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Hooray Kelsey!!!


She is beautiful! Hope that you get out of there soon.

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Here he is!!

Finn Bear arrived on 14.01.14 after a 20 hour labour he was delivered by c section.
My cervix didn't progress beyond 9 cm for many hours plus his head position was awkward and his head is very large!! He weighed in at 4.035kg and is very strong!!

So blessed and blissed out xx love to all the mamas

P.s eggplant curry + good sex bought on labour very fast!!
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Imogen, he is a beauty! Congrats!
Thanks for the curry + sex tip. I need inspiration!

Lily, so happy to hear about your birth! Awaiting pix!

Kelsey, she is gorgeous!! What happened when you were there w your two yr old? Did the nurses watch her? I am from Louisiana btw and went to LSU. Like the daddy photo op smile.gif
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Baby girl born last Sunday, successful natural VBAC After a VERY hard birth (dilated to 10 no prob, then spent 6-7 hours hard pushing. Hardest thing I've ever done but I did it)! We transferred to hospital via ambulance at the very end but only because of the long pushing stage and no baby, and lots of cervical pain. When we arrived at the hospital she was crowning and I finally pushed her out (that part was easy)! She's almost 10 pounds and so far a very chill little babe. I am in rough physical shape with a number of 3rd degree tears but otherwise we are doing great. Love to see all the babies pouring in.
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Miss Kat!  She was 8.5 lbs and 21 in born in the morning on January 15th.  Her birth story to follow.

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Congrats all!!!


Hugs to you and those beautiful beings.

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We had our baby on the 17th! I am soooo exhausted but it was a pretty great birth. Suzanna Scarlett. born at 11:13, 9#10oz (can we say holy smokes? She is huge and I am so sore- but no tear) and 21 3/4" long.  I will write a birth story when I am no so tired.


Congratulations on all the recent babies!

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Welcome to all the new babies!! They are SO beautiful!!

 Way to go Mamas! Sending love and healing to you all!!!

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Wow you're a rock star! Iowa, congrats and I LOVE the name Suzanna Scarlett! Pix please!
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So many big, beautiful babies!  Congratulations to all.  :throb


DH and DS just went for a walk, so I'll try to type up our birth story quickly here - it's quite boring and by-the-book, really.


On Tuesday, DH came home from work and suggested we take advantage of my mom being here by going out to dinner one last time.  I was totally indifferent as I was feeling like crap and not hungry and certainly not in a place to enjoy a nice meal.  But I have been grouchy and a spoilsport lately so I agreed to go.  And it was actually really nice.  I did enjoy my food and we had a good talk and I enjoyed the secret of contractions that you know are going somewhere, but are still not painful.  As we walked home, I began to need to slow to a crawl when they came on and I told DH I thought it would be that night or next day.  We went to bed, but I didn't sleep of course.  Things felt in limbo and I just wanted to get to the hospital.  Around 2:30, I said, screw it.  I knew it was too early.  I had wanted to labor at home, but I just needed to get up and go.  So we packed up and drove over.  In triage, I was only 3 cm and the nurse wanted me to walk around for an hour before admitting me.  As soon as she left the room, I started having crazy curse-through contractions.  She came back and said, ok let's get you in a room!  Within 2 hours I was a stretchy 7 and shivering through transition.  I had my epidural placed, rested for another 2 hours, was complete with a bulging bag of waters (I probably should have let someone know I was having pressure sooner!), and pushed girly out in 5 minutes. 


She was so red with black hair all over her head and her pointy ears and shoulders.  Her right foot is curved inward, probably from being jammed against my ribs for the last months.  And just like in her 20 week US, she loves having her hands up by her face.  She is amazing.  After the initial amazement of meeting her wore off, I was mostly ecstatic to not be pregnant anymore.  but as the days pass, she worms her way into my heart and I am so glad she's here.  We went home the next day and it's crazy how much easier it is this time.  Even the love part.  With DS it was so strong and intense and overwhelming.  With DD it is just as strong, but somehow relaxed and easy and simple.

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Wow what a nice birth story Cwill!
So was she born in the caul? How fortuitous!
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What a beautiful birth story, @cwill! Congrats and thank you for sharing!

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Some of the picts refuse to load on my crappy android phone but wow - he is a beauty imogenorlah!


Love seeing these little beans!!

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After the most insanely quick labor of 34 minutes our beautiful son enter the world tonight! Snuggling and nursing and wrapping my head around this awesome babe!
I think his birth story will take longer to write then it did to happen.

Blessings to you all!
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Wow, that's scary fast! Congrats!
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Wow lovebug!  Now that's fast! Congrats....:joy

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Wow!! Amazing to hear Lovebug! He is gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by OrchideZ View Post

Kelsey, she is gorgeous!! What happened when you were there w your two yr old? Did the nurses watch her? I am from Louisiana btw and went to LSU. Like the daddy photo op smile.gif

 Thanks! Her paw-paw took her to the park and watched her till my DH was off work. Spur of the moment, we were very lucky he just flew into LA a few days earlier. We love tigers.

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Here is our birth story.


Friday afternoon I was miserable.  I couldn't sleep or eat and just felt like this pregnancy was going to go on forever.  DH took me to the chiropractor and all my kids went to spend the night with my SIL.  After the chiro he took me to a cafe for some supper-fried pickles anyone?  Then we stopped at the store to pick up a few things.  When I walked into the store I had a horrible pinchy cervix and decided it wasn't worth it so my sweet husband went out and got the Tahoe and picked me back up.  i just really wanted to be home all of the sudden.  Well when we got home I had a horrible case of the scoots and was just even more miserable (I didn't think that was possible either).  I don't know what we ended up doing that evening- but it wasn't much.  When we did go to bed I only slept an hour before the pinches started up again.  So I decided to let my DH sleep and I went down and hung out on the couch.  I was having random contractions all night but by about 3:30 I thought I should time them and they were 10 minutes apart for about an hour and then they jumped to 6 minutes apart.  I finally called our midwife at 5 (she is about 3 hours away from me- so I didn't really think I should wait much longer) and then I woke up my DH.  He ordered me back to the couch so I wouldn't do anything to make things go faster and he quickly cleaned the kitchen and got things ready for the birth pool. 

My midwife arrived at 8 and my friend (who graciously volunteered to be the assistant) arrived at 8:30.  I think I got in the pool right about then.  The contractions before the pool were pretty smooth yet and after I got in the pool were just mere pressure.  I couldn't believe how wonderful the pool was- and we never did get it full.  It was just about like heaven.  So by about 10:00 I was at 8 cm and still the contractions were nothing serious- in fact I told the midwife that I really was probably only at a 4 based on the intensity.  She checked me and confirmed an 8 but my cervix was still very far in back.  I had her pull it forward again which created a nice lip and that was when things got pretty intense.  I was so thankful for the pool because as horrid as it is to have a lip it was much more horrible to have it without water (like my 2 previous births).  About 11:00 I was extremely emotional and crying and carrying on- yet at the same time had the presence of mind to know I needed to move from sitting in the pool to squatting for pushing to be effective.  That was a good decision and made things go much faster and feel more productive at least.  I was so tired from not sleeping in what seemed like forever and the pain was very intense at this point.  At 11:10 I was at complete dilation and had her pushed out by 11:13.  She was huge and heavy and oh so very worth it!  The cord was snuggly wrapped around her neck and her cord was pretty short so I had to do a few acrobatics to be able to hold her which I really didn't think was possible but somehow happened.  She was 9 lbs 10 oz and cried immediately.  

After she was born I sat back down in the pool and nursed her for about half an hour and then stood back up to deliver the placenta.  We then got out of the pool and moved to a chair to finish nursing.  At that point I don't quite remember what happened all I know is that I had to lay down immediately and we took a nursing nap on the kitchen floor for a couple of hours so before we could get in the bath.  Apparently I lost more blood this time around because I have been so weak and light headed- but that is now getting better.  After our bath I was checked for tears and had none!  Things are definitely sore- but no tears!  I couldn't believe it because she is so big but I credit our midwife who screamed at me to quit pushing so I wouldn't tear!  

My husband was wonderfully supportive during labor and afterwards- he took such great care of me :)  My friend who played the part of assistant was also wonderful!  It would not have gone nearly as smooth without her- and now she has seen me in all my broken down emotional naked glory and has even scooped the "debris" from my birth pool so we should be sisters forever right?  And my midwife was as alway fantastic!  And of course God knew just the perfect time for me to have my baby with all the kids out of the house and good weather and everything.

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