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WHAT?!!! Congrats Tiff!!


I was just catching up on some stuff and realized right after you posted about whether to take the tree down during the weekend etc is when things must've started to happen.


He is adorable and we can't wait to hear more when you are ready.

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Oh my gosh!!! Huge congrats to you and your family! Also can't wait to hear the birth story :)


Man, I guess this means these babies are real, and they're coming!! Yikes and hooray!!!

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        December 27th- I had been kind of feeling off all evening and at 10pm I started having contractions every 20 mins or so. I was starting to get excited and nervous and couldn't sleep and kept thinking, "if it is "time" I need to get this house cleaned up." It was around midnight and my husband and I had done as much cleaning as we felt necessary and at this point my contractions were between 2 and 7 minutes apart. I called my midwife at 1:30am and she said it still sounded really early since I wasn't really working hard yet and told me to try to rest. I tried but my DD decided not to sleep (I think she knew something was up.) So needless to say I got no sleep that night. DD didn't fall back to sleep until around 5 am.

       We called my midwife again at 7 am and she came at 8 to check me. I thought I was working pretty hard at that point but little did I know that I really wasn't. I was so tired when she got here from not getting much, if any, sleep. My DH said, “Can she have a glass of wine?” She said, “Absolutely! Have a glass. That will help you get some rest!' She told DH not to hesitate to call her again, even if it is just in an hour, if things change. I had a small glass of wine and then slept for the most part till 11 am when I woke up in transition. So when I started screaming, crying and swearing during contractions, DH called my parents to come get DD and he called the midwife at that point as well. (I guess I am a screamer... oops!)

       We were supposed to go to two Christmas parties that day but our LO had other plans. So, other than my parents, we didn't announce I was in labor so we could avoid all the phone call/texts asking for updates (thank goodness we made that decision!) My Midwife got here at 12 and started setting up the pool. I was in a lot of pain and my amazing DH sat and rubbed my back the entire time and encouraged me. He was absolutely wonderful and I don't know how I would have gotten through it without him. He was an amazing support partner!

        Once the pool was ready I jumped in which did help with the pain a little. When I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore I asked My midwife to go ahead and check me. She checked and said, "Tiffany, feel this." So I did. She said, "What do you feel?" I was like, "a head" lol His head was about a quarter inch from coming out and this was at 1:40 pm. She said, "Push that baby out!' So with my next contraction I started pushing. The second push and his head was out. Third and his body shot out in the water. Like rocketed out. I had to rush after to get him. He was almost born in the amniotic sac, it broke right before he came out. I grabbed him and put him on my chest. I just cried and was so happy and just held him to me. At this point I didn't know he was a "he" yet. I looked up after a while and was like, "Wait a second... Is it a boy or girl." My midwife said, "That's your job! Check!" So I moved his cord and legs and well you get the idea! I looked at my DH and he just had tears rolling down his face. It was just such a perfect moment. Then my midwife let me just take my time and I delivered the placenta about 20 minutes later. DH then cut the cord since it was done pulsing and was delivered. Then I was able to climb into my own bed and nurse my sweet little boy. He nursed for awhile and everything was just so quiet, calm and relaxing. After he was done and we were ready my midwife examined us both. I only had a very small tear which I decided not to bother even having stitched. I probably wouldn't have even torn because he is such a little peanut, (6 lbs. 15 oz. 20 ¼ inches) but I was trying to push him out in one push. Silly me!

      I can't even describe how wonderful it was to be in the comfort of my own home and to be in control of my birth experience. Even though it was a heck of a lot easier with my DD to just get an epidural, I would never go back!! I had control of my body and everything around me the whole time. I am so thankful for my amazing midwife and how encouraging, kind and professional she is. It was so amazing to get to catch my own baby, to put him to my own chest and to check for myself his gender! My midwife did so very much but yet was so low profile!

      Even though I was allowed to eat during I really didn't feel up to it! I just ate a couple mini protein bars and drank coconut water (which was amazing at keeping my hydrated) and water.


I couldn't believe how great I felt after having him. My recovery has been so much faster and easier than with DD. I haven't had to leave my house yet! My DD just loves him and has been a great big sister and helper! She just wants to kiss him and rub his head all the time. It is very cute! Well that is my story, at least how I remember it! My handsome little Atlas Peregrine! 

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I'm crying. Too bad I am at work otherwise I'd be sobbing. I am so happy to read this Tiff. So happy.


Congrats again, you did amazing Mama.

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Ahhhh! Made me cry too! What an amazing story. Love it.
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Crying, too! What a beautiful experience! I am feeling overjoyed for you, and so inspired.

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Awww, great story. So glad that you had a good support team (i think it makes all the difference) and that you got the birth that you wanted.
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That is a wonderful story-  Congratulations! 

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This was the picture I was going to post with my story. This was right after putting him on my chest.

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You really are an inspiration!!! LOVE your smile there.

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Awesome pic! Extremely moving :happyt

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Starting to remember that feeling... :throb  Beautiful picture, beautiful story.  Thanks for sharing tspencer.  I think it has probably helped all of us to hear - and I say that as someone who is not into birth stories.  :Hug

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And now I'm crying too... so beautiful.
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Oh wow!! That photo is amazing Tspencer!
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I almost don't want to post after that it was so lovely!

Since I had an induction (and also a uterus prone to hemorrhage, including at my home birth of #4) my birth story is not nearly as peaceful but the outcome was still very lovely smile.gif Paulina Rose was born December 30 at 5:46pm after almost 24 hrs in hospital for planned induction. She was 6# 5oz and 19 inches long at 39 weeks. A full 3# smaller than my last!! I hemmorhaged again but miraculously was recovered enough to go home after 24 hours. She is pretty and perfect.
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mcimom, she's gorgeous! Love the hat and those dark eyes.... awww....

So happy to hear you are both safely home where you can continue to recover and fall in love with one another. I hope you have some help with the other six right now!
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Mcimom- Congratulations! She is so beautiful! So glad everything went well and you didn't have to stay any longer! She is so tiny and perfect! joy.gif Enjoy!
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Aww she is so sweet! Congrats!!!!!

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Great news mcimom!  I have been waiting to hear from you.  Glad all went well and she is beautiful!

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