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Books for Mama

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Anyone have any great reading material on raising gifted kids? 


I need things like "how to talk to your unsupportive family", and "how to advocate for you child", and "where to look for opportunities".  Maybe something along the lines of "how to prepare you child socially". 


We need a lot of help in the social department.  From traveling and from difficulty fitting in, we've mostly checked out of the social scene.  Not the right move, but it is what it is, and now we need to figure out how to check back in and make a go of it.

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Have you been here yet?



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I've read little bits of that page now and then when I've pondered my kids being gifted.  I spent the last hour reading the "you know you are the parent of a gifted child when" section.  So much of that is so familiar to me.  It is really true of all of my children. 


It strikes me how much of what the children discuss is because of exposure.  Sure, not many kids can handle chemistry at 5, but those that can, and are given good materials, absorb it at a fascinating rate.  When she was 6, I asked dd what she wanted to learn next, and she said, "chemistry."  I found a few resources for her, but I did a poor job of it.  I am realizing how stunted and stifled she is.  Again, I've got to figure out how to create a good environment for her.  She has maxed out what I can easily teach her, truthfully, that happened at least a year or two ago.  And the things I can teach her seem pointless because we have no where to use them.  If the only people you know are so far behind in math that their 17 year old sister is using the same book you are (and you are 8), and she is struggling, what point is there in trying to speak in Japanese?  Bigger circle, bigger circle.


Keep the ideas coming.


And I'll keep reading on that site.  Thanks.

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