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changing table

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I don't have space for a changing table and none of the wall hanging table I can find seem to fit. Has anyone hound a solution to this problem?

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Just put a mat down on your bed or the floor or another flat safe surface smile.gif the table is nice but by no means necessary
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I had one with my first and second, but got rid of it after a few months. I'm a little concerned about the first few months. I'll likely have a c/s and I won't really be able to get down on the floor. Maybe I"ll just keep a pad to put on the bed. I remember poop and pee flying in those early weeks though, lol. ;)

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Lol, yeah, the first weeks are a little messy. Are you getting a crib? With my first we had a small apartment and got a crib with a changing table attached, it took up less space than two seperate pieces...if you are short on space though that could be tough...changing pad on a dresser? Those contoured changing pads come with....I'm having a brain fart...thingies you can attach to the back of the dresser. Mount? Brace? Keep it still anyway, lol!
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We always did changing pad on top of the dresser. After about 6ish months, we found it easier to move to the floor or bed. I also had a pack & play set up in the corner of our living room one time, and used the changing pad there for diaper changes.

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