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Welcome babies!

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So just starting up a board to welcome our little ones!


Ours arrived out of no where today at 38 weeks 1 day! It's a boy!!!! First name Atlas haven't been able to decide on a middle. Picture and birth story to come soon! Well, going to go get some much needed rest and cuddles! Good luck Mamas!!!

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Yay!!!!!!!!!! Welcome, baby Atlas! I just love his name. I hope you are able to get some quality rest in...can't wait to hear your birth story and see a picture later.

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Ha ha! Yea!! So happy to have the first baby arrive. I will try to be patient waiting for details wink1.gif
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Wow! Out of the blue, huh?

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Wow, congratulations on your new little boy!  What a surprise!  Enjoy the snuggles and your babymoon.

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Yay, Atlas and congratulations!!!

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Hooray!! How exciting...looking forward to the story...I love birth stories smile.gif
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Ahhhh Wonderful!  Congratulations :)  How exciting!  The first of our DDC!

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Congratulations!  It's encouraging to hear an "out of nowhere" birth at this point. :)

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Atlas Peregrine Spencer was born at 1:45pm on December 28th! He is amazing, and also 6lb 15oz, 20 1/4 inches long.

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Beautiful boy!!!! So happy for you!


He is exactly the weight my DD was at birth! What a sweet little nugget!

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Congrats tspencer!, and welcome to the world Atlas!
Happy baby mooning to you all!
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Ah, he is so perfect!  And I love his name!  OK, maybe I'm a little jealous after all. 

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Congratulations on your new little boy. He's just precious!
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So sweet! Congratulations @tspencer519 ! :joy Can't wait to hear the story. Enjoy those new baby cuddles!

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AHHHHH! He is gorgeous!!!
So happy for you! ❤️😭❤️😭❤️💕
You and I are not only due date twins but shared same experience of loss last year so I have tears right now!
Yay! Welcome to Atlas!
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OMG! Atlas Welcome! Your such a handsome little fella.  Huge congrats Tspencer! jumpers.gif

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Congratulations, TSpencer! He is beautiful and it is a great name. So exciting that babies are starting to arrive! Can't wait to read the full story.
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Thanks everyone! I will have his birth story up shortly! 


OrchideZ- Thanks! I can't wait till your LO arrives too!! Hope you are hanging in there alright! 

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