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Congrats Ophelia!!!  Glad you are both doing so well :joy

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Thanks for sharing your story @tspencer519! We're also planning a homebirth, and our midwife would have said the exact same thing: rest, and call if things change. :)

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Oh, such congratulations KellyShea and Ophelia! These babies are going to be coming too fast to keep up with, soon, I think.


KellyShea--36 hours for a second labor, wow. That kind of reduces my feeling of counting on something short and sweet this time around :) Congratulations on your Christmas girl--Brightly is such a unique and cheery and cool name--I love it.


OpheliaJoy--welcome to Jet! I hope his health rights itself soon.


TSpencer--thanks for the new pic of Atlas--I am getting so amped up to meet my little girl after seeing all these pictures (lately I've been feeling a mix of excitement and trepidation--like, am I really prepared to have a newborn again????)

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Miss Merciful Joy arrived last night at 11:10 pm after a 6 hour intense labor. She is 6 lbs 12 oz 18.5 inches long. We are doing beautifully, nursing well and back at home :love

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Wow! Congrats!! Can't wait for details and pix ❤️✨ lovely name!
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Yay!!! Congrats!

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Welcome Merciful Joy! Congratulations Jenny!


Merciful Joy and Brightly Ruth are neck and neck for my very favorite names.

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Congratulations @JustJenny & welcome to your beautiful little princess! So glad you are both doing well & settling in together. 

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Congratulations JustJenny! I agree, this DDC is rocking the names.
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Miss Merciful.....I'll try to update with my birth story soon. Thank you for all the congrats :heartbeat

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That's a beautiful sweater, Jenny!

The baby too. smile.gif
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She is a doll!!!
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So sweet!
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Beautiful little girl. I love her name as well.
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Congrats, JustJenny!!!! She is beautiful!!!! 

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Ok, I finally have a few minutes to type.  So wed the 8th started out pretty much like any other except I felt like isolating myself. Just kinda quiet and introverted. I just puttered around the house that day. Did a little dusting, did the floors, took a nap about 2:00 pm.Felt nothing all day long that was remarkable contraction wise. Just the typical braxton hicks hard belly feeling on occasion. Woke up from my nap about 4 and started making dinner. I noticed that I was having a lot of pressure in my rectum. Ok- no big deal- I'd been having that for a couple of days. Then about 5 I noticed it was coming on kinda with some regularity. Nothing hurts I just notice them more. All the way through dinner I keep saying - Gee I think these are contractions. Gee they are starting to hurt a little. :dizzy Still in total denial. I start doing the dishes and realize that I just had to rock and moan through a few. I can no longer do the dishes and tell dh I think we should start timing a few. They are a minute long and 5-8 mins apart but vary in intensity. I was thinking I was going to be the "typical" first timer and this was just a warm up. 7:30 I am on the toilet and don't want to get off. I tell dh to call the birth center and alert the midwife. When she calls back she listened through 1 contraction and said to come in :)  Oh - I guess this is it!  OMG the card ride was intense! By then contractions were having double peaks. To get to the center you have to go through a bit of a ghetto. I competed with a crazy lady on drugs for who had top vocals, lol. She was screaming MF's at the top of her lungs in the crosswalk to somebody in her head. I think I still won!  We got to the BC around 8:30 and by 11:10 she was out!  Double and triple peak contractions with not much breaks! 22 minutes of pushing. DH was amazing! He stayed so calm and supportive. Talked me through and rubbed my back. There was no mental prep that could have been done for this birth! I had no time to get to labor land. Just did low Aahhhhhhh's to cope. I did get in the tub for awhile which felt good at first - then it didn't help at all.  I jumped out and went to hands and knees for the birth on the bed. Good thing too because her cord was so short she had to stay between my legs on the bed. When the cord stopped pulsing I finally got to hold our precious Merciful Joy.  

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Your labor sounded like my first, too. I didn't believe it would be that "easy" and that I didn't have enough time to really come to terms with the whole concept that I was actually in labor and that my baby came in a mere few hours instead of days of stopping and starting and false alarms.
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Congratulations JustJenny! She is beautiful, and it sounds like a lovely day to end with a baby in arms...

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Great work JustJenny! Thanks for sharing the story.
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pam- that's exactly how I feel. Def still processing the whole thing. I forgot to add that she came out with a hand next to her face thereby ripping me a pretty good one. second degree.  Also btw- the onesie sweater I bought last week on clearance at Target for $9.99 :wink

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