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Support for a fledgling walker that doesn't kill the back?

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Our baby is learning to walk, but not yet able to stand unsupported, and at the stage of needing to hold two adults' hands to be able to walk. Which is great- but my partner and I both have back problems, so the amount of time we can spend hunched over and helping with this is far below the amount of time our baby wants to walk.


A friend gave us a Fisher Price or something baby walker. I'll admit- I have bad blood towards it because I got my finger trapped in it the first time I examined it (which, y'know, doesn't inspire confidence that it's safe for my baby!)- but it also rolls way too freely. If we let him try to use it, our baby would push it out of reach before managing to stand.


I know that babies will walk along the furniture, but ours isn't that great with walking more "sideways" like that. I've seen some wood walkers but I don't know if any would be good. I know that parents are best because we can be more responsive and we wouldn't stop entirely- but it'd be nice to have something to give our backs a break.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I would just let the baby continue to learn to walk on their own. Standing unsupported is really the precursor to walking.
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You can use a rebozo or just regular scarf to support him under his armpits and then you don't have to bend over so much.

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We have one of these http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=151100810986 which DD2 loved to push around when she was learning to walk. The top lifts off and you can weight it with a few bags of rice or something if you need to slow it down a bit. Although on carpet it's not to bad.

If you google activity cube trolley or wooden cube trolley there are several different sorts.

My 3yo, for whom we bought it originally although she wasn't really interested in walking with it, still enjoys playing with the shape sorter and filling it with toys to push around. It can be a pram, shopping trolley etc etc as they get older.
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Thanks for the suggestions! :)

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What about chairs? Stools? Laundry baskets? I wouldn't worry too much about it. Babies don't really need special devices to learn to walk, and while holding your hands is fun and wonderfully interactive, you not being able to do it all the time will in no way hinder his ability. Part of learning to walk is learning to fall wink1.gif
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