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Roisin, I really don't expect this blissful sleepiness to last. dS is only a week old. But, when he's awake he sits in his chair while the girls entertain him, or hangs out in his carrier. Or eats. A lot. eyesroll.gif
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Snappis on cloth diapers are amazing. Now I can actually reuse a Thirsties cover because it hasn't been covered in poop. The Snappis arrived yesterday. I just could not get the diaper pins to go through the thick GMD newborn prefolds. So far one twin has been cloth diapered put not the other because I didn't have enough covers to keep them both contained.
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Lida, thats great. My guy is really awake when he is awake, but its like, two hours of up for three hours asleep. He seems pretty impervious to anything going around him when he's ready to conk. Lilac, yeah snappis rule. I don't mind the breast soreness, but I am ready to be done with the leakage! Its always just the one side, but I hate generating so much laundry! 

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Today was another fussy day. We did baby photos too and my older kids wouldn 't cooperate at all, either. We seem toeitherhave days where DS sleeps through everything, and others where he wakes up within 30 min of being put down. The photographer said she got some great shots in spite of the chaos, so i will trust her. DS is funny, he won't nurse to sleep most of the time. When he's done eating, he pops on and off the breast getting mad when he gets milk, so I tried a pacifier, and he got furious. He only like being bounced to sleep, so I spend a lot of time dancing with the kids. I guess I will count it as a workout! Another weird thing is that I have almost completely stopped bleeding. Since yesterday, I haven 't even worn a pantyliner. I get a bit of streaking brown when I wipe (tmi, sorry!), but nothing on my undies. Crazy, since I always bleed 4-6 weeks. Hopefully it stays away, cause pads cause some serious irritation down there.
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We still only get 2-3 hour stretches of sleep, no matter what time of day it is. The five hour sleep was a one time thing. It's probably because she's so little still. I don't think she weighs more than 7.5 lbs yet so I'm assuming she needs to eat more often than a bigger baby would.

Roisin I hear you on the leakage. It's only my left side that does it but I'll leak through my cloth nursing pads. I'm debating going and getting some disposable ones but I don't remember leaking for very long with the my first DD. Probably as soon as I buy a box I'd stop leaking.
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Ahh, bleeding is back with a vengeance! As soon as I started the postpartum excercises recommended by my midwife...
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I'll be four weeks post partum tomorrow and I'm still spotting which is odd for me. I usually only bleed for the first two weeks tops. I'd like to start some easy exercises but I'm afraid I'll start heavier bleeding again.
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Is the milk leaking supposed to go away? I certainly hope so. I'm 8 weeks postpartum and still getting waterfalls that soak all the way down my shirt and onto my skirt. I haven't left the house in weeks (because of my foot) but I will need to make some pads for my bra for when I do. My husband is a bit put off by the leaking, so I hope it goes away.

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Miss rea, everyone is different with leaking, and even between babies, so you may just be someone w ho leaks more. Ithink with myfirst, I leaked forthe three or four months. With my second, nothing, now withthis baby, I have just started leaking, but not a lot or all the time.
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From what I've heard the leaking doesn't last forever, but I always had issues with my daughter and I breastfed her fifteen months. I'd sleep on a towel and had to always have breast pads in. Right now I'm three weeks pp with son and it's awful. Walking around the store and it randomly starts gushing. Of course the let down during feeding is the worst as I HAVE to have a breast pad or rag or something in cuz it just gushes! I've even been known to spray the hubby in the face a time or two while we were intimate....oops! :-)
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It definitely varies. I only remember it happening the first few months with DD1. I can't really say with my middle two as I was EPing so on a very regular pumping schedule. But I have a friend who has been EPing for 19 months now and still leaks. I really need to just buy disposable pads. Today DP and I were at lunch and I leaked through my cloth pad and my shirt...it'd only been like 1.5 hours since I'd last nursed too!
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Haha! I've never sprayed DH, but he does get a mouthful sometimes wink1.gif
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haha! hilarious!

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So funny. Mine won't go near the girls when I'm lactating. Lol.
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Haha, mine wouldn't survive...I've been nursing/pregnant since 2008...so he takes a chance orngtongue.gif
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mines been talking about budgeting enhancements to keep 'em looking this lush... 

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Yeah, mine too wink1.gif
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I'm not gonna lie, I would definitely love to permanently counterbalance the hip ratio. I would *not* be complaining about having to get bigger shirts

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Ok, so I have a question: is it weird/ worrisome that my 28 month old is obsessed enough with nursing still that now hardly eats regular food? She was getting a little picky before, but now she nurses 3-4 times a day and is often skipping meals. Baby has put on two pounds and two inches so I'm not at all worried about him (I over produce- choke the poor fella every time, spraying leaks constantly), it just seems a little strange that she would revert entirely if she could. I'm fighting everyone on it, even dh- she's really big and really verbal, so its hard for everyone to feel like she still needs babied. But she really, really wants it, in terms of still having access to the milk bar. thoughts?  

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Maybe she's feels her territory is imposed on and she's trying to take it back? My 29 month old seems to love the new baby, yet has been extra messy, destructive, tantrums since baby came...am thinking there may be some jealousy issues here..
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