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I thought it might be nice to start a thread about compassion for our little ones.  It can be so easy sometimes to forget that my 6mo DS, or even my 3yo DD, is just a precious innocent child who deserves nothing less than my complete compassion.  I have to admit, I'm more of a kid person than a baby person so I find myself often wishing they'd grow up more quickly.  I was hit over the head with how LONG the infant phase is with my DD and now with my DS I'm pining to rush things along even more which can sometimes leave me feeling frustrated or impatient or whatever.  I need reminders to be compassionate!  Does anyone else have strategies for remembering that our little babies are just that, precious little babies, in those moments when life gets tough.

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Ooh this is timely! I've got a sick baby and a sick 4-year old and both are wearing out my patience with their non-stop whining, resistance to care, and constantly waking up at night. My reservoir of patience has run dry, and I'm finding it really hard to be compassionate towards them right now. Things that help me survive on the bad days (or weeks in this case): when I notice I'm starting to get snappy, play some upbeat music. Touching my kids helps me feel more empathetic towards them. Telling myself I can get through the next minute/hour (helped with labor too). Reminding myself of the things I love about my kids. And at the end of a terrible train wreck of a day--looking at their sweet faces while they're sleeping...and eating some chocolate. wink1.gif

Now back to the trenches.
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"looking at their sweet faces while they're sleeping...and eating some chocolate."

I totally agree with these two!

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I can relate to your situation...my kids are about the same age as yours, and I'm more of a kid person, than a baby person, so I kind of rejoice once they get to be about 4 or so. wink1.gif
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I read something once that whenever you are feeling touched out and frustrated, just look into your child's eyes   And it works wonders.  I noticed (as the article has talked about) that when I am frustrated I tend to avoid looking at my kids.  But when you do and you look at their eyes, it brings you back real quick to remind you how vulnerable and dependent they are on us being strong for them.  My newly 3 year old takes it really hard when I am irritated because he thinks it's always because of him, and he starts acting out more because he's trying to make things better (from his perspective) by trying to make things fun, or asking to nurse...which if I can just take a few breaths and get into his shoes, I can totally see how hard he tries....even though he is SO far off base about what I find helpful sometimes, lol!! But he really does try.  Taking deep breaths and remembering that life is what we make of it, and there are so many things that *can* wait until later while we help these little beings get comfortable in their own skin in this world.  

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