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Anyone's kids attended the SIG summer programs?

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And if so, did you find the courses to be engaging?  Or "enrichment" as in "higher level content but still classroomy in nature"?


If your kids attended, it would be helpful to know how old they were at the time so I can compare.  I found that the CTD camps and Saturday programs that my son took changed in nature this year when he was a 4th grader (which is a new "level" of programs for them).  We just did the first session of Saturdays and it was VERY classroomy and not very engaging--which is a sharp change from the last 3 years (both summer and schoolyear).  I'm not sure if it's the program or the teacher.


We're considering going to stay with family for a bit of the summer and one of the schools nearby runs a SIG summer program, but I'm nervous about committing to 3 weeks if it's going to be "school in the summer".



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We did SIG Bryn Mawr last summer when dd was 11. I make a point of mentioning the location because it seems that the SIG programs vary greatly from place to place. I did a lot of googling before we signed up, and many of the locations got poor reviews. Bryn Mawr generally had very good reviews, so we decided to give it a try.(We happen to be local.) In general, I thought the program was extremely well-run. The director of the program here was an extraordinarily credentialed and experienced gifted educator. Her resume was absolutely jaw-dropping. Not only that, but she seem to take her role so seriously. One little example – she personally met the drop off-line for the day students. So when you drove up and opened the door to hand your kid off, it was the director standing there with a clipboard saying good morning to you. The Dean of studies was likewise amazingly impressive.

As for course content, I would say that my daughter really enjoyed most of her classes. She took creative writing, a logic class where they solved mysteries, a finance class about the stock market, and a few others. In general, the coursework seemed genuinely engaging. For example, in the stock market class, they engaged in debates about social justice. The students in the class also created teams, and competed with each other to see who could earn the most money in a virtual stock market game.

It was only three weeks, but my daughter did make some friends. She left with the email of a couple of kids, one of whom was from Korea. She and this girl email back-and-forth a couple of times a week now, which I think is just so sweet.

Having said this, it was a very long day. Drop off was around 830, and I didn't pick her up until almost 6 o'clock. Sometimes, she had a few minutes of homework. The homework was never burdensome, and it certainly was never busywork. One night, the homework was to illustrate a cover for her short story. I think the intent was to keep everything fun. But she was sitting in classrooms doing quasi-academic stuff for many hours a day. I think that worked fine for us, because we homeschool, and so our schedule is much looser than for kids to go to school. So doing a more intensive schooley type thing in the summer wasn't such a big deal. But I will say that she has already decided that she does not want to do anything this summer! She definitely had a good time, and was glad she did it, but feels like it was really busy, and she's looking forward to more time off this summer.

Hope this helps.
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I've also read that the SIG camps are heterogeneous across sites and across years.


I'm trying to find reviews of other gifted camps and coming up pretty empty.  DD is looking at SCATS & VAMPY (seriously, that's what they're called:innocent ) at WKU and OWjL camp at Ohio Wesleyan.  I'd love feedback.

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Thanks--I wouldn't have thought the locations differed and really, I just got the print catalogs and it appears we can take them here in IL, too.  So I'll have to look into that.  Was there a particularly good place to find reviews?  Because a quick Google search isn't bringing anything up and we have so far not really belonged to any gifted forums other than here.


Also, they have a half-day option and we'd totally be doing that.  We also homeschool, but partly because my guy is notsomuch a good classroom kid.


CTY annoyed me that they wouldn't take IQ test results--I'd have to pay for the SCAT.  But some of their online stuff looked interesting.

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I had to do a lot of deep google searching to turn up much on SIG. I think what I eventually found was on camp review sites. CTY classes are expensive and some are not worth it, but some are great. We've done cryptography and are doing writing now.
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