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Help us NOT get sick!

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My little sister was over for dinner this evening and all of a sudden started throwing up. She puked 6 times in 1 hour before I called someone to come pick her up. I have a 6 month old, a 6 year old and a 8 year old and I desperately don't wanna get sick!! I ate all the same foods she did so doubting it was food poisoning... She is 9 weeks prego but this sounds pretty extreme (and she's only previously thrown up twice since prego).

What can I do to help prevent any sickness from latching onto us?
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Eek, that sounds dreadful!  Some people I know swear by olive leaf extract, but it's more for immune system support than anything else. Hopefully someone will give you some ideas.  

If it's pregnancy related, she may be more susceptible to food issues and have a sensitive stomach with illness. If it's something like a gastrointestinal virus, hopefully you won't get it. Good luck!

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Disinfect your bathroom and anything else she came in contact with....door knobs, dishware, drinking glass, table top, etc.
Coming in contact with her vomit, feces, saliva, or bodily secretions could pass along any GI pathogen. It sounds like a gastrointestinal infection to me. I hope her fetus is all right and your family.
Also wash hands frequently.
Change your kitchen sponge or wash cloth too.
If your six month old is on solids or drinks from a cup, sample it all so your get the microbes and you develop antibodies in your milk (responds within hours).

How long viruses and bacteria last in the home:
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Any updates Shannacat?
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oops i kinda lost track of this thread! it was noro virus she had (dr confirmed). 


thanks for all the advice, here's what i did. washed everything she could've touched: doorknobs, handles, computer keys, tv remote, entire fricken bathroom... 


aired out the house (don't know if this actually helps or not but makes me feel better) by opening all doors and windows and letting a chilly breeze clear out the house. 


made a giant batch of elderberry syrup and me and the older two kids where taking 1 tsp every hour. 


pumped up the vitamins! took extra vit D, vit C, and zinc  


extreme hand washing, especially before eating. 


and we didn't get sick!! yay! my mom and brother ended up getting it, and now almost two weeks later my DH has it so we have temporarily been hanging at my parents house. still slamming the elderberry syrup and being crazy anal with hand washing. we are in the pacific nw and it seems like everyone is getting some version of it. yuck. 

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Good! Glad you and the children did not get it. I am sorry though that the others are ill.
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