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Post a picture of your birth room

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Or wherever in your house :) if there's no designated room. I'm somewhere between 36 & 37 weeks and finally able to focus on getting the room designed. I'd love inspiration and I bet we have a bunch of beautiful rooms set up. 



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I would love to see some also!
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Birth room?  I won't post a pic because I live with 5 short people who act like we live in a frat house- but I intend to set up my birth pool in my living room (not the tiny cold kitchen) in front or near my fireplace (which is actually a gas one).  I hope it will be lovely- but in reality I will just be nervous that a lego will somehow have been missed in the excited pickup of toys and will puncture the pool lol.  I guess I don't care about the lovely part- mostly about the temp being ok.  Our house is over 100 years old and is quite well "ventilated" especially on a blustery winter day.  I had baby #4 in the living room on the floor (winter- no heat upstairs) and baby #5 in our bedroom (upstairs but in the summer and it was the only room with A/C and the rest of our house was about an inferno).  So I definitely go where it is a comfy temp :)  

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While I would love to have spent some time and effort on "beautifying" things for my labor, at this point I'll just be grateful if I get to stay home... we have a waterbirth option (stocktank wedged into the bathroom against the sink/hot water heater/closet which can no longer be accessed) and have put at least enough thought into lighting to have some candles nearby, beyond that I'm working on keeping the bathroom cleaner than usual so it doesn't smell mildewy (we tend to get mold in the corners all winter no matter how hard I try to keep things dry and clean... ).

For my last labor - which was mostly during the night - I was happy to just be in the water with dim lighting and soft music and mostly had my eyes shut... when the sun came up I was glad I had a window nearby to see the trees and sunshine. Really hoping for a similar experience this time... though not as nice a room to be in, I think just having the water and closing my eyes will be all I care about.

What's funny is we have a couple pictures, Lord knows why someone took them, of the "after the birth" room.... at which point the stocktank was half-full of bloody, poopy water and had a broken ironing board sticking out of it. The blood, because that happens, the poop, because apparently I pooped (I mentioned to my husband how I was glad I hadn't pooped when I pushed the baby out and he said "while someone pooped in there!" LOL), and the ironing board...... because after the baby had been born, I was feeling weak and needed to brace my feet against something, and couldn't reach the other end of the tank - and somehow my husband, instead of suggesting I turn sideways to brace myself or, say, help hold me and baby, decided the best solution was to grab the ironing board in the corner of the room and toss it in with us.... it did actually accomplish the intended purpose and fortunately it was, as mentioned above, already broken (from the tilts I had been doing to try to turn a breech baby) and therefore I didn't mind throwing it out afterwards when it was bloody and poopy and rusted!
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Lily- you crack me up!  Your husband sounds a lot like mine.  Those innovative farmers :)  Gotta love them.  I realized that our hose is not going to reach to where I want.  So... You all don't know the layout of my house obviously but that just won't work.  We have an ancient farm house that has no heat upstairs.  There is a tiny cold kitchen then you go in to the dining area which is where you go up the stairs- well that area is about the most drafty place in the whole house because all the cold air rushes down (the poor person who gets that spot at the table has to wear an extra layer lol).  Then you keep going in the same awkward shaped room to the fireplace which is nice and toasty unless you sit on the couch under the grate to the kids rooms because there is yet again another downpour of cold air.  I can not have a baby where there is a super huge draft.  So I need to send DH for another hose I guess but he has been the one who was supposed to have this figured out and will be the one carrying stock pots of water should he not have that done in time :) Which he will also have to bucket the water out- so maybe filling it will be a nice warm up?  

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Iowa -  I was thinking I would just make him haul the buckets of water to the spot beside the fire!!  Although if I had to wait for that to happen with my last homebirth, the pool surely would never have gotten filled in time.

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My birthing room will actually be my teenage daughter's living room/art studio. Our downstairs level has her room, the baby room that the baby probably won't sleep in for a few years due to co-sleeping, a bathroom, and this additional space that we have created as a hang out and art space for DD. It has bright teal walls and lots of posters on the walls, a Wii projector hanging from the ceiling so we can project games on the one empty wall, an easel and a boatload of art and drafting supplies, a small Ikea couch and her art table is currently filled with the contents of my birth kit. We also strung Christmas lights along the ceiling to create dim lighting, should I want it for the birth. After the baby is born I plan to move over to a twin bed in the baby's room to deliver the placenta and nurse, etc.


If I can get some decent photos with my crappy phone camera in the next few days I will post them! It is definitely a cute space for a 14 y.o. girl, but nothing about it makes it a special birthing room!

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Iowaorganic, those farmer husbands definitely have similarities, don't they? Farming is so much about creatively fixing things... And mine has already had a chance to empty the tank by bucket since he hadn't gotten a hose to siphon with yet and I needed a bath NOW one night..... his back has hurt ever since, the poor thing. I don't recommend trying to fill by bucket, those birthing pools take an awful lot of water and it would probably be cold by the time it was full!! Do you by any chance have a vent/crawl space/would it be worth drilling a hole in the wall (LOL, I know, I know, but I also know how much I needed my water birth last time!) somewhere you could snake a hose through to get it where it needs to go?

Good luck with logistics everyone!
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Fun thread!
My birthing pool isn't currently blown up but I did work some on my dining room where it will
go...hung Xmas lights and made a birthing altar with beeswax candles and an aromatherapy diffuser.
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Oooh beeswax candles... yes! If I could just figure out what aroma I might want I'd get some kind of aromatic but my "taste" in smells has been so weird this pregnancy I just have no idea...
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OrchideZ, thanks for posting a pic and fulfilling my craving!!! It's like a house tour of our due date club!


Lily, I'm stuck on scents too - I think it'll be really "essential" (ha ha) to my birth this time, but when I ordered the scent everyone on Earth seems to like (Serenity Blend by doTerra), I hated it. Apparently I'm the one person who doesn't like lavender. I need some clues...not looking for citrus or mint, I want something more vanilla-y or musk-y, or...something. 

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I read Clary Sage is good for labor (i may have read that somewhere on here). I tried to order some on amazon, but it wasnt to arrive until jan 20. Sooo, that's no good. I have sandalwood, which i like. It is musky and good for relaxing.
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I was browsing essential oils a while back and couldn't find anything I liked, although I do like lavender in general.  But your post made me think of some of my favorite incenses, which are from Shoyeido - and these in particular: http://www.shoyeido.com/category/jewel-series.  You can find them in the store pretty easily, usually, but maybe you could come up with your own EO blend as well based on some of their blends.  They are usually sandalwood/patchouli based.

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Patchouli is my favorite...patchouli and orange even better but you said not citrus.
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The blend I have settled on is a mix of: lavender, tangerine, marjoram, petitgrain, patchouli, vetiver, roman chamomile. It's v dreamy but grounding. I have always used roman chamomile when laboring. It's a great one!
If you don't care for lavender or citrus... Jasmine, Rose geranium, clary sage, sandalwood, rose notes in blends might be your cuppa tea smile.gif I also love jasmine...makes me feel sexy when laboring.
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I love young living stress away.  that is my scent for the birth.

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Thanks everybody for your scent recommendations!

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I have the goods (diffuser, oils, lava lamp, ear plugs, birth pool) but no idea what the actual room will look like. I've looked at pictures and am prioritizing the rentals where I need to birth.


It's all just a crapshoot at this point but hey aren't most things :)?

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What are ear plugs for? It's my first home waterbirth so fill me in mama smile.gif
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Ha :) - wish there was some other purpose other than having them on hand because I am a highly sensitive person and noise in particular can make or break me stress wise. It's been increasingly hard since Tuesday of this week with noise and commotion tensing me up very easily.

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