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High School homeschoolers...

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So it is looking more and more like I will be also homeschooling my oldest next year, who will be a 9th grader (in addition to my young boys, who will be 8 and 6).  Now I have a million doubts running through my head. 


I want her teenage years to be happy ones.  I want her to have good friends, and be involved in things that she likes.  I don't want her feeling like she's a prisoner at home.   I don't want 'home' to become a place that she hates, where she feels trapped, etc.  


Yes, I will do everything in my power to ensure she gets out of the house and opportunities to mix with her peers.  I'm already planning on having her take a class or two at the homeschool co-op, and be part of a theater group.  She will continue her cello lessons as well, and maybe rejoin the rock orchestra that she really enjoyed last year.  


Truth is though, with me quitting my job, money will be tight.  I don't know if I can afford ALL of the things I mentioned above.  It might, in reality, be ONE class at the co-op, theater, and cello lessons.  I don't know.  


I guess what this long-winded question is really trying to ask, is if your highschoolers ever express discontent at homeschooling?  Do they ever wish they were in a 'real' school?  


I would love to hear about your high school homeschoolers and how they feel about about their homeschooling experience.


I will add that right now she is totally on board with homeschooling.  She appreciates the freedom that comes with homeschooling vs. having to adapt to an institution.  But I know she is a little sad at missing out on 'the high school experience'. Dances, football games, lockers - Yes, she is sad she won't have a locker LOL.   I know these feelings are normal but I guess my fear is that they will just grow in intensity as the year starts to the point where she is seriously unhappy.  Please tell me how this all played out for your homeschooled high school kids!


Oh, and a little background-  Right now she is in a Waldorf school, which she LOVES. (It only goes through 8th grade).  It is small, and tender-hearted.  She has 9 kids in her class.  



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Well my take on that is -why cant she and her friends go to the football games? those are for the 'community' and certainely she knows some nieghbor kids who go to PS so....  You never know, maybe she will meet a PS kid and get to go so some dances, its not all written off simply because you homeschool.

Our HS co-op has dances and such too.


I have a 13 yr old working at the HS level, taking art classes and doing swim club.  He has a tiny bit of interest of doing HS swim team - something totally doable with out enrolling in school.  Possibly your DD can do some of the HS clubs at the school (re free or minimal cost) vs the co-op?


My kiddo knows knows no different. Hes always been homeschooled and loves it.

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My dd will be high school next year.  We are currently working out what will happen.  She did go through a brief phase of longing for public school at the beginning of sixth grade--that is when most of her friends started middle school.  Yes, she wanted a locker!  She was also wanting more of a peer group that was different than what we had at the time.  We found a hs book club for teens.  She was a bit younger than most the girls, she was not quite 12.  Most were 13-15.  However there were a couple others that were 12 and the reason it was called "teen" was mostly because of book selection.  Regardless, she has stuck with this group ever since.  They meet for social things as well as book group.  This filled the gap for her.  Within a week or two of listening to her ps friends, she still wanted a locker, but didn't want to enroll.  


Next year will be a bit harder.  Our original plan (when we pulled her out of ps) was to hs until high school.  However, we love homeschooling and are working with her to make a good decision.  She doesn't want to miss book club.  Almost all the girls there still homeschool.  A few went to ps for high school and had to drop the group.  A couple homeschool and still take a couple classes at the high school.  Right now, that is what we are leaning towards.  She wants to participate in debate.  There isn't a homeschool debate group around here.  


Anyways, for you, I would try not to worry too much.  The locker thing will pass, she will find people that she likes to hang out with.  Also, if it doesn't work, you CAN change your mind.  I am not saying you would, but it doesn't have to be a do or die decision.  Good luck!



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Does she want the "whole high school experience"?  My son didn't start home school until 6th grade.  He has no interest in being at a high school campus.  Almost 16, he is not interested in sports, dances, dating etc.  But then neither was I and I did go to high school.  The friends he has in his 2 classes at the charter school and the friends at church are enough for him.  And he doesn't hang out with any of them outside of the classroom or church.  But that's his personality and wouldn't change if he was at high school for 5 days a week.


In my family, only our oldest really did the whole high school thing.  Our 2nd one tried it her 10th and 11th year but opted for independent study her senior year and finished the entire year in the first semester.  Our 3rd loved high school because of the friends she made in drama class.  She did go to her senior prom but that was the only dance she went to and went with a friend who just happened to be a boy; not a boyfriend.

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Thanks for the replies everyone!


Zebra-  Yeah, I hope she can tag along with some friends to those things (football games, dances, etc).  I'm a little hesitant though, since they will all be going their separate ways after 8th grade graduation, and I know it can be challenging to maintain those friendships :(


AAK-  A book club would be awesome!  How nice that your daughter had that.  Hope I can find something similar for mine!  My biggest worry is that because we aren't doing an accredited homeschool program, there are no official transcripts if she should desire to transfer to public school.  Oh well, we will cross that bridge if and when we come to it!


sewchris-  Sounds like you've had different experiences with each teen!  Thats the one thing that makes me a little sad about homeschooling, is the friendships that can be made through clubs and classes and such.  I know she will make friends homechooling too, but it is nice to be able to see your friends every day like you do in school.  I had AWESOME friends in high school, and that's the only experience I have to draw on, so it is hard for me to see that manifesting in a homeschooling scenario (even though I know it does and will).  


Thanks everyone!  I'm already starting to feel better about this, especially after talking in more depth to my daughter.  She really seems to get it, and is pushing for it!  That's a good sign I think :)

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Originally Posted by Fortune Teller View Post

My biggest worry is that because we aren't doing an accredited homeschool program, there are no official transcripts if she should desire to transfer to public school.  Oh well, we will cross that bridge if and when we come to it!

Your location is listed as Pacific NW.  If you live in WA state (as I do) you don't need to worry about having an accredited homeschool program.  In WA, parents can write a legal transcript for their homeschool kids.  Anna is taking a couple courses now that (if she does attend high school) I expect the high school to accept my transcript for her regarding them.  I have an email dialogue with the high school principal about this and she said that they accept credits from homeschoolers often and that it won't be a problem.  However, to keep my dd serious, I am keeping a small portfolio for her WA state history.  We also have her do her algebra in one specific notebook.  We are doing this "just in case" we run into a problem.  But, for as difficult as our school district (well, our elementary school) was while we attended school, they have been fantastic for us as homeschoolers.  My middle child takes violin at the middle school right now and we are having a wonderful experience with it.  



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Hi Amy, we are in Oregon.  Not sure how credits transfer at the high school level for homeschoolers here, but I have been told that they will only accept 'official' credits from an accredited program. (Haven't done much research into this yet, as this is all pretty new to me!).  


Right now I'm thinking wouldn't it be nice to move back to Washington? lol.  Sure wish I could homeschool there instead of here ;)

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Well Dang!  Oregon sounds much more inconvenient.  :-)  


Perhaps an OR family will see this thread and help you out.  



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