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January chat

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As per the "let's make this more interesting" thread, I thought i would start the chat thread. I always read them, but rarely posted because it was hard to keep up on my phone. Avi still wakes up a few times at night so maybe i have time now.
I went back to work at the beginning of dec. Its going pretty well but avi doesn't drink enough when I'm gone and cries more with her dad who stays home with her. My freezer is exploding with milk and i can't donate due to a health problem. I also think she'd be happier with a full belly. She eats 4-8 oz and I'm gone 9 hours. it worries me a bit.
Christmas was nice. Very mellow since most of my family is a few states away.
Time to finish getting ready for work...
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Wow, you're on it!

Daycare is closed this week, they open back up next week and I've been slacking with the pumping but I need to get back on it, they feed him so much and I worry about not being able to keep up. I definitely need to address it with them, ask them if there's any way they can slow it down a bit and give him a maximum of 12oz a day, he's there less than 8 hours a day.

Our Christmas was quiet in the sense that we don't have family nearby, but A was fussy that whole day...

Yesterday and today are quiet too, no big plans, maybe run some errands depending on which stores are open.

I have this very ambitious project in mind of cleaning out my files and my desk and entering data in the computer to store things electronically. I think if I chip away at it a little every day I can do it, I just can't get into thinking it all needs to be done in one day, maybe more of a month long project.

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Happy new year!
I threw myself a pity party yesterday after DP's mom canceled coming over for NYE. She's one of those people who's too eager to commit upfront but frequently flakes at the last minute, so I'd seen it coming and was kinda pissed at her when she did it. She'd offered to bring pizza fixins for dinner and party supplies for the kids, and I ended up having to run to the store when she canceled. But really the inconvenience bothered me less than not having family to spend the holiday with us. Makes me miss home so bad!

We had a great night after all, though- the girls had a friend over and I put them to work making a NY2014 banner & decorations, we took silly pictures and ate smoked salmon, olives, and caviar & other yummy snacks.

How did you all celebrate?
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I don't really celebrate NYE, I think it's a bit overrated. I was working till 7pm and had to be back at work NYD at 7am, so I went to bed early lol

Now I'm getting the beginnings of a cold so I'm trying to fight it off before it takes a grip.

Also this month because I've been on maternity pay for 5 months we have now officially run out of money greensad.gif nothing left till payday at the end of the month, it's gonna be a challenge!
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We went to our friends house and played board games and drank mead.  We're nerds and love to play all those nerdy games that most people haven't heard of.

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Dakipode, I hope talking with the daycare goes well. Pumping can be pretty stressful.
Did you work on your project?

Jenny, Flaky people are so frustrating to me. That sucks. It sounds like your night ended up fun. I agree its hard to be away from family.
Like Serena I don't usually do much for nye. I was asleep by 9 although i did watch part of the parade on new year's.

Serena, I hope your cold was mild. We were out of money before i went back to work. It was stressful for us. I hope you all manage ok.

Kali, yay for nerdy boardgames!
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OceanSolitude, I haven't touched those files yet. I have more immediate things so that just keeps getting pushed back to the bottom of the to-do list.

Kali: try me on board games, DH is a big nerd. I think the current favorite is Lords of Waterdeep, DH and friends play the snot out of that one!

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Hi everyone. I'm glad we're back to posting so much! I quit checking in so often when the traffic went to zero!

Life is flying by. My girl is almost 4 months old! She's putting herself to sleep and sleeping in her bed, but she still wakes up 1-2 times a night to eat. She rolls from belly to back and almost has back to belly! We're still EBF, and i pump when I'm at work. She eats 4-5oz a feeding.

My boy is in the heart of his terrible twos. He makes life so stressful. I'm just trying to ride it out...

I had to get a prescription from my doctor for my supply. No supplements or vitamins were helping and I was only pumping enough for one feeding when she'd eat 2-3 times. Luckily my sister still BF her one year old so I was able to borrow some milk while I worked on my supply. We only had to use two of her bags before I caught back. smile.gif

How's everyone else doing???
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Cdsmom, how awesome that you were able to use your sister's milk!!

When did your son turn 2? My DS is 2 1/2 and the last few months have been so challenging. It seems like he's finally staring to become himself again, instead of just the tortured monster we lived with after the baby arrived. Aarrrgh!
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Middle of the night feeding.

He turned two back in October.
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CDsMom that's great your sister could help. Most of us are on Facebook now, a lot easier to check in. We have a special group you could join.
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yay, another monthly chat!


as for the NYE question: we had a night in with friends from out of state. a friend and her husband, they are 6 months pregnant with their first child. was kind of disappointing though as my friend was kinda selfish and not aware of our new life as parents.. we actually got into a fight about it on NY's day. i'm tired of people disrespecting our boundaries. she apologized and we made up, but it overshadowed her visit and now i prob won't see her for another 2 years or so. 


i'm mostly sleep-deprived and don't know how to catch up. last night DF offered to take baby into another room so i could try for 2+hrs of sleep. and he did. but when i came out this morning after almost 3 hrs of sleep, he said i had kicked them out and stuff like that. basically i now feel like i don't want to ask for it again, but i need my f@#*ing sleep!!!!!! i'm just trying to get through the days most of the time and i know that on the rare days where i do get enough sleep, i have a completely different outlook on things, with a lot more energy, etc.


i received news this morning that my uncle passed. realized after a while that my son lost his great-uncle. they hadn't met. 

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Vc, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. greensad.gif
And the friend thing sounds like a bunch of stress you didn't need. Glad y'all made up.

I have to vent about my DP. He is a wonderful father and partner, but sometimes he can be so insensitive. I'm still a little irritated about something that happened yesterday, but it's not a big enough deal to rehash and argue with him about it, so maybe just writing it down will make me feel better.
Yesterday we went to a three year old's birthday party. This is the child of one of DP's best friends, and an occasional playmate of DS's. The parents are more DP's friends than mine, though we do get together as families now and then, but of course when the child has a party all of the present buying, RSVPing, and so on is up to me. I didn't even know DP was coming until last minute, because the party was about an hour from our house and DP was working that afternoon, so getting the boys ready was my job, too.
As soon as we arrived, DP started complaining that he was so tired because he'd worked late the night before, and he became obsessed with getting coffee. One of the dads at the party said there was a coffee shop not far from there (party was held at a kids' playhouse in a commercial area), and DP announced to me that he would be back in a few.
Right as he was leaving, all the kids were putting on jackets and line up to go to a tumble room in an adjacent location. Dude ditched me with a distracted toddler and a crying baby and a task to do. I then realized that the reason I couldn't get DS to come with me and follow the kids was that he'd pooped in his training pants, and I called DP to catch him before he'd gone far so he could come help me.

I should mention that the WHOLE time I'd been super nice and upbeat, and that I wasn't irritable or grouchy with DP on the phone, either. So the thing that bothered me was HOW RUDE he was about me asking him to abort his little coffee mission. He was snappy and mean about it and made a big point of showing me how much I'd put him out. And that right there just drives me crazy. Where does he get off feeling entitled to go off alone for purely selfish reasons anyway? If I got a chance to do that I'd be so grateful. He just takes it for granted and assumes that I've got everything kid-related under control. Because I do- but it isn't easy and I'd like some damn gratitude and not to be growled at when I ask for help.

There. That helped. I feel better. Thanks for listening.
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Vc- sorry about your uncle. I totally understand about the lack of sleep. Can you work out a schedule with your DF, for example with me and DH I do all the night feeds but from 7am liv is his problem and I get to sleep in.

Jenny- I'm with you on this, men just don't seem to understand the complete responsibility on us, they always have us to fall back on I suppose.
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Jenny, I totally understand and want to add my venting: DH has been sick since Thursday, and really, he was sick (with fever and all), but man, why does it have to be like the end of the world?! He acts like he's too sick and tired to lift even a finger, let alone rock the carseat where DS is crying while I get together my purse and put on my coat... But if it ever happened to me you can bet I'd still be expected to BF DS and be his main caregiver.

VC, I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. My condolences to you and your family. And what's up with that BS? If hubby offers to take care of your little one then he can't act like the martyr afterwards! Tell him I said so!

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