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Social media announcement?

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Anyone have any cute ideas for announcing the pregnancy on a social media site? We are all approaching the second trimester or have already crossed over!

Here is our announcement for Facebook! We also
Sent hard copies out with our Christmas cards to close friends a week earlier.
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I have also been debating how to announce the pregnancy on facebook. I'm really showing now.. thinkin of takin a pic of me lookin all round and posting it. I haven't been out much recntly so it will be a big surprise for my friends and family!
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We put up a video of me talking to our toddler about babies--she says she wants two (mostly because two is the only number she really knows right now). And then she randomly started asking for a pet, which was a surprise to me, too, and pretty funny. I told her we would get the babies, but the pet was pretty unlikely.
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I haven't decided how or when to announce on FB yet. I might take pics of the kids like one I saw on pinterest - one holding a sign "oldest" the other holding a sign "youngest" scratched out, then "middle" written above it. In the pic I found that girl is crying and it's pretty hilarious, though I think I wont intentionally make my son cry for the photo ;-) 

I might just do something simple too, like just slip it into another post or something. My close friends and family already know so it's not that important to me that anyone else is immediately informed.

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I announced on Facebook a month ago! I did it on Thanksgiving. 

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I'll be 13weeks next Sunday (5th) and I plan to share on FB then.  Almost all of our close friends and family will know by then, but I still find it fun to share.


I'm hoping something witty and funny will come to mind :)

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Those are so cute!!!
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We are taking a pic similar to the shoe pic above....just haven't got around to doing it yet. One of these days. We'll send some in snail mail to friends and family and post on FB a week or so later. 

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I was planning on using this video somehow:


We've been quite vocal about how we can barely handle one in the past so I thought it was fitting :)

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I haven't felt well enough to plan much, so on Christmas day my status update was a simple Christmas message that ended with "love from (each family member name) and baby."  We got a lot of fun responses like, "Oh, wait, what?  Congratulations!" from people who "caught" the kind-of hidden announcement.  It was a fun way to announce without a lot of work, like a photo op. :)

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With my 3rd I posted that I had taken up watermelon smuggling.  Took a bit but eventually enough figured it out. It was fun. This time I don't know if or when I will announce.  We'll see.  I have a lot of mixed up feelings after we lost one last summer.  I didn't get the kind of support from people I expected so I sort of feel like they don't deserve to know this time.  And the upteen pregnancy announcements that seemed to flood my facebook page between then and when we got pregnant again really depressed me.  I can't help but wonder who I'd be depressing with my announcement. 

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I am doing one similar to the shoe one above.  My husband and I like to go walking and hiking, and we are going to one of our favorite spots on New Years Day.  I bought a little pair of shoes at a thrift store, and will take a picture of our feet with little shoes next to it, at our hiking spot, with quote about adding a new hiking companion in July or something of the sort.  I will post the picture here once I do it :)  I love hearing all the ideas, from simple to silly.  It is happy and fun.

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Super cute! I love the dog, too, just to round things out! smile.gif
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Cute! I love seeing everyone's ideas!

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We handed this picture out to family at Thanksgiving, then posted it on FB a few days later. I put it on the back of our Christmas cards too, so it's been widely shared at this point. I'm short and on my 4th pregnancy, so I'm really really showing at this point and in maternity clothes full time. It's always a relief to me to go fully public, and this pregnancy was a HUGE surprise (I'm sort of still in denial) and so sharing it makes it feel much more real. It was fun to watch people get it when looking at the picture.
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You mamas are so creative!  This link has some pretty funny ones http://www.worldwideinterweb.com/item/5253-funniest-pregnancy-announcements-ever.html 

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Thanks for the laugh Smidge, some of those are really funny!

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I'm 13 wks today and just announced on FB :)  (Our last name is Heinz)


We're going to have another variety of Heinz, est. July 2014! We are so thrilled 
We're going to have another variety of Heinz, est. July 2014! We are so thrilled <3
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