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Frustrated with supply

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So my baby just turned 4 months old and at 3 months I had the worst doctors visit ever by experiencing the doctor recommend supplementing with formula because my baby was in the 6th percentile for weight. He gained a good pound and a half in a month but the doctor said he was concerned. I felt so low and miserable and worthless since my baby had been exclusively breastfed for the first 3 months of life and I desperately wanted to be exclusive with breastfeeding for at least 6 months of age. I gave it some serious thought and of course his weight and gaining at a healthy level I thought was most important. If the doctor was concerned I trusted his opinion . So I made the decision to add in some formula for my son and realized as he took to the bottle that I wasn't sure I was satisfying him by myself. I was pumping anywhere between 3 and 4 ounces and he was eating about 4 to 6 ounces of formula. He's gained weight more steady doing both but now that he eats formula also I have noticed my supply steadily decrease. I'm doing my best to boost it but adding pumping sessions, using fenugreek and drinking mothers milk tea. Anyone else out here supplement with formula and have this same problem? How did you guys increase milk supply? I would seriously like to increase my supply to were I only have to use formula maybe once a day. I feel so let down and frustrtated at my body sometimes and just wish I produced more than I am.
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How is your own intake of water and food?

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I get lots of water, food on the other hand I'm sure I can intake more calories. I have been trying to lose the baby weight as well
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I would breastfeed first for every feed.  Only after offer formula.  Supply is directly related to demand, so the more often your baby suckles, the more your breasts will know to make.  Pumping does not stimulate your breasts the same amount as actual suckling.  Also, the amount of milk you pump out is not the amount that your baby is getting in a feed.  Suckling is much better at getting milk out.  

Good luck!

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How much formula or expressed BM a baby gets from a bottle is very often more than they take from the breast at any one feeding. Bottles are just faster flow, so they stuff themselves before they realize they are full and stop. That doesn't mean he needs that mj more formula. Try switching to slow flow bottles. We use Playtex VentAire with Wide nipple and Slow flow. Got them at target. They are awesome at pacing my daughter and at mimicking the shape of a real nipple.
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