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I am so in love!

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Poly, she is just beautiful!!

Wow Neaera, I love that name! Congrats!
Ps just saw you added pix...I am in love too. He is a dreamboat ❤️
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Look at all these gorgeous babies!!
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:shy They are both so precious! Love the name Coralie Clover! How lovely that you had such a quick labor. Hoping mine works out that way too. ;) 

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Yay! congratulations and welcome babies!


Coralie is so sweet with her big brother and sister.  I still haven't talked DS into holding K.


I love Romeo's knit hat! He looks a lot like the boy version of K. They have the same dark head of hair. I'll have to find a hatless picture of her to share.

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Coralie Clover's first car ride today/ 2 days old going for check up
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She is so alert! Beautiful!

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Stellan Ulrik "Uli" made an appearance this morning at 7:09 am

8 lbs, 21 inches, intense labor -- much moreso than his brother.

Sorry to the laboring mamas who had to hear me yell him out!

I'll post a story soon.
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Yayyyy! So happy for you Pamela! :throb Congrats and welcome to earth little Stellan! 

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Yay! Hi Uli! Congrats Pamela!

ETA: I can't stop looking at that picture. It is cracking me up.
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Congratulations Pamela and Uli!!! At long last!! So happy for you.

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Rosalind Opal was born last night 1-30-14, only 4 days past her "due date". She weighed 7'15 and was 20 inches long. We made it to Birth Center at 11:30 and she was with us at 1:09. I was a 4 upon arrival (probably checked around midnight, bc we had to unpack the car and get kids situated). Next thing i knew i was vocalizing thru the contractions. Got checked, was a 7, got in the tub for maybe 15 minutes. Was terribly uncomfortable (FWIW, a birth pool is soft a squishy and kicks the birth tubs butt). Got on the toilet and was pushy. Went to birth stool and she was out in two. Unfortunately i needed 5 stitches to fix up my tear. I roared her in too fast, but it so overwhelming. That was my first tear needing stitches, not excited about recovery.

My kids got in the room just as her head was coming out. So they got to see her come on into the world. I caught her with my own two hands and pulled her up to my chest. Oldest DD did the honors and told us that we had another girl. Then i moved to the bed for clean up and repair. Younger DD was supposed to cut the cord, but the scissors bothered her so she passed that honor on to older DD. Lots of bleeding, and i finally got the pitocin shot around 5 am. Since that it has been lighter and no clots.

Rosalind nursed most of the night and was really quite fussy until 6 am. Then she slept the day away. We came home at 10 am. Overall a good experience, although the icy road conditions made the commute longer and scarier than it should have been.

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Rosalind is beautiful!! Congratulations!!
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More babies! Welcome Rosalind! What a beautiful name. Congratulations vtamanda. I hope you are continuing to recover nicely.
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Love her name, love the birth story! Congratulations!!!

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Stellan Ulrik is gorgeous as is his name!! Can't wait to hear the story. Stellan was our boy name had this baby been a boy wink1.gif

Rosalind Opal! What a darling and love the name! This DDC is knocking it outta the park w amazing names right?!
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I had to go back thru and read the names. There are so many great ones!
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Here's my book of a birth story (I write for a living...so what can you expect?)

40 weeks, 2 days:
The prodomal stuff is getting to me. All the false hopes and wondering if things are actually getting started are starting to make me a little crazy. Every twitch and twinge makes me wonder if things have happened for real yet.

I took the day off work to go to the chiropractor, get a massage, and have a doctor appointment. I was even considering a pedicure – something I’ve never done before.

The chiro said baby was so low that she couldn’t even really feel his head – just his neck. She suggested going to Chinatown for a pedicure.
I met Brian for lunch because he’d forgotten his and he suggested Central Market so I could get a chair massage (what a good man – I hadn’t even mentioned to him that I was going to sneak over there anyway).

We had a nice little not-very-fancy-but-nice-to-hang-out-together lunch, and I hit up the gal at the chair massage station for a 20-minute quickie. It felt great, and she hit a few pressure points that can help get things going. I walked around the store for a few minutes, got some gelato, and then we decided to go drive around for a while before my doctor visit.

Brian’s boss made him take the rest of the day off because he was pretty much useless by this point. He’d stopped shaving two weeks ago when we thought things were happening way back then.

I was sure I was in labor the previous Thursday morning, and even told the doctor I’d be in to see her that day, probably. She was working and on call all night and a severe storm was coming. She texted me around 5:00 p.m. to make sure I hadn’t UC’d at home because she was worried that the snow was going to get bad and we’d be stranded. Disappointed, I told her labor had stalled as soon as I’d told everyone it was baby day, and I was too frustrated to update anyone at that point.

So, when I walked into the exam area at her office Monday and she was standing there with the other doctor, she was like “HOW ARE YOU STILL PREGNANT?!”

I said “YOU’RE LOUSY AT THIS!” and we had a good laugh about it. I’d even told her about a friend who’d had one of those oops babies in her bathroom, not realizing she was that far along in labor.

During my exam she checked and I was 4.5-5 cm dilated, 90% effaced. The baby was so low she had a hard time reaching my cervix. We’re just waiting for things to happen at this point. I was ready to get things going so I had her strip my membranes.

She was on call that night, until 8 a.m., but I wasn’t getting my hopes up that things would happen.

Brian and I left, stopped to get the car and dropped by costco to pick up a few things on the way home.

When we got home, the weather was getting crazy. I wasn’t even wearing a jacket most of the day, but by now it was hats and gloves and coats weather. I was restless and tired – either wanting to nap (should have) or go for a walk. We walked to the park – about a half mile – and Ike decided he had to go to the bathroom so we walked back home.

After a quick dinner we all went to bed around 8:30 or 9. Brian and I sat in there watching TV and he googled some reflexology foot points for labor and gave me a foot massage (probably the 5th time he’s done that in our entire 14-year relationship…)

I fell asleep around 9, absolutely certain nothing was happening.
Around midnight, the contractions were back. They were the same not-very-strong ones I’d had in the middle of the night before, so I didn’t get my hopes up.

I timed them for a while, got up to go pee and noticed a little show. A LITTLE. With Ike, I’d had tons of bloody glop for the entire day before labor. This time, I’d only ever wiped yellowish mucous.

Duly noted. Small amount of show. Sure, nothing’s happening, right?
I timed contractions for another half hour or so and noticed they weren’t going away.

I decided to get up and get on the birth ball and see if changing positions made them go away. NOOOOOOOOOPE. They got worse. Ouch! This hurts! OK, then. I made myself wait through two or three more and decided to text the doctor.

I said:
“I hope you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight. I’m about to wake Brian up.”
“Ok, see you in an hour?”
“Yep, something like that.”

Normally, I’d have waited until I felt pushy, or things had progressed even further, but I don’t know how much you guys saw on the news, but guess what, it’s Ice-ocalypse! The roads were starting to freeze, it’s 20 minutes to the hospital, and most of the highways are elevated. I also was half way there as far as dilation goes so from my Ike experience, I figured things would progress pretty fast.

I woke brian up, he jumped in the shower, and I started to gather my stuff (grape bubble gum, popsicles, salami sandwiches, etc. – all the essentials.)
Around 2:30 I woke mom up to let her know we were leaving and she sprang out of bed.

We left, with poor Brian white-knuckling it through freezing roads. We took a weird route, trying to avoid all elevated highways, and it took us about a half hour to get there.

Contractions slowed down when we were getting loaded up in the car so I was discouraged and though that things might be stopping again and was pissed about the prospect of another false alarm. After the talk I’d had about conditions I’d agree to an induction and having my doctor say she’d start with breaking my water because it probably wouldn’t take much more than that, I considered just going in and having her do it if things were stopped.

Things picked back up, though, and we got settled into our room and they did the monitoring and whatnot. I was still only 4cm, though, and that kind of made me mad and made me worried I’d be in it for the long haul.
After the nurse left and said they’d check on me in 2 hours, I rocked and swayed through a few contractions and decided to try out the shower. I stayed in there about an hour and things stayed pretty consistent.

Contractions got a little closer together, a little more intense. They came in and said they’d like to do monitoring when I got out of the shower. I stayed a few more minutes but honestly started to get hot and uncomfortable so I got out and dried off.

They came back in, put the monitors on and held them on for the 20 minutes required. During this time, things started to suck. Suck hard. It wasn’t fun. It was painful as shit. This was not the labor I’d had with Ike, where things didn’t really hurt or feel that intense until the very end.
I started feeling barfy and regretted the grape popsicle I’d had. I’d put my phone’s chill out playlist on and tucked it in my top (forgot headphones) and made it through three songs – to Brian and my first dance wedding song (Luna, by the smashing pumpkins, if you’re curious) and I was groaning and trying to hum along and things were not feeling better. My hips HURT.
They brought the doctor back in and she asked how I was doing and I was actually kind of crying and half sobbing and said I wasn’t having fun anymore and I’d like to be done now, thanks.

She laughed and said yeah, you’re probably close. At this time they started flurrying around and people came in and started turning on baby warmers and they realized that they forgot to take blood. Oh yay! Take some blood while I’m in transition! Sure, this sounds like fun.

I started squatting down and crying and kind of pushing and they’re like, hey, let’s get ready to push. The doctor checked and yep, I was complete. It was about 5:30 a.m.

With the hurricane path of destruction Ike wrought on my poor abused perineum, I thought I’d try to labor down and let my body push. That all sounded like a great idea until I realized that my body wasn’t doing jack shit to get this kid out.

I tried hands and knees. Nope.
I tried birthing stool. Nope.
I tried squatting. Nope.
Lying on my side? HELLS NOPE.

I even stood up and that was the most excruciating thing I’ve ever felt in my life. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, and MYGOD that was the worst feeling ever.

My hips – something about them felt simultaneously on fire and freezing. I had Brian and the nurse rub them really fast during contractions to try to warm them up and ease the pressure but nothing was happening.
I remembered that baby always seemed to be slumped over to the left side of my body and I suspect he was turned over that way through labor, instead of a nice anterior head down kind of position.

Would that be over-easy? Instead of sunny side up?
Not easy.

At this point, with me in the most painful pain ever the doctor looked at me and said “you really need to try on your back. I know you don’t want to, but you should try.”

Ok. By this time, I was D-O-N-E with this laboring down bullshit. Nothing was happening. I wanted to be finished. Every time the nurse said “good job” I was like “shut the fuck up” (in my head, of course) because it’s not a good job because nothing’s happening!

so I was half on the bed, half off with Brian and a new nurse holding a leg when the contraction hit and I pushed like I’d never pushed before and felt a bit of movement but honestly flopped around like that was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t get anything done. I swear, I’m going to have PTSD after this experience. I yelled so much. I cried. I screamed.

We waited for the next one and I kind of laid there crying and wanting to be done. When the next one hit, I pushed so hard that I felt the huge dump feeling and POP! his head popped out. With the next one, YELLLLLLLLLLLL…PLOP! I was done.


Brian said he saw veins on my temples he didn’t know I had. He said the look of determination on my face was kind of scary. He also got a look out of the corner of his eye of the baby’s head popping out and is trying not to be traumatized.

The doctor handed baby right to me and I looked down and he was so tiny! I know I’d always measured right on but honestly I expected bigger.

8lbs even (or 7lbs 15 oz – they used two different scales and told us two different numbers) 21 inches.

7:09 a.m.

We waited for the cord to stop and I looked at him for a while and he looked back at me like “hello there!” It was pretty cute.

They left the baby with me for a few minutes and then I let them take him to weigh him and stuff and that’s when my fun started.

My placenta slithered out while the doctor was repairing my small 2nd degree tear (yay! much better this time!).

But I was bleeding a whole lot and my uterus had stopped contracting. I’d tried to get baby to latch but he wasn’t ready. They started getting worried about the amount of blood loss so they were mashing my stomach (I yelled and swatted the nurse’s hands a few times.)

I also started shaking and poor Brian hadn’t noticed the shaking last time. Imagine looking over and seeing your mostly-naked wife spread-eagle on a table with people all around shaking and convulsing. They assured him it was normal but he was really worried.

They gave me the baby back and I got him to latch on but things still weren’t slowing down so I got a shot of pitocin. Nope. Still bleeding. Rectal cytotec. Yay! That was fun.

Things finally did stop after that, but it was kind of scary.

The baby nursed and nursed and nursed and MY GOODNESS he had a great latch. There was no trouble, no huge boob problem nothing. He went right on and went right to town.

Things were quieting down after this and the doctor left and everyone left us alone for a while and we made our phone calls and stuff.

Brian made me my salami sandwich – best sandwich ever – and they brought breakfast and we chilled out for a while.

The baby was alert and nursing for almost two hours before he finally drifted off and I let them do the eye drops and stuff.

So, yeah, wow. If I’d had this labor the first time around, I’m not sure my natural birth resolve would be so strong.

Holy hell that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m just lucky that it was fast. I can’t imagine someone going through days of that.

Stellan Ulrik Riemenschneider
7:09 a.m.
8lbs, 21 inches

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Had baby yesterday around 6am. Cole Dexter. 7lbs even. Born at home, 41w2d.


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