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She is pretty and perfect! Congratulations! Glad to read that you were well enough to go home after 24 hours- must have been frightening in the moment though! Enjoy your tiny baby!

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mcimom she is beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family and welcome to the world Paulina!!

Happy babymoon!

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Gorgeous babe and love her name mcimom!
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I'm with you and Neaera, mcimom - pretty and perfect describe her exactly!  Congratulations and welcome to the world, little Paulina!  I'm glad you recovered well enough from your hemorrhage that you were able to be home quickly with your family. 


And feel free to share more pictures, baby-havers ... :lol

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Tspencer--I'm with everyone else on that photo--amazing. Your expression is so wonderful.
MCImom--congratulations to you! She is beautiful and so is the name Paulina.

Wow, this is really happening, isn't it?
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Our little girl arrived on Christmas Day! Brightly Ruth Borden born at 12:05 pm weighing 7 lbs 11oz. My first labor was 3.5 hours. This one lasted all total 36 hours. We were definitely not expecting that! Everything turned out wonderfully and our doula was amazing! We couldn't have made it that long unmedicated without her. Full birth story to come later.

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Brightly in her stocking from the hospital.
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Oh my goodness! Love her little round face! Congratulations, Kellyshea!!!!!

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Congratulations to mcimom and kellyshea on their beautiful bundles! Welcome to the world Paulina and Brightly!  :joy 

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Kellyshea82- Congrats!!!! She is so beautiful! Love her name! And a Christmas baby, how special! :)

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Atlas at 4 days old :) 

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Congrats on the beautiful Christmas baby! Love her face and the name Brightly!
Oh wow Atlas is such a cutie Tspencer wink1.gif
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Soooo cute these cuties!!
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Atlas is a cutie! He's got some long fingers there :love

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We welcomed our little boy, Jet, into the world, this afternoon, 3:42pm. 9lbs, 5.5 oz, 22.5" long, born with a true knot, merconium, and the cord wrapped around his neck. He had a bit of trouble in the first hour or so, but the nursery was able to work on him in our room. He's been doing well except for running a higher-than-they like temp. We'll see. I had a wonderful, intense, birth and doing very well!
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Wow kellyshea - she is beautiful!


Congrats opheliajoy and welcome Jet. I'm sorry about the fever and the trouble right following birth. Hope the fever is gone soon.

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opheliajoy- Congrats!!!! Welcome little Jet! Praying his temp goes down soon! So glad nothing more is wrong with him!

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Congratulations to @Kellyshea82 , @mcimom & @opheliajoy! Those are some beautiful babies!

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Congrats, @opheliajoy!!! 

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Oh my goodness Brightly! What a gift. Her in the stocking is too perfect. And KellyShea, you look way too good for a 36 hour labor. Gorgeous, both of you!

opheliajoy, congrats on your big boy! Please keep us updated on his progress.
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