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'Tis the season for the sneezin'.

At our house, my husband and baby are sick, but I seem to have fought it off after a slightly sniffly day. I am just hoping their germs don't overwhelm me and I just end up sick a week from now.

What we are doing to prevent me getting sick from Julia is LOTS of hand washing. I am also keeping out only her easily washable toys, and will wash them daily as she gets better.

What we are doing to keep me from getting sick from DH is separate beds, no kissing, no food sharing, marked glasses so we wont accidentally drink after the other.

As for care... I used saline drops and a nasal bulb on DD a few times, and it's worked pretty well, though she tolerates only a few sucks before crying. Not sure it's worth the stress?

Anyway. What are all you doing if you get sick/ when you've gotten sick?

Also, we aren't taking any additional meds, herbs or anything, since it's just a mild cold and already passing after just a couple of days.
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Noor just got over a cold that lasted for about a week. We use saline in the sucker also, she hated them both. We also used a warm mist humidifier at night, and added our own mix of a vapor steam, drops of camphor and eucalyptus essential oils. I think that helped, and if not at least the room smelled nice.
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Iris has had snot problems a lot, we do saline then wait at least a few mins before using the sucker so there's more to grab. Also, our docs said not to use the sucker more than 2x a day since it can irritate little nasal passages. We do saline up to 4x. When she's really stuffed up, she gets really relaxed and quiet when we show her the saline bottle. Smart kiddo.
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As soon as I start to feel sick, I start eating craploads of fresh garlic

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We are so sick here. I have a face throbbing sinus infection and everyone else has a cough. This all started on Christmas Day and is still kicking my butt. I'm taking so many herbs I look like an old person with a million bottles on the bedside table. It's ridiculous. Four boxes of tissues in five days. DH is getting it, he's the last to go down. I'm pretty done with being sick and winter has just begun.
Just needed to grumble a bit.
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I hope you all are getting better. I fear getting sick. It' s hard enough already but with a baby....greensad.gif or more children. ..
I second the garlic, raw though it may burn your mouth if you dont hide it in somerhing. And warm showers. And frequent washing of bedding. & wiping lightswitches & doornobs & things that get touched often, not that you feel well enough to but its my deepcleaning thing.
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I just heard that in Colorado, most of the flue going around is H1N1. Meaning that I have ever more reason to feel like a hermit.

We got better pretty quickly over here, thank goodness, but it's AWFUL having to sneeze while cosleeping with a light sleeper!!
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We've been pretty lucky so far. I got strep throat but everyone else was fine. Hoping to avoid anything other than run of the mill colds. Those seem unavoidable with four kids.

We eat a lot of bone broth during cold and flu season and are pretty vigilant about hand washing. Everyone takes vitamin d and c too.
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Iris has the stomach flu. Talk about pitiful. Making broth is on my list for today...
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