garage sale items to my shed today. 496 items so far!
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23 random small toys from backyard

4 large items from backyard

2 yukky pantry items


445 / 2014


I didn't get a chance to go through the clothes since Friday, but I'm hoping to attend to it tomorrow. 

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I'm happy to say that I'm going to add more items from my decluttering rampage that just took place in the garage.


1 pair of shoes.. saw them outside and remembered how much I hated wearing them.. trashed as they were really worn

1 small piece of furniture.. I haven't used it in over 6 months and have no need for it.. donation

Christmas lights that were busted.. going to recycling

3 cushions.. going to animal shelter


451 / 2014

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This is my last update for today - promise! 20 more items cleared from the bathroom. I have spied a few more that can go, but that's a job for tomorrow.


471 / 2014

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Originally Posted by LoveOurBabies View Post

This is my last update for today - promise! 20 more items cleared from the bathroom. I have spied a few more that can go, but that's a job for tomorrow.


471 / 2014

You are on a roll!  :)

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24 items--organized the gold I plan to sell and threw out worn-out ziploc bags and jewelry boxes, then I cleared the pile-up on the dining table, 4 small items donated




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Yikes, I need to catch up!  Got rid of some more broken stuff, boxes I was saving for future mailing (didn't need quite so many), old expired food, etc.  20 things total, bringing me to 117/2014.

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tossed the nasty bakery someone sent home with me (insted of keep it for a week and feeling guilty

recycled the contained it came in

2 conditioner bottles - recycle






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Time for me to join in. I have been doing this for the last two years and we have reduced our possessions in half by now. There is still room for improvement, though, as we have moved into a very small apartment, almost a third of the size of the place we started.


I keep track of my progress on my phone and on my blog, but I would like to start posting here for some extra motivation.


Here's what left the house so far this month:


11 moving boxes & packing paper
49 clothing items
1 pair boots

plastic tub
23 spice bottles
8 space bags
54 hangers
10 dish towels & pillowcases
4 random things



shaving blade
8 wii game cases
bagful of receipts/old papers (count as 10 items)
holey undies
fabric sash
132 bottles   $6.50



table & 6 chairs   $100

Total: 174 + 132(bottles)


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StillMe--great start!


I had a relaxing evening without much decluttering...just 1 thing:  1 used lotion tube--donated for recycling fundraiser at work.





On an annoying/down note, the eBay buyer for my night cream sent two messages over the weekend that the pump for the lotion is not working.  This is really irritating because it was working fine just last month when I used it.  I wrote her and suggested she soak the pump in soapy water since it might be clogged.  The tone of her messages is whiny.  My solution seems like an obvious one and would take 1 minute, but she is apparently more interested in complaining if she didn't even try to troubleshoot.  It goes to prove stuff can really steal your energy because I would rather not deal with this. 

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Ugh! I hate whiny buyers. Hope she comes to her senses soon. It's true that stuff does steal your energy - Totally not worth it!


Stillme, I've been reducing our possessions for years now too, but there is always more room for improvement I say! :) Welcome! Your progress in your sig is fantastic. :)


It's such a lovely sunny day today and I'm in the mood for a decluttering session. :bgbounce


2 used chapsticks, not likely to ever be used again as the kids hated the way it tasted

2 unhealthy pantry items -- seriously got to tell my mom to stop bringing this stuff over!

1 broken plate

1 doll stand that was kept but never used

1 plastic lid

6 metal pails

1 tub of 200 counters

2 pairs of scissors that aren't suitable for our needs


487 / 2014


I'll be back later hopefully with more to list. I haven't ventured into the bathroom for those items I spied and it looks like I'm never going to get around to doing the clothes either! 

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+ 3

(1broken toy, 2 pairs of worn out shoes)

99 out of 2014

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Making a list today:
93 - cd
94 - cd
95 - Deceased groceries cloth bag
96 - Deceased groceries cloth bag
97 - brown paper
98 - miniature lotion
99 - Notebook with charger and extra battery
100 - Coat
101 - Deceased bread cloth bag (paper bags are fobidden where i live and i only use cloth ones)
102 - towel meant to be used to clean our car that was actually being used to dry our dogs (they destroyed it, of course)
103 - Monster high stickers that i wont give as a gift to my niece anymore
104 - Spiderman stickers - same thing
105 - Cristmas card
106 - A bunch of paper with Christmas messages printed out (what was i thinking, really? )
107 - Disgusting pencil chewed by dogs...
108 - bad pencil sharpener
109 - dried pen
110 - fancy pen case
111 - Book on sexual harassment
112 - old public health card (they sent me a brand new one)
113 - Metal piece that must be a part of something and that i've been keeping because i might remember what it's for and then need. Probably wont need.
114 - sock with missing pair
115 - sock with missing pair
116 - sock with missing paif
117 - cd
118 - cd
119 - empty cd case
120 - crayons
121 - more crayons
122 - crayon that were lingering behind my table at the clinic (gotta love my young patientes... lol)
123 - sock with missing pair
124 - Nice lotion - gifted to cousin
125 - expired medicine
126 - old bills
127 - lotion (repurposed)
128 - handbook
129 - exfoliating cream
130 - 2 dried highlighting pen
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Started tackling my mess of an office on Sunday:

20 magazines/catalogs

2 bags of random papers

2 party hats

2 paper masks

VCR cable

stack of receipts shredded

7 old preschool art projects photographed for keepsake book, then tossed

5 bags/containers of art supplies combined into one nice organizer



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