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2 expired medicines

2 happy meal toys

A large bunch of coffee samples I'll never use - I'll count this as 10

3 toys/toy sets are being re-homed to grandma's for play (they currently have nothing to play with over there)

1 hairbrush

1 candle


105 / 2014

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1 cracked snow globe

A bunch of empty boxes and recycling (that I won't count, but feel motivated when mentioning)

24 expired pantry items and 2 unexpired pantry items. This category makes me feel very guilty :-/ The 2 unexpired items will be passed on to my neighbor because I know she'll use it. 

About 20 tea bags filled with tea that simply tastes awful. I'll count this as 1 item. 

1 egg cup (broken)

1 cup (broken)

1 hanging decoration

A small handful of old, used, teeth imprinted straws (seriously.. where does this s^%t come from??). Again, 1 item. 


137 / 2014

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pantry item

5 magazines

2 handfuls of trash

1 fridge item

1 freezer item used up




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I just can't stop today :bgbounce


2 champagne glasses

2 decorative ornaments

1 small glass jar

4 lids for containers that I no longer have 

Heaps of Halloween candy - Count as 5

1 decorative tin


152 / 2014


Okay I think I'm done for today, but I'm going to add:


10 bags going to recycling. Count as 1 item.

Clothes hook that we don't use

1 more pantry item

2 magnets

1 old broken decorative tin going to recycling


= 158 / 2014


Oh shoot, and one more hairbrush... 159 / 2014

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Broken kitchen gadget to trash



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3 broken refrigerator magnets


71/ 2014

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I will report later but plan a huge declutter day today!
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I'm 80/2014. Today there was a get together to exchange/donate stuff we dont use between close friends and i pretty much donated all my stuff that's been lingering in the back of my car. Sometimes i forget about the sacks full of stuff and they will stay in the car forever... I'm planning to declutter some winter clothings and accessories such as gloves and scarves. Although i live in Brazil mine is a chilly city and there's usually snow in the winter,so summer is a good time to declutter.
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Finally got started:
Given to a pregnant friend and out of my house today:
1 crib
1 crib mattress
1 mattress protector
7 crib sheets
1 change pad
1 change pad cover
1 blanket
1 playpen
1 playpen sheet
1 playmat
1 bottle sanitizer
12 bottles (I started out EPing for my oldest before she latched)
40 articles of baby clothing (an estimate)
Total: 69 items out of 2014
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I keep forgetting to count items, but did some reorganizing/decluttering today.

23 toys to goodwill
11 broken items recycled

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64 items trashed today--most of it was papers I was looking through as I searched for the county tax statement I was sure was in the right spot, but wasn't.




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7 empty boxes

25 books

10 games

1 coat

2 broken hangers

1 bag misc papers

1 bowl set

1 foam blocks

1 puzzle

1 journal set


323 + 50 = 373

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1 broken comb
1 useless yo-yo that's a strangulation hazard

161 / 2014
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I forgot: 1 of DS's toys thats no longer age appropriate.

162 / 2014
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I did 103 items yesterday But I have to find my 2014 list to get the real total. It was a great day. All the clutter in my bedroom is gone.
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133/2014 is my new total!

If we did the same amount every day ago year we would need to be at 66 today. I know for me I will do nothing for weeks then do lots.
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last minute baby nesting...


about 30 pieces of maternity items (they were out the door before i could count!) given to my sister

3 cataloges recycled

1 pen tossed


outgrown boy clothes packed up for my nephew:

5 pairs pjs

4 pants

1 sweatshirt

1 pr shorts

3 shirts

1 pr slippers

2 pr shoes


donation bag:

1 track pants i haven't worn since high school (15 years... yikes)

2 pr running shorts (haha, yeah right i'd wear them again)

1 thermal shirt that belonged to ex-h

3 shirts

1 pr socks

1 pr shoes

1 thong underwear (hate)

3 well worn bras

2 scarves

4 hair binders

12 mismatched childrens hangars


1 book returned to owner


2 library books (lost for months) - found! and ready for return... hope it saves me the lost book fees too!



weekend total:

85 items gone. (+33 = 118/2014)

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That is fantastic!

It feels great finding and dealing with things that were lost doesn't it. I did some of those too yesterday.
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Yes it is.  It would be interesting to keep track of how many lost objects were found due to our efforts.  I know I have found at least one. 

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3 items in the car trashed.  I look forward to the day when I have trouble finding something destined for the trashcan.  Most of my 2014 items have been easy-to-trash items so far. 




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