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Going vegan!!

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So... I've been vegetarian for about 6 years now and I'm finally ready to take the plunge into vegan ism... I need advice for starting out and sticking to it! Simple recipes that my 7 yo will also enjoy!
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Hi, good luck on your new journey. I personally found a bunch of helpfull info on the PETA site, although its certainly not all great, but has some good resources when your first starting out, especially lists of products for easy searching. These websites have some good kid friendly recipes, some more complex than others, but usually very tasty.







Its really easy to fall into the junk food side of being vegan, especially at first when you are just learning, so just be mindfull of how many "substitutes"you are using. I find having a really well stocked pantry of beans, legumes, nuts ans seeds, quinoa,veg stock, rice, nutritinal yeast etc..really helpful. If you can learn to make your own seitan, life gets way easier...I make a double batch and freeze it covered in stock. A real time saver for throwing together a quick meal when your tired. Easy meals in our house are things like rice or quinoa, topped with pan sauteed seitan, a bunch of veggies, and some kind of sauce. Pizza made with Daiya cheese, black bean sweet potato burritos, tofu scramble with toast etc. I also do alot of cooking in large batches and freeze individual portions...this prevents anyone from eating garbage food, cause there is always something easy and accessible. So if i make cabbage rolls, i make tons, and freeze some. Stew and soups are a must throughout the winter months, and fresh spring rolls in the summer. 


Hope this helps. Feel free to pm me if you need any support.....Good Luck!

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Great post above! Completely agree with a well-stocked pantry. Menu planning for the week and re-using recipes weekly or bi-weekly based on the season simplifies things too and prevents last minute rushing.

Another site to add for recipe inspiration...
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