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Cat litter and young toddler

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This may be an odd post, but I have a 9 mo old toddler.  The kitchen is babyproofed except for one problem - that's where the cat's litter box is.  I don't really have anywhere else to put it, (other rooms are carpeted and the bathroom is TINY) and the cat has issues with a cover on his box since the kitty is 15 years old.  I'm not sure what else I can do to keep baby away, short of trapping him in his walker whenever we're in the kitchen, which I hate to have to do all the time. :( 

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my 13 month old is obsessed with the litter box too.  number one, do you use a non toxic litter?  I recommend feline pine compressed pellets (not the clumping)  it is all natural compressed pine pellets and if they put some in their mouth it simply turned to saw dust.  number two, keep the poop out as soon as it is deposited, the longer poop sits in the box the more likely it is to transfer toxoplasmosis.  Last, all I can think to do is to create a small barrier (think a tiny fence), low enough to let kitty jump over but high enough to discourage curious crawlers.  Maybe some sort of garden barrier would work?  Good Luck!!!

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They make x-pens with little doors on them you could open for kitty to avoid jumping and still keep the kiddo out.

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We have a cardboard box made for to hold a litter pan. It has a double door system so that kids can't reach in and grab the litter. Here is what I am talking about. They are pretty big and not too sightly, but it might work. If you want something nicer, they make furniture style ones with the same concept. Good luck! cat.gif

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Our 13-month-old is also fascinated with cat litter. We use a wheat litter, so it's harmless if she eats it (she does not appear to be gluten-sensitive), as long as it's not, um, used. We clean the litter frequently and when she's in the same room as one of the litterboxes, we check to make sure nobody's just used it. Our biggest problem with her litter-exploration habit is that she likes to scatter it around on the floor. To keep her from doing that, we'll turn the box around so she can't get in. There are other boxes in the house, so the cats aren't cut off from their sole bathroom, and they prefer to avoid her anyway, as she loves to crawl after them!

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