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Boots with holes in the toes
1 lid to a long gone sippy cup
last years valentine's chocolate
scary looking cream cheese


Give away/Donate

1 pillow
2 shirts
1 skirt
1 pair of too small pajamas


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I passed the 300 item mark on my decluttering effort at work. 

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+ 1

218  / 2014

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three Christmas cards


17 random things


New Total: 231 + 132(bottles)


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Socks with holes in them
1 pair of broken sunglasses
3 empty boxes
1 car seat
2 envelopes
1 old cell phone to work's recycling program


Give away/Donate
1 too small karate uniform
1 shirt
1 package of candles


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+ 26 (loads of various bits of papers i should have sorted long ago .... in then end i DID find the one enveloppe i was looking for !)

244 / 2014

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OK. So I'm slower than molasses...


about 40 pieces of paper and 6 catalogs. I think my previous post had about 15 items. We've pulled some of DD's old shoes to donate/trash, but I'll count them when I actually get them out.


Total = about 61


I told DD that I would like to get the house ready to sell, even if we don't end up listing it, so I'd like to get 2000 things out by the end of May. Not sure if I'll make it, but it's a goal. :wink

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I have reached 500 items for the 2014 things effort at work.

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Went to coinstar   $7.47 towards dinner at Red Robin and recycled the container

fighting a never ending paper battle, both at home and in the car?? (10)

13 items from my closet bagged and ready to pass on to a friend (dang celic makes all my clothes too big)



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2 expired fridge things


New Total: 233 + 132(bottles)


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5 things donated to yarn club





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between last night and this morning + 37

only small bits and pieces,

the amount i still need to sort out makes me feel ridiculous ... but at least, i'm doing a bit !!!

281 / 2014

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+18 items  (shoebox lids, holey socks, trash in car, old lingerie)

+$13.66 in paypal from online textbook buyer





At work, I'm at 600 items.

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10 kids clothing items

2 pairs of shoes

15 pairs of socks - all donated


new total 46/2014

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1 can of leftover deck paint, 2 cans of spray paint, 5 bottles of expired medicine, and 1 bottle of nail polish remover from the 90s to the Hazardous Waste Depot
1 jar of expired diaper rash cream
1 loofah sponge
1 T-shirt of H's that should have been thrown out years ago


Give away/Donate


a mei tai sling to H's co-worker




A poker mat thingie back to H's co-worker
1 pair of shoes
1 skirt



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4- st pattys day junk

2 pr ds pants

1 puzzle




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4 holey socks (and matched 20 pairs of socks so they are not usable again and the orphan sock bag is nearly empty.)

3 papers from vacation last summer T

fiance's chelsea football league banner--donated

cloth laundry bag--donated

12 trash on closet floor

37 pieces of clothing--donated or consigned with thredup.com  (I am in the process of boxing up my clothes that I don't need to see until post-pregnancy.  I anticipate getting rid of a lot more later once I know what my post-baby body will be, but nice not to have them hanging in the closet when they are currently useless.  I filled a tall hamper of work and winter clothes and made a separate box of summer clothes so it will be easier to access when I'm ready.)

  + 31.25  check received for textbooks sold

   +6.33 paypal payment from textbook buyer




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+ 5

(expired stuff for the medicine basket)

286 / 2014

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8 clothing items (incl old college rugby jacket...ahh nostaligia held onto for 12 years)--donated

2 purses--Donated

7 packaging from online order--Trash

15 books sold/donated at local bookstore      +$9.00

9 purse cleaned out--trash




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Everyone is doing great! You are inspiring me to start again!
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