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F&%#ing Socks!!!

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They are getting REALLY hard to put on!!!!  Pants are mildly annoying too, but socks are the WORST.  Next time I want a late spring/early summer baby, so I can just wear dresses and flip flops.


What are you most looking forward to doing normally when baby is out of the way?

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You mean because of bending forward, right?  Isn't it ridiculous?  I have the same issue.  I seriously get winded trying to put the darn things on.

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I had my last baby in the fall and I loved being pregnant in the spring/summer. Slip-on shoes, wrap skirts, cheap tank tops, walking outside in the sunlight late at night. Perfect. People always tell me how much luckier I am to be pregnant in the winter because of how hot it is to be pregnant in the summer. I loathe those people. There is nothing better about pulling on clunky boots, not being able to find maternity pants warm enough for any outdoor/snow activity, the threat of falling on ice, being trapped in ones house due to ice/snow (happened last week), getting the flu (happened this week), etc. A marginal increase in temperature during pregnancy does not make these things better, in my opinion. In fact, when it's minus 20, pregnant or not, I'm freezing.

I'm looking forward to putting my regular clothes on and sleeping comfortably. Also, I keep bumping my belly on the washer (top loader) when trying to reach in to get clothes.
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@teamsalem Exactly!  I have to gather my will power, and give myself a little pep talk.  "OK, it's only a sock.  You can do it!  *pant pant* stretch grunt *pant* OK, one down!  Only one more!"


@Sukhada This is my first, and I am SO glad to hear from you that I am not crazy.  I feel a little awkward saying I would rather be pregnant in the Summer, because everyone always says how much worse it is.  My body temp is naturally low, and even this week with pregnancy and a cold/flu/plague, my temp isn't even "normal."  For me, I had a slight fever, but the doctor would have never said so.  Not that I love being uncomfortably hot, but a summer pregnancy seems SO much nicer in my imagination than this flu season, cold weather thing.  Maternity coats aren't cheap, and you really only need it for about three or four months.  That killed me- even a second hand one.  At least the one I got is supposed to be usable for baby wearing.  


I keep bumping into things too.  Or thinking- "I can fit through that space," only to be belly blocked, and have to go around the long way, or get someone else to reach whatever it is for me.  (I set up the games and art/craft closet before pregnancy).

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Lol putting snow boots on has been ridiculous! Socks I can still handle somehow. What I look forward to, though, is taking up less space! My belly hits everything and I am always surprised I can't squeeze past things anymore. But then I catch a sideways glance at myself and realize whoa that's why I don't fit!
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Getting my daughter into shoes is a little bit challenging. And washing dishes is driving me bonkers. I can't get close enough to the sink.


I've outsourced most toddler-lifting duties to my husband, to boot. 


Although my last one was born at the end of June and in terms of being hot and uncomfortable, or cold and uncomfortable, I think it's a tossup. 

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Positive push of energy to you all for the home stretch! I am having trouble getting my two yr old in and out of the car seat with snow banks making us crawl in the other side. I am so pooped and baby is not even here. He asks me to carry him but I try not to and he can be a good sport but sometimes going up our apartment stairs three flights can take forever of coaching and patience [no, please don't open so and so's door again]. It is 1 p.m. now and I am done for the day. He will wake from nap ready to rumble and I will only want to lay on the floor and gaze into space .
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Ugh, the toddler carseat thing. I taught my daughter to climb in months ago, and she usually does pretty well. The other day I picked her up and held her by her armpits and told her to bang her feet into the side of the car to get the snow off her boots... it worked okay as far as that went, but I think I strained my back. And then today there was very little snow on her shoes and when I tried to get her into her seat she insisted on doing this and screamed and cried when I tried to stuff her into her seat anyway. Gahhhhh. 

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The thing i'm most looking forward to is being able to see my crotch again. LOL!

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Originally Posted by pink3mama View Post

The thing i'm most looking forward to is being able to see my crotch again. LOL!

OMG yes!
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Yes! being able to see and groom the crotch again will be so nice! I also look forward to rolling over in bed swiftly and without all the cricketty cracks. We are almost there!  :)

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Shaving crotch definitely number one. Also wearing normal clothes. And drinking wine.

Every time I can feel myself getting complain-y and feeling sorry for myself (which is often) I try to think of all those women out there who are pregnant AND taking care of other kids. I seriously do not know how you ladies manage it. We have a one-year-old labrador and even he's too much for me now. Is it crazy to have anxiety about how in the world I'm going to handle a second or third pregnancy? Or to be thinking I don't even want to try!
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oasis84, I agree it is a challenge to have another young kid (not least because they won't let you sleep), but on the other hand sometimes it is nice to have a distraction, a reminder that pregnancy doesn't last forever, a living breathing reminder that you make awesome kids. And sometimes they are helpful, too... mine loves to help me load the washing machine, and it meant I didn't have to bend over. Also, you can always delay the second one until the first one is older and more self-sufficient, whatever that means for you. A friend swears by a 5 year spacing, and her 7 yo loves reading endless books to her 2 yo.  

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