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Much Ado About Napping

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I have a 13 mo who hit the 12 month sleep regression hard, since then she has pretty much dropped her second nap.  My pediatrician insisted she still needs two but it just isn't working!  My problem as it stands now is that she has started waking up at the crack of dawn, (actually the crack of dark) and I really would like her to sleep until 7 or 8 for my sake LOL (she still wakes to nurse quite a few times at night).  When we try to naps it usually back fires in that she cant sleep at night or the second nap just doesn't happen.   Today we are trying two naps again to try to push bed time later but I'm not optimistic.   I am reluctant to push bed time back with only one nap though, because I feel sorry for overly tired toddlers, and I don't want a melt down!  On days when she "sleeps in"  one nap works great, but when she wakes up so early she seems too tired.  *sigh*   Is this sleep deprived mama making any sense?  Did anyone else have issues with the 2/1 nap transition??? 

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We were done with 2 naps by 12 mos.  It was a crappy week or 2 transition.  We're at 25 mos and she's shuffling around looking to soon drop napping altogether.  She did nap twice on Saturday due to a cold but that's totally not the norm for us!

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It gets better I promise, the first week or two are hard but once you get them transitioned usually the one nap is longer like 3 hours so it all works out! IMO and experience later bed time does not always result in later waking so that could backfire....
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I did! My now 22 month old had a lot of trouble getting into her normal nap routine. At about 1 year old she was beginning to skip naps entirely. Two naps was NOT working for us. She was taking what amounted to about 2, 20 minuet naps in the day and waking up sometimes at 430 in the morning to "play".

So I pushed bedtime up from 930 to 830 and a pushed naptime back from 10am to 1pm... that was it.

She was cranky for the first few days because I basically had to keep her up until naptime and again until bedtime. But once I got her down, she stayed down. She'd take about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon than be ready for bed by 8pm. Do your best to just work with your daughter. Keep her up until you know she will just crash. Try a cup of milk before bed, if she dosnt nurse at night, so she wont wake from an empty tummy.

I wish you the best of luck!!

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Thanks everyone!  Turns out the little monkey has a cold so that has been disturbing sleep a lot.   I think she may just be the kind of toddler who takes one nap most days but needs two sometimes!  The "transition" has lasted well over a month now so I just go with the flow these days.  Its actually kind of nice because if I need her to tweek her nap times for any reason she goes with it!  She still wakes up quite a few times at night to nurse, and that's never changed regardless of naps or bedtime.  So I am still waiting for that fabled night when she miraculously sleep through! LOL!

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So I am still waiting for that fabled night when she miraculously sleep through! LOL!

Me too! :nut  It's only occasional here, and I think I slowly see light at the end of the tunnel if we could just get her last 3 molars to pop out!! then of course I'm sure some other "milestone" will come....we've learned to live with it haha

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