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The complaint thread....

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Get it all out here.

emotional? angry? husband pissing you off?? Do you just need to VENT??? We can do it all here on the complaint thread.


I will start.


*I have an irritable uterus which has me literally laying around all day to avoid pain and contractions. I am permanently off work (which I love) and on disability. :(


*I started insulin last week for GD but am still having trouble with my sugars.


I so desperately want to get things done around the house but it's hard to do anything when I feel so crappy. And...I feel really fat.

AND my biggest complaint... when I orgasm my uterus contracts so strongly it puts me in pain... and we have been avoiding this...

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So sorry to hear all that! That's rough greensad.gif.
When I get really frustrated that I can't "get more done" around the house and everything, I *try* to focus on the fact that I am creating another human being and try to tell nyself to let the other stuff go bc this is kinda the greatest thing I could be doing so I'm accomplishing a lot by just laying down and resting! Lol. YKWIM? But the key word is try bc I have to constantly remind myself.
I too feel bad off and on about myself physically bc I started this pregnancy overweight. I was already 30+ lbs heavier than the start of dds pregnancy. It's hard and even harder that I get really fat in my face so it's not like I can hide it. But again, I try to stay positive and think about how it's all worth it for the precious little one who I'd gain 200lbs for!

I'm actually having a low sex-drive and that is unusual for me and I'm really hating it
Dh is super understanding but I've always had a higher sex drive than him and now I'm all upset that I can't even enjoy the times that he wants to. I think I'll get into it but everytime I'm just not able to. Rrrrrr.

Oh another complaint note: so-to-speak, dh lost his job!!! greensad.gif dh's boss told him that he couldn't pay him anymore, and it's a complicated situation but basically boss is a decent guy but he sux when it comes to being a business man. And he just dropped this on my dh out of nowhere. Dh works in the alternative health and wellness industry, and so he still has some clients but just lost a huge chunk of his paycheck and has to start all over so to speak. We moved to this partnof the country for this job and lost a LOT of money in the process so its just really irritating.

Then, a few days before Christmas, someone broke into dh's office and stole his brand new laptop computer and phone and other valuables! He totally depends on them for work so It put us In another hole. I was especially sad bc it had 5 months of our family pics on there which we can never get back.
We were just like, "seriously?!!" But I told my dh Immediately after It happened that I was so glad he wasnt hurt bc ya know ppl shoot ppl over stuff smaller than that or stab them and he was In the office at the time! And again, thankfully It was just stuff that was stolen and not, say, our daughter! God forbid. I think often about the horrific nightmare of parents who have had their kids kidnapped And then our small stuff being stolen isnt really bad, ya know.

Ok, I didn't realize I had that much to write but it has been a challenging month! Lol. Believe it or not I am hopeful for the new year though! smile.gif
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love to you Philotheoa!!!



Now 22 people have read this and none of you have anything to complain about?? Come on.... I will start a gratitude thread soon... I promise. :)

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Well, I have lots to say but it almost seems more depressing to write it all out. :(


DH is being a pain in the butt. He's all stressed or depressed or something. Does lots of complaining but not much help with anything. He won't change DD's diapers (never has), won't help with potty training, cooking, cleaning, yard work, dogs (one has incontinence and mobility issues and the other allergies and seizures). I'm about to strangle him with my bare hands, I swear (ok, not really, but you know what I mean). On top of all this he just keeps grumping and going on about how awful his life is.


I don't even know what else I can do to make him feel better. I let him sleep in every single day, always get up with DD at night, cook dinner, do all the baby care, rearrange our schedule to accommodate his hobbies (hah! to have time for hobbies! my entertainment is going grocery shopping with a 3 year old). I've been having some awesome sacroiliac pain for weeks now and yet I'm still doing the snow shovelling and grocery carrying. Why did I think having another baby was a good idea? I really hope it's just my hormones making things seem worse than they are cause I'm seriously about to snap. Anyone have some good marriage therapy books to suggest?

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omg Ola... I don't even know what to say. Just hugs to you. Sounds like you need a break!


Do you have family that can help you out?

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Hugs to all. I have a cranky uterus too. I have a lot of pain from about mid afternoon until I lie down wrapping around the bra/underwire area. It makes it hard to breath and the pain is making me crazy. I have to wear lead in my job and that is KILLING my back. I'm also struggling with the body image. I lost a bunch of weight before this unplanned pregnancy and was feeling great about my body. All these new lumps and bumps are making me sad. I should be loving my bump but I'm not. I have no clothes that fit essentially that don't make me look whalish IMO. I had such high hopes to be able to keep active during this pregnancy and it is just not happening sigh....


Ok where's the gratitude/zenful pregnancy thread?

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I've been having a tough time too. (Irritable uterus here too!)
Dh and I have been going through a rough period, our weather has demanded so much of him because of the type of work he does, it's caused the kids to be off from school extra long and often stranded us in a too-small house. After working overtime for dh there's nothing left for us, and we're both stressed from a lawsuit that's been dragging out for almost 2 years. I'm battling SAD/mild depression and not getting the things I need. Just feeling overwhelmed and not ready to bring a baby into all this! Some days are fine and others I'm a basket case.
Move to just get it out there!
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Ola - OMG he needs a wake up call!!!!!!!! I have to say I have absolutely nothing to complain about but just wanting to send you all encouragment and hope it gets better xx

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Ok I don't know what's in the water wink1.gif but midwife just Informed me I have an irritatable uterus, too! It's concerning me bc there isn't a lot of research or knowledge on it out there and some things say it may lead to preterm labor...?? :/ I dunno. II'mtrying to learn more about it but if any of you have more knowledge on it, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Have any of you tried those belly support belts or anything? Is that even supposed to help? I'm going to join a swim club and see if some low impact exercise will help. Any of you had luck with that? I've read about cal/mag supplements but I was taking an Epsom salt bath every single night for the last 2 months so not sure if mag is an issue for me.
I can't even go an hour on my feet without it acting up! And that is not ok for taking care of my toddler nor is it ok bc I am recovering from depression and so I need to go out and do stuff, otherwise my mood plummets. Hoping I find a way to improve...
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The calcium/mag supplement, rrl tea in the evenings and lots more water helped mine to settle to a dull roar. It acts up if I am dehydrated or if I have to pee and by about 4 pm if I am not sitting I get some strong ones. 

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Hi everyone

Great to hear pregnancy isn't a piece of cake for everyone else. My pregnancy caused severe depression so I had to be on zyprexa which caused weight gain. I've gained 50 so far :( On a good note though, it actually made my morning sickness disappear. I have GD but just discovered that if I drink apple cider vinegar in water with my meal (I mix it with crystal light) my blood sugar is great! I'm so excited and want to pass on the info to all the rest of you. Exercise is hard because of the good old relaxin so glad this can help.

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Hi  everyone,. i'm due   late  april  and  it  is  my  third... 


I  also  feel like  my  uterus  is  irritable  because  i have  a  lot  of  bh  contractions  and  a   really  tight  uterus when  im standing...  it  was  similar  with  my  second  but  this tme  it's worse... and sorry  but  i'm  sick  of  talking  to  women  who've  never  had  a  contraction  before  labour!!!! . ..


For those  of  you  with  the irritable uterus, do  you  get  painful  contractions? or  just  braxton  hick? for me there  is  no  pain, just  discomfort and  tightess...no period-like cramps either



Pinkmilk  i  also  had  a  lot  of  contractions  after sex  last weekend..  so  i  think no more  sex  for me.... it is  scary


i  really  really  wanted  to enjoy this  pregnancy  and  it  is not  exactly happening... only on  good  days  :-)  and i  can't help feeling it is my  fault... i  really  wanted  this  third   baby  but  i  can't  seem  to  enjoy  my  pregnancies as much  as  i  would like too...

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Hey! Is anybody out there??
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Ines- I started an Irritable Uterus support group thread in the "I'm Pregnant" forum. If you want to join, Here is the link:

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First baby, going great. no sickness or heartburn or bad times.  BUT The affordable health care act has bent me and mine over a hood.  They say we make to much money....really???!! I live in a rustic cabin, heated only by the wood stove. We hunt for our meat cause there is no way I could afford to buy meat year round and then it would have to be all organic or local and that's not cheap.  I have a garden, and I am not into the garden thing....I mean to say I love the grow but oh god I hate grasshoppers! and last year we had a biblical amount and one landed on my lip!!!! I have no cable and I've always had no cable and I LOVE cable!!! I also love to read and I do but after awhile I just want to watch some TV! My sex drive is there but the ability to complete is not....ack! My doctor jumped weekly NST on me last week and I have been in a funk ever since. I dont like hospitals, never had insurance so I never went.  There is something to be said for knowing the ropes of hospitals and doctors, I find the front desk staff to be amazingly moronic. I live in a "crunchy" mountain village and WOW not a single Nurse Midwife, and the doc who made this choice is my doc ( she sits on a board) and when I told her I wanted to have a home birth she freaked out. I have never in my life felt more protective and just leave me the hell alone, nor have I ever had such a strong knowing about anything, I've not done before.  I hate cigarette smokers in my office they stink!!! and they always want to be in my office, touching and breathing on me.. so there is is.....wanton whining :) thanks I feel better.... 

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Haha, complaints.... Where to start?!
I'm 33 weeks, due in the beginning of April. This pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, so a part of feels like I *shouldn't* complain, but good lordy I'm 7 1/2 months preggers! Its practically a privilege. My husband and I just moved into a rental house... with my brother in law and his 4 year old daughter. he and wife just split, and in my head I know we're doing the right thing, but 1. MOVING SUCKS. 2. I really do miss our old apartment. I really saw us living there in the long term, and we would have had our own space for starting our family. 
Also - We haven't quite mentioned to my bro-in-law that we're having a homebirth yet... I know that regardless whenever baby came he was going give us our space for a few days. And while we do have a great free-standing birth center available to us, not only does it cost money (and we are BROKE as all get out), but I'm terrified that he is going to judge and put his foot down. 

My contractions are ALWAYS uncomfortable now, just plain hurt, and happen a lot. I don't have irritable uterus like some of you ladies, that must totally blow. 
Someone mentioned the sex thing - it just takes soo long to get my engines revved sometimes. Hubby is really sweet about it, but its kind of embarrassing sometimes. 
Topping to my pregnancy cake - my pubic bone is really tender, I'm tired all the time, pregnancy makes you virtually unemployable (I got let go a couple months ago), baby's kicks are getting so strong it hurts sometimes, and my mom might not make it for the birth (she lives out of town :( ).


Thanks, mamas. 

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My biggest complaint is that I'm not sleeping & I'm soooo tired since I can't nap with 3 kids ages 2, 4 & 6. When I do eventually fall asleep after hours of trying my kids wake me up, over & over... Also , my hips are killing me, I have wicked heartburn, & I really miss Advil (Tylenol doesn't work for me). On the bright side (if that's allowed ok this thread lol), sex is great still thankfully (& doesn't get my irritable uterus going to bad... If it does a bath helps) and I don't feel huge like I did my first prenancy but getting ready to be done with this. At least once baby is here I'll actually be able to fall asleep when I get the chance!
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SMOKING! I can't stand it and both my husband and his uncle (who we care for as he is incapable of doing so.. He should really be in a nursing home, in my opinion) smoke. Our house reeks of cigarettes and I do not feel right about bringing a baby into a house full of smokers!! (I do NOT smoke, btw) I have brought it up to my husband but he just says that I'm believing lies that people have told me and that there is no real evidence that second hand smoke is truly harmful. I 100% disagree with him but anytime I try to stand up for myself, I get super emotional and end up crying - which makes my husband soooo mad and we end up fighting. I feel like its a lost cause and I feel so hopeless greensad.gif
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The weather has been terrible here, very rainy, and I havent been able to be as productive outside as I would like to, and that makes me very cranky. Also, bending over is terribly uncomfortable, so I have given up and have been doing yard work on my hands and knees or just sitting on my butt and doing it that way. My midwife has kindly hinted that I take it easy with the yard work but im stubborn and need to get things done before baby comes. I have been having some braxton hicks, didnt know I was having them until my midwife informed me, and now sometimes they are getting uncomfortable. But mainly, my complaints are in the sleep department. Its uncomfortable and I keep waking up at night and having very stressfull dreams. Has anyone else been having stressfull dreams?
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My current complaint?


Is a hemorrhoid practice for the ring of fire!?!?!?!?

It is now almost to the point of making me cry.  Any suggestions on relief?  It didn't get bad until this past weekend. 


I have been trying to remember to use witch hazel but I'm thinking I need something more . . . . powerful.


Thanks so much!

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