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Gorgeous boys!!!

Pamela, your story had me laughing aloud. Thanks for sharing it. Ha...SWEET FANCY MOSES! ūüėĄ
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Love birth stories...that was a great one! ūüĎć
5 weeks old
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Congratulations mamas!! Welcome babies!! 


We love to feature birth stories! If any of you care to share your birth story once you've delivered please post it and then PM me the link and we'll feature it on the site - along with a pic of you wish. Can't wait to hear about our January babies! :love

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You'd be welcome to mine, Cynthia, but there might be too much profanity.

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Still recovering from an emergency transfer due to quite a large hemorrhage. My labor was wonderful, but within 20 minutes, things got really scary and I almost lost consciousness. I couldn't hear anything but ringing in my ears and couldn't lift my head or answer anyone's questions. The EMTs came and ended up with 2 blood transfusions, lots of antibiotics because of a sky-high white blood count and tons of IV fluids. Still feeling very very weak and tired. My hemoglobin is still pretty low. I'm on bedrest until further notice. Just want to sleep.


Baby girl arrived in the caul at 1:01 PM Feb. 5th after 9 hours of labor in our birth tub. She's perfect and doing wonderfully with no concerns. :) We just need to decide on a name! 






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alisondarling- She is beautiful, congrats! Praying for a speedy recovery! 

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She's big, right? Soooo cute. BTDT with the hemmorhage...take care of yourself!! It's a long recovery but you'll get there!
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Originally Posted by mcimom View Post

She's big, right? Soooo cute. BTDT with the hemmorhage...take care of yourself!! It's a long recovery but you'll get there!

Whoops. I totally forgot to add birth weight--& yes she was! 9 lbs, 1oz, 21 inches. 

Her name is Velouria Delphine. :)


Here she is with big brother on day 3





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 Thank you tspencer & mcimom for your well wishes. :Hug

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She is adorable!
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 Editing this to try to put back the paragraph breaks that somehow disappeared in between typing it and pressing submit....


Birth story at last... at least if baby stays asleep long enough for me to finish typing this! I thought a fast labor would be good, I didn't quite reckon on what that might mean... and I think it's probably a good thing we don't get to control when our labor starts or how strong it gets, or these babies might never get born! (Well, truthfully, I think we would all summon the courage to get the job done eventually.... I think... maybe... )


This was a totally different experience than last time, and I'm still reflecting on it... my first labor was six-ish hours of "active" labor, during which I was somewhat surprised to never feel released from the grip of contractions to some degree. Perhaps this is why, I coped with it by floating deep into labor-land only to emerge when I started involuntarily pushing. This time contractions seemed much stronger, but they let go in between for a noticeable length of time. Is this good? I'm honestly not sure, it gave me time to reflect on what was happening and wish the next one wasn't going to come! In short, I think (anyone else with multiple labors care to weigh in?) that given the same amount of stretching and pushing has to happen, the sum total of pain is probably roughly the same, just condensed in a shorter labor... I truly felt I could not take any more after just a couple hours and would have sworn it had been many hours more. That said, although I felt like I was wailing my head off at the end, my husband says it was really no louder than last time and I did not resort to biting towels or the side of the tub this time... that's almost funny now, several weeks later!


A lovely aside... I was trying really hard to keep it together to some degree so as not to scare my 3 y/o daughter who was present. I don't think she knew quite what to make of it, truthfully, but watching her process it over the next few days was fascinating. Several times I observed her in the bath as she leaned back with a hand between her legs and moaned 'ooooooh, oooooh, baby.....' It only lasted for a short time and now she has moved on to talking about her baby, a bundle of blankets she carries around the house and pans diapers on. Once in a while she mentions the night baby was born and says very matter of factly, 'Mama screamed a little bit at the end.' And I say 'Yes, sometimes that helps!' And we talk a bit about how it did hurt for a time, and then it didn't, and Mama was just fine. I hope she will remember the experience in a good way when (if) the time comes to have her own babies.

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Birth story part two... I realized that what I had already shared was nothing but the reflection of the experience, and nothing about the experience itself - which says something, I guess, about what seems important now, several weeks after the fact. Or, perhaps just that my brain is having a hard time staying organized and on track these days? Take your pick!


Anyway... after two weeks and a bit of some concern over low fluid levels, multiple ultrasounds and nonstress tests, bed rest and so on... I felt all right having this baby at home. I had had contractions off and on for the last week and was starting to think it was never going to actually go anywhere, but just a day or so after hitting 41 weeks (and two weeks into my six of maternity leave - argh) I felt a change, a new strength to the contractions, even though they started and stopped I felt sure the baby was coming that night. (Yes, the morning I got up at 5am to caulk the shower, and then kneaded bread by hand... I wanted to be sure they kept coming!)


Late in the evening they were 10 minutes apart or so (I never time anything) and my husband decided to start moving the bed in. (Our bed is a platform he built, and had been at our farm in our temporary housing there... brought back in pieces and waiting outside the window.) Okay, yes, I want the bed before the baby comes... really I do. However, I got rather grumpy as the project turned out to involve moving half the furniture in the bedroom, chucking my dresser out the window (first floor!!) when turning it revealed a revolting thick layer of mold covering the back of it and under the drawers... moving all the books off a bookcase to move it, my husband wrenching his back ("You are NOT allowed to hurt your back! You have to finish putting the bed together and come rub my back! I'm the one having a baby for crying out loud!" Oh, I'm so unsympathetic sometimes!) and so on... and wasn't finished until nearly midnight. At which point DH collapsed into bed and left me and my labor and our still awake 3 y/o to take care of ourselves... little one wasn't going to bed without me with all the goings on but I finally managed to lie down with her long enough for her to fall asleep.


Ah well. I had filled the birthing pool in the evening but it didn't seem to be time to get in yet. Come 2:30am I couldn't cope anymore and made my way back to it. It didn't seem to help as much as last time - lying back in the water to relax through contractions was out of the question, but in seemed better than out so I stayed and rocked and moaned my way through. At some point my husband got up and lit a candle for me and brought me my lip balm and a mint, some water, and went back to bed... I really do labor best alone, I didn't mind. Later he came back and sat with me, and at one point I started crying and told him it was too hard, too strong. I was really unnerved by the contractions being so very strong already. But onward your body goes... I used tincture of Motherwort for pain several times and it definitely helped, though at one point I took a whole dropperful and my labor seemed to come to a complete standstill... whoops. It only worried me because I had had so many starts and stops to early labor, and I really wanted it to be finished. But soon enough it started up again (I have no idea how long.... maybe 10-15 minutes?) and I was careful to only take it a few drops at a time.


Exactly as the first time, I reached a point of thinking I just couldn't take much more and checking my dilation for encouragement, only to find, just as before, that although very thin and stretchy, it was just a few centimeters open. And feeling a bit of fear when the nerve pain and pushing urges started shortly after that - too soon! Perhaps I would have done better not to look, and just go with the instinct... my training is sometimes a hindrance I think. I'm not quite trusting enough. An animal knows nothing of dilation but simply obeys the urge to push when it comes....


I tried to hold back on pushing but soon couldn't help it. I found my daughter had returned to my side and tried not to scream but was frantically blowing bubbles in the water instead.... lol, so funny now, especially after seeing her incorporate it into her play-acting of "how to have a baby" afterwards... She asked me, "Is the baby coming Mama?" and I said yes, the baby's coming! And I heard her toddle back to the bedroom and say to DH "Mama says the baby's coming." And then she came back. By herself. And I bellowed for DH, "The baby's coming NOW, are YOU??" Oh, he did. :-)


I was definitely more present this time and had the sense to try to have the head emerge slowly. But it's quite the conundrum to feel most of your body involuntarily pushing as hard as it can, wanting to push with it... and to try to use a hand to slow it down on the other side?? It just doesn't work! But I was glad I had the presence of mind to do my best and allow it several contractions to ease out, unlike last time when I panicked and just pushed as hard as I possibly could to get it over with! I had the amazing sensation of feeling the head emerge, then the pause, rotation, top shoulder, bottom shoulder, body... I definitely didn't have that level of awareness last time. I just wanted her out. :-)


And baby.... blue-grey and looking so tiny once she was out. I picked her up and she coughed and sneezed and cried for a few minutes. DD1 had stripped and climbed in the tub without me really noticing, but I'm glad she was there... we held the baby while she cried (I'm fine with a little lung exercise in the first few minutes!) and then settled her down. But at this point, we didn't actually know if we had a boy or girl yet, it being rather dim before sunrise and with only one candle in the room, and underwater at that. So I picked the baby up and said "Let's look and see if this is a boy like we thought!" And DH looked and said, "Yep, it is!" And I said.... "Wait a minute.... that's the cord between its legs!" Lifted the cord out of the way. Nope, those weren't balls behind boy-parts.... GIRL!


After a little while I heard my alarm go off and was utterly astonished that it was only 6am. How on earth could that unending night of hard labor have only been 3 hours or so?? We climbed out of the tub carefully (rather short cord) and I decided I needed to lie on the bathroom floor and rest for a bit... it was good to lie down but I wanted to placenta to come so I could move around more easily, so when I could I got up and moved to a chair.  The afterpains were murder... I'd heard they're a lot stronger with subsequent babies than first, but this was worse than labor! And nerve pains too! Not fair! There's no baby head pressing on my nerves anymore, what was that all about?? Still no placenta. I felt like it might have detached already and decided to squat to try to encourage it out. Not easy, as I was weak and couldn't have DH hold the baby as the cord was too short. But I managed to squat through a couple contractions and out it came, such a feeling of physical relief.


We cleaned up a bit, baby and I, wrapped the placenta and all got in bed to call our parents and rest. All in all, I'm very pleased to have had another unassisted birth without any complications. And I was touched when DH made a point of telling me I had done well and that it had been beautiful, that I was beautiful...


She weighed about 7.5 pounds (kitchen scale!) and after getting to know her for a bit, we named her Iona...


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Beautiful story and what a gorgeous girl Iona is!
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Great story, great name! Thanks for sharing.
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Pleased to introduce Joshua Daniel. Who arrived 2/20 at 8:45 am. 8 lbs and 6 oz. I'm processing the birth which was traumatic but so in love and that is helping. [IMG]
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He's beautiful.... hugs to you.
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Congrats on all the beautiful babies! 


Sorry your birth was traumatic Cat. Don't be afraid to let yourself grieve for your birth. It is a necessary process. Wishing you peace and healing and a happy babymoon! 

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Beautiful photos and beautiful boy, @Catwmandu. I hope you find peace processing the hard parts of your labor and birth.

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Just a quick note to say I am so sorry it's taken me so long. Galen Duncan William was born on the morning of the 14th of January, good c-section with sterilization (no more babies for me...a little sad but ok too), not so great anesthetist (some bad upper back pain because he wouldn't listen or check my files) but still had successful spinal block & healthy 4.240 kilo (9.3 lb) baby boy. I couldn't get to the computer while I was recovering & when we moved house, 2 weeks later, there have been some issues with our internet access, & of course the issue of typing with a baby in your arms. lol He has a full head of light auburn/strawberry blond hair and is so gorgeous and a lovely, even-tempered baby. He took to breast feeding like a champ, you should have seen his little "woo hoo" face when his milk came in after all of his diligent hard work pulling down the colostrum for a bit more than 2 days. So sweet! I'll try and get a photo up when I can. Love seeing all of yours! Congrat's to all of you lovely and sweet mamas & babies! 

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