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I'll google her. No, we haven't used any books other than the bible. I've done a little research on the internet.
The other thing we are really digging into is prophecy. As in, what the bible says and watching prophecies unfold before your very eyes, but also giving prophecies to one another. Its *such* a faith booster to become overwhelmed in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and hear Him speak, and just having the privilege of speaking things into a brother or sister's life. Or have them speak into yours. *That* never gets old!
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Nazsmum, DD is doing a little better today. She's been so clingy and fussy though! I know it's just because she's sick but it's so exhausting. I'm praying for continued healing and recovery.

It's fun to read along about the Jewish traditions/culture/perspective! It doesn't seem possible to fully know Jesus without understanding HIS religion and traditions.

I have a totally off-topic question for you guys. Someday, DH and I would like to have another baby. I feel like it will probably be another girl, but there's always a 50% chance of a boy. The only time DH and I talked about circumcision, he said he would want a boy to be circumcised. He specifically referenced the bible in terms of reasoning. At the time, I agreed and we moved on. However, the more I know about circ, the less ok I am with it. What are your thoughts on it related to the bible? I'm really not very familiar with the teaching on it. But I was thinking it was an Old Testament rule, not New. Is that even true? Thanks for your input!
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Skinny- Read Acts 15 and see if that helps. We live under the New Covenant. Jesus gives us freedom to follow Him.


Edit to add- Praying for DD

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Yes, circ is a jewish requiment under the law, but as naz stated there is freedom from the law even for those who are Jewish by descent. I will find u the address when I'm done nursing LO,but Paul talks about circumsion of the heart. Its not a physical circ but a spiritual one. My 2 oldest DSs are circed. The first I didn't really give it any thought. The second I was questioning circ but everyone is highly opinionated on the topic and bullied me into doing it. I so wish I hadn't, his circ got botched, healed badly, and ultimately had to be redone after 2 years of almost constant yeast infections. After it was redone, OMGoodness! I was changing his diaper, he was crying so hard, there was no sound but he was just screaming that hard, and his whole body was shaking. At that point I swore if Iever had another DS he would be left intact. So DS3 is intact. DH gave me no arguments whatsoever as he is very familiar with Pauls teachings. Funny thing is my mom and MIL were the ones who tried to argue it, even saying, "well I thought you followed the bible" yes, yes I do, go read the new testament before you try to bring condemnation on me kwim. Then they tried to say "what will he think when he sees that his looks different than his dad and brothers?" Are u serious? Think about that, he's going to undoubtedly think "wow! I sure am glad you didn't let them cut the tip of mine off!" LOL
I will return shortly with pauls teaching on circ
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Acts chap 15
Romans2:25-29 namely 29 "circumcision is that of the heart, in the Spirit, not in the letter; whose praise is not from men but from God"
Romans 3:30 " since there is one God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith"
1cor. 7:19 "Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing, but keeping the commandments of God is what matters"
Gal 5:6 " For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith working through love"

So its all about the heart condition. If for some reason you choose circ there is no condemnation in Christ, if you don't choose circ there's no condemnation in Christ. Make sure you and your DH are educated in your decision either way though. We are accountable for what we know.
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Hey!! I need a gift idea for the pastor's wife. The church is having an after baby shower. I would like to get something for her. NEED ideas. Please. I don't know her very well.

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I got DD a Sophie the Giraffe teether for Christmas. It's expensive for a teether ($12-15), but DD really likes it. It's natural rubber and squeaks. I wish I had gotten it for her when she was smaller. We've also really liked our Aiden+Anais sleep sack. It's a zip up and is just the right thickness to keep her warm but not overheated. We paid $14 for it, I think, at BRU.
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Thank you both for the info. about circ. I'm looking forward to reading the recommended passages and being better informed. Honestly, my heart tells me (now) that it's not necessary and potentially really harmful. 3LilChunklins, I'm so sorry your son experienced so much pain and discomfort with his. That's heartbreaking.

I have a fun story to share about God and DD. When DH and I were engaged, I had a dream that I was at church introducing my beautiful baby girl to all of our friends. She had dark hair and clear blue eyes. From that moment on, I knew we'd be having a girl and what she would look like. It all happened exactly as it was in the dream. God is so good to us moms!!

DD is a little better. I've been using a vaporizer, shower steam and eucalyptus oil--thanks for the suggestion, 3Lil! I couldn't find the individual herbs you mentioned, but I got a Hyland's cough syrup. That seems to help her quite a bit. Thank you both for your prayer!
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OH she has SSSSOOOO much stuff for the baby. They already had a shower for the "inner circle" before the baby. So I would like to get something for MOM. I feel like the baby get so much and the mom not so much


I am so far form the inner circle:mischief

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skinny- 3Lil did give a few verses up thread #25. I really think that it comes down to a personal thing.

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Nazsmum, whoops! I re-read your post and realized you meant Mom. Well, I really needed to be pampered after baby. I ended up needing new clothes (lost a lot of weight from dairy-free diet), I changed my hair, and got more interested in hair and beauty stuff. If she strikes you as a pamperer, you could give her a pedicure gift certificate to a funky nail shop, my husband gave me a 3-month Birchbox subscription for Christmas that I really enjoy, maybe a Target gift card but make clear that it is ONLY to be used for Mom stuff. ...

OTOH, if she's lower maintenance or not interested in that stuff, maybe a massage certificate or a basket full of specialty teas and snacks. I love chocolate, so I would always welcome that. :-) Especially those Belgian chocolate seashells! Haven't had those in a long time...
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skinny - Thanks. I really am not sure what to get her.

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Maybe a gift certificate for a take out resturant? You know how overwhelming the first weeks. are with a newborn, that way she doesn't have to worry about cooking.
As far as the inner circle thing goes, that is SO rude! I just don't understand wjy ppl are like this! But she will have to answer to God for it. Those in leadership have greater accountability. Plus, the Word promises that God will not be mocked, a man will reap what he sows. So in other words, sooner or later it will come back at her.
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Yes, gift card for food. I was thinking that last night...


We keep losing power. We lost it 3 times for about 1/2hr each. So i just waiting for the next time.:cold Right now it is 53. IT WILL be going down to 7 or so. So will see if we keep power.

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Oh man! What kind of heat do u have?

My mom told me they got 8 inches in Toms River.

DH has been looking into some stuff, on you tube. Scary times were heading into!
I would really encourage you ladies to have some emergency supplies stored up for your family. But most importantly, learn to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. He will be the only one that can guide and direct us in those days....
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Heat is gas. I don't even know how much snow we got. It was ALOT and we where stuck in the house ALL Friday. HARD


Today we went for a hour walk. So nice to get out for just a walk around the corner.

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So will gas heat still work when u lose power?
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No! & no car. So we are stuck here. It is in the Lord's hands.


How is your day going?

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Good questions!
I believe the way you describe being raised is known as the "old wine" still christian, (mostly. anyways ) but they had a different understanding. The old wine places a yoke of religion on you. Whereas the new wine looses the chains of religion while emphasising true relationship with Christ. When you are walking with Christ you are walking in freedom. But please don't be confused that a relationship with Christ is *only* going to church and doing church things. What would your marriage look like if you only spent a few hours a week with your husband? KWIM?
The fear mongering thing... This is difficult for some to understand. (I'm nursing LO now so I can't give bible addresses at the moment, if you would like them I will gladly add them when I get a chance) The Word says that we are not given a spirit of fear. But it also says we ARE to fear the Lord. So that sounds contradictory right? Well to your mind it might. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and bring understanding. A spirit of fear is also translated as timidity. So we are to be bold in the faith. Fear of the Lord... respectful fear. This is why were taught to bow our heads and close our eyes when praying. Its reverence. In proverbs it says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom and knowledge. So, I HTH.
As far as teaching the faith to your children... this is HUGE! These children are ppl whom the Lord placed in your care. They are humans who will one day face eternity. As we all must. How will you feel if Jesus says "depart from me, I never knew you" ? We are to be witnesses, and the great commission begins at home. Proverbs also teaches us "train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it" That doesn't mean forcing it down their throats. Train them. Live it, walk it, be the example and standard.
In my home radical change had to happen in order to train up my children in the way they should go. Imparting Godly principles into their lives is not easy. But it is the most rewarding task I've ever endeavored upon. And honestly its one of the only tasks I have that has eternal value. I've watched the Lord work in my home. Without me forcing anything but gently guiding I've witnessed drastic change take place in their lives. Just mainly teaching and living to love what God loves and hate what God hates will impact your children in a way that is nothing short of truly amazing!
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