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Baby Flutters

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I've been feeling the sweet touches of my baby since about 10 weeks. I thought it was impossible but my midwife asked because I'm so little. When I told her "Yes, but I didn't think you'd buy it. I thought it was too early and you'd think I was nuts." She laughed, and said its quite common to feel baby move so early if youve been pregnant b4. Anyone else? I'm 13w 2d now and haven't felt baby as much the past few days, of course because I'm so early that means I'm not allowed to panic about it, but I've grown dependent on that little reassurance. 

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I feel what I think are flutters occasionally. I am really looking forward to it getting more regular!
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Yay for wiggling babies!:rotflmao

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Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

I feel what I think are flutters occasionally. I am really looking forward to it getting more regular!

 Same here...loving it!

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Something to look forward too.  I'm quite small and this is my 4th.  I know I've felt movement as early as 13 weeks in the past.  Let's see if its even sooner this time! :D

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I'm about 13 weeks and I swear I feel things every now and then.  When I am lying still at night.  It feels very much like it did with my first, but this is way earlier than I expected!  Wondering what the MW will say about it :)

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I've had a few feelings here and there that I have wonder if they were the baby... but I'm not sure enough that I would say 100% that is what it is.

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This is my third baby, and while I don't feel it moving yet inside, I swear I feel it externally. When I get really calm and relaxed, lie on my back, I can feel this firm, roundish mound that moves around. It's got to be a baby! It definitely freaked me out when I first noticed it, but I feel fine otherwise. Anyone experience this too?

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I've had some things going on here and there. Last night there was some definite tapping right in the area baby was in earlier in the day for the heartbeat...

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Despite all the bloat I still have, there has been def. some tapping going on in there. Mostly in the same area. Now with the nausea basically gone and just the belly growing, it is time for some movement in there, to not just feel big but really pregnant.

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I am 13.5 weeks with twins, and i have been getting flutters the past 5 days or so. It kind of scares me a little bit. There are PEOPLE in my BELLY!!!!!!

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15 wks and definitely feeling regular movement when I am reading at night.  I am so happy for this reassurance again!

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So cool you all are feeling movement! I'm small (5'6" and 110lbs or so) and this is my third, but I still haven't felt anything. I'm only 11 weeks, though, I feel like any time in the next several weeks I should start feeling flutters. I do think I have a tilted uterus, though, so it may be a bit longer. Felt DS (second baby) for sure at 14 weeks and DD at 16 weeks.

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Definitely feeling movement and have been regularly since 12.2 weeks pregnant. I love it so much!

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Gah... I can't wait. I didn't feel DS2 (at least definitely) until closer to 16 wks. I'm hoping it's soon (I'm 13.5 wks).

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I felt a bunch of tapping the other night, at 14.5 weeks. I'm pretty sure it was the baby, and have felt more nudges in the same place since then. smile.gif
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