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Lilykay, I 'm doing the same thing re: my weight. Lilac, there are usually two or three kids screaming /crying shouting, arguing. Plus me and Dh talking. The noise level surprises even me sometimes.

This weekend I turnedd my sleepy wrap into a baby ktan. I havent been using my wrap because it is so loong and cumbersome to take on and off and constantly needs adjusting. Tonight is the first time we use it and Ds seems to like it. Way less screaming so far...the pouch were using was killing my shoulder and neck.
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Haha Lida, my best friend (no kids) at the end of a visit always leaves with a headache. So much noise! Last night DS was starting a screaming fit and I was trying to calm him down when all of a sudden there were sunglasses being shoved into my eyes. Apparently all the noise is not deterring DD from play.


One week after cutting all sweets, I'm down 2 pounds and the milk supply is not affected so far :D. Three square meals but no snacking. I admit I'm getting kind of hungry in-between and craving something sweet but waiting it out until the next meal. The cold weather has motivated me even more because now I desperately want to fit into my thick winter jacket. It finally kind-of closes but not the button around the hips...

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I can't imagine life without sugar right now. But I would love to imagine losing ten pounds by his baptism...

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Yeah, none of my coats fit except my maternity coat, so that's a big kick in the pants...three kids have really taken their toll on my body, and i refuse to buy bigger clothes, so I make myself wear the yucky clothes that do fit...I know there is a thin Lida somewhere under the belly and hips and thighs... eyesroll.gif
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So today is my first day back at work. 


Besides the emotional aspect of not having DD with me all the time, and enjoying so much time with DS and DH, I had to face the ugly truth that I don't fit into my work pants. I am wearing a bella band! Grrrr. I started wearing my jeans over a month ago, but apparently my works pants are less forgiving.


At least I am on a computer all day...and typing with two-hands. So I can be a bite more active on the forum. YAY!

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Wow, earthwalker, I can't imagine how hard it must be going back to work with your DD so young! Hugs to you during this transition!
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wow earth walker time is flying! Echoing Lida and sending you lots of hugs :Hug. Truth be told I'm sometimes jealous of DP that he gets to spend time kids-free. The grass is always greener on the other side, when I was working I couldn't wait to get pregnant, go on my maternity leave and be around my babies. Right now I find myself daydreaming about going back to work, spending time with only adults, traveling sans kids to see friends.  DS is up from his 30 minutes nap, gotta go!

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