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92 more items added yesterday, mostly easy stuff to get rid of--trash in a purse, old receipts, stuff I would not still have on the counter if I hadn't been pregnant and "lazy" the last 3 months etc.




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Got rid of a few more things while cleaning this morning.


6 random broken toys and things

9 CDs (can't imagine myself suddenly wanting to listen to late 90s pop and hard rock again...and if I do there's always Pandora LOL)



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Today i'm really happy because DP went through and old organizer and decluttered 22 itens. This is the same person who gives me an angry look anytime i use the "D" word. We are trying to live a more simple life, but i'm usually the one in charge of sorting through our closets and cabinets and trashing/recycling or donating the clutter. Hope this is a permanent change!

Most of the stuff was books, jewelry and cute boxes.

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Amazingly, moving after 10 years in one place didn't get me to 2013!   But then again, I didn't actually sort through half the boxes sitting in my basement either (eek!).  Pregnancy really distracted me!


So far this year:

20 or so items given to my nephew

1 towel thrown out

4 diapers sold ($36)

5 fruit pouches my son hated given to my sister's kids

1 bra to the donate pile

2 scarves to the donate pile


= 33 items/2014; $36 made

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So I went on an unpacking mission this weekend. I made a small dent but I still have half a room to unpack. We put everything into the spare bedroom when we moved in...made it much simpler and I don't have boxes laying everywhere. 


1 13 gal. trash bag of misc papers and items (I will count as 50 items)

1 39 gal trash sack misc items. (100 items)

3 broken toys

3 pair shoes

3 coats

3 bags books (about 30)

6 empty boxes


195 + 128 =  323




Tomorrow I tackle the rest of the books, games, puzzles and mass amount of clothing that we have seem to accumulated. Hopefully I can also get to the filing cabinet and get that organized.

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1 broken toy to the trash



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1 broken hanger + 3 other items (cannot remember what though !!! ... if i don't make notes, it slips my mind ....)

+ 4


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13-16. dried out markers, stack of papers, shoe box lid, old pen box- all trashed


16/ 2014

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I trashed 48 items, mostly the result of cleaning out the fridge and pantry and consolidating packaging after a grocery store trip. 




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11-15 clothes (left old stuff at hospital)




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9-26 .... cleaned up inside of backpack + a catch all tray in the kitchen



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9 items- cleaned out kitchen utensil drawer, tossed rusty veggie peeler, broken meat thermometer, and worn, faded medicine cups & spoons

8 condiment pkgs of stuff we don't use

2 power cords for small appliances we don't have

3pcs to a broken cheese grater

5 opened pkgs of fast food utensils

1 8yr old aquarium pump used for homebirths- there was a lot of bittersweetness to this b/c it truly marks our family being done with child bearing.  This pump filled the birthpool for my 5 home waterbirths.


Total for today- 28


44/ 2014

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1 hanger

1 bag of misc. trash from the floor (aprox. 20 items)

3 sheets of paper fully used up into recycling




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6 items from the fridge tossed

23 toys into the donate pile that is being picked up next week




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4 old toothbrushes :D


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7 pairs of shoes - donation pile

10 pieces of plastics that my city doesn't recycle, brought to work for recycling


17 more today = 50/2014

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14 pantry items (expired)

6 items left/recycled at the post office- having a po box means most stuff never makes it home!  yeah!!!




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5 pantry items

4 skeins of yarn turn into presents!




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Books were counted - 31
Socks/undies - 52

86 / 2014
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24 items trashed from the tops of DH's and my cluttered dressers.  They were used as drop spots for everything.


Challenge total- 68/ 2014

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