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Undescended testicle surgery on a 5 year old

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Hi everybody! I'm new, so I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong spot. 


At my son's 5 year well check, the dr couldn't find his right testicle. Previous doctors just said "we'll wait & see if it comes down on its own" This new dr is saying they should have done the surgery when he was 2-3, not waited this long. Anyway, we got an ultrasound done. It's in his Inguinal Canal, about mid-way but its in there deep(the pedi couldn't feel it at all) & it's much smaller than his left one. So, our Urologist appointment/consultation is Jan. 6. I assume they'll schedule surgery during that time. 


My major concerns are..I"ve done research. Most Orchiopexys occur before the child is 2(not potty trained etc) Will he wet himself the first few days? Or will he pretty much be normal? I'm scared he's going to be mad at me for taking him there(sounds stupid but yeah..lol) Please talk to me about recovery from this, and especially if your child was over the "normal" age of having this surgery. 

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Yes, you might want to post your questions in maybe " toddler health" many do not browse the intro section. I hope all goes well and welcome again!
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My 8yo just had this surgery.  I am not happy that three doctors missed it, but guess that they could have ascended.  Some studies suggest this is more common that previously thought.  When it was finally caught our ped acted like I should have noticed.  I haven't felt - nor closely examined - my kids scrotum since we was 2.  But they have.  Anyway. 


The surgery went okay.  I recently underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix and so I think that helped my son know what to anticipate.  They told me twice over the phone that I would be with my son when they started anesthesia, when, in fact, that was not allowed.  So check with that before you make your kid any promises.  They will likely sedate him before anesthesia, but my son remembered everything and was scared and sad that I wasn't with him when they started anesthesia.  We talked about it a lot beforehand, and with his 5yo brother.  Anticipating questions was heklpful for him because he has a hard time articulating his big feelings.  I would say "Are you wondering what happens with anesthesia" or "Are you worried about what it will feel like afterward?"  He worried a lot about the fasting beforehand and the activity limitations afterward, so we had an elaborate plan for all of that. 


Ask your surgeon what the testicle looks like.  Because its jsut one, your son will likely be just fine.  Testicles that are a healthy size and appearance have had good blood flow and are more likely to be normal.  My son's were both inguinal with good blood flow - the surgeon said, somewhat insensitively "If I were a betting man I would guess you'll have grandchildren."  Sigh. 


Recovery was okay.  My son was in a lot of pain for about 24 hours and hated the liquid pain medicine.  Luckily he can swallow pills so he got half an adult dose of ibuprofen.  Swelling made him bow-legged for about 4 days.  We made the first two days post-p[ fun with lots of screen time, junky food, family movies and cuddles. 


We are 3 weeks post-op and he went on his first bike ride yesterday.  No pain or issues at all.  Has been climbing trees since 10 days after surgury. 

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