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Homeschooling from preschool and kindergarten. I just need some good stories and encouragement.

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Hi! I'm doing some research for homeschooling for next year, as we plan on homeschooling our (nearly) 5 year old son. I have been researching it for the past several months since I'm due in April and don't want to have to think about it during my postpartum period. My son is in an IEP right now, but doesn't receive any special services like occupational therapy or speech in the public preschool he goes to. This was NOT our initial plan, since we wanted to avoid public school altogether, but he had some impulsivity and behavioral issues as well as speech delays that needed to be addressed. We wanted to help him socially as well. He hasn't been diagnosed for anything at all, but they said that he might be on the autism spectrum in the high functioning category. He has developed tremendously over the last year and now can hold conversations with us and tell us how he's feeling (angry, happy, sick, full, etc.) so we aren't worried about him that much anymore. His preschool teacher says that he gets a bit bored when they go over things that he already knows, like letters (lower and uppercase) with phonics or counting that the other students don't know yet. He's exhibiting lots of pre-reading skills and can recognize words. She says that he'll be happier in a more academically rigorous environment.


So now, I'm trying to get my homeschool together and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and stuff. I've narrowed it down a bit because he is a kinesthetic learner and learns quite a bit through play, music, and educational videos. We can get him to sit down if there is a reward to be had at the end of a lesson. He's currently is speech therapy and doing great. I'm thinking of doing a lot of visual and manipulatives based teaching for him once we get a set routine (he really needs routine). I'm just doing this really on a wing and a prayer because he is so unlike his younger brother who is more the sit down type and will be easier to teach in my opinion. Anyways, this is long enough. My questions are: Are there any ladies here with super wiggly guys who are easily distracted who are homeschooling and if so, what are you doing to get your lessons in? Secondly, I'm looking for a curriculum that is not exactly secular, but not totally in your face religious since I'm a Christian and my husband is Buddhist. We want to do the bible verses, but also incorporate his faith into what we do without it being contradictory ( I know, tall order). For interfaith homeschoolers, how do you incorporate your faith in your teaching? Do you incorporate your faith in your teaching and if not why? I'm just curious. Okay, for real now. I'm done. Thanks for reading this whole thing. I hope to hear from somebody soon.

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Homeschooling is perfect for wiggly kids.


I've done K/1 a couple times now, and it is fun and easy enough.  Find good books, read them together.  Play a lot with numbers.  Discover the world, and you're good to go.


My only regret is that I didn't push my oldest a little more in practicing printing.  By push I mean I didn't require anything in K, and I think I should have.  She has improved a lot, but I sometimes wonder about the chicken/egg issue - I didn't require a lot of writing, because it was so hard for her, but it is hard for her, perhaps because I didn't require much...

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I'm subscribing to this thread bc I'm on the same page as OP
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I have thankfully found that there are lots of homeschool moms on youtube. I've been watching reviews of different curricula of varying sorts and discovered Confessions of a Homeschooler who has a wonderful blog and free printables! I'll be using her printables when I set up the kids' calendar board. It includes the months of the year, seasons, the weather outside, and other cool stuff. She also has low priced downloadable curricula for preschool and K4 including the letter of the week that comes with a Bible verse that has that letter in it, but you can exclude that if it isn't to your liking.  I'm gathering the supplies to make my own presentation board for the boys. I've also discovered Math U See and Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. Both are great math and reading programs with manipulatives and the like. I'm also looking at Oak Meadow for the kids Health/Community lessons and Saxon for the science and history books. I think that about covers my bases for next year. This is where we are until I go to the conference in March and I may or may not change my mind. I still need encouragement. I've found that to get ready for homeschooling you need a phD in it practically. Whew!!!

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I don't have much to offer, but I am also exploring homeschooling my DD who will be 5 in June. I also have a 21 mo old DS. I love hearing how other people go about their routines.

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I'm not going to address you first few questions but I wanted to answer your questions about interfaith families.  I am pagan and my husband is Catholic.  We live our faith in everything that we do so the kids are surrounded by both.  It isn't something we need to specificly include in our schooling.  We go to mass at least once a week, pray at meal (often in both traditions), pray at bedtime (now I lay me down to sleep, and the hail mary), I often cast or use energy work around them, we celebrate my holy days as well as many saints days.  We are homesteaders and live in the woods so we spend a huge amount of time outside.  My husband and I have comfortable, friendly discussions about our faiths, how they are similar and how they are different, all the time.  We are always respectful and we don't discuss areas where we strongly disagree around the kids yet (our oldest will be five in 14 days).  So far it hasn't been a big deal they understand that Mommy believes different things than Daddy and that's okay.  I do support my husband in his faith (we go to mass together, I say prayers with the girls and point out saints days) and he does the same for me (reading stories and mythologies, celebrating holy days with us and helping with preparing for casting and celebrations).  Really our religions aren't that far apart in actual practice, theology of course is a different bag of beans.  The long and short of it is to me, if you live your faith you don't need to include it in your actual schooling because homeschooling isn't school its life. 

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I have a squirmy/active/insatiable for attention 4yo boy and a 9mo boy.  We have started some VERY simple homeschooling but mostly we read a lot, play with instruments and get outside to expend massive quantities of energy.  I have been loosely following some free curriculums online: allinonehomeschool.com and letteroftheweek.com but I try not to be too "school-like".  It is all daunting to me, either my own insecurity of not doing things "right" or overwhelmed by the amount of resources online...phew!  Good luck!

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