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lonicera- Welcome:joy Happy to have you.


I keep losing power so here is my quick answer. I walk out my faith. I show and talk about what I believe with my children. We read the Bible, pray and go to church together. I homeschool and part of that is Bible reading everyday. Also we listen to teaching in the car. (not always) I will always pray for help OUT LOUD in the middle of hard things. (but that is just what I do) I make Jesus/God as real as I can.


I don't think that anyones faith is really a "side dish" Everyone has things that they believe and show to kids. I am amazed by things that my 5yr old will say.


 We all walk out our faith in different ways. And I always try to respect that. Even in children.


I will come back. I know that my thoughts are all over the place. Sorry

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The power has been on and stayed on for a few hours now.


So I just wanted to add one thing to above. Worship. I want my children to worship the Lord in freedom. How does that work? Well, I let them dance if they want, be quiet if they want and so on. (I love love love to dance. And do so NO MATTER what anyone thinks. I have studied Israel folk dancing) Expressing our worship is the center of worship in my book.


Keep in mind that we are to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus the Messiah. Keeping that as the focus you can't go wrong.

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Good point on the worship! And its very different from person to person, and even day to day.
My kids LOVE to dance before the Lord as well! Even that varies, sometimes they look like a bunch of little jumping beans, sometimes they hold hands and go round and round in a cirle (think flower child ), and sometimes my oldest DS will want to like slow dance with me.

Glad your power is back on : D
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Hope everyone is staying warm and well.
It was COLD last night! Our electric furnace was not keeping up. It was set on 70 but it was only 52 degrees in the house when I got up this morning. I guess its time to start using the wood burning stove...
Poor DH went to work today even though its -17 with wind chill!
How's everyone fairing?
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OH IT IS COLD :cold 7 up to 9? OH the cold. I have layers of clothing and still feel it.

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WOW what a day...I helped a woman whose tire OFF HER CAR bigeyes.gif My sons B-day was today. And it was a warm 23. WOW what a day.

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Aw happy birthday Naz's DS!!! Crazy day here too.A pipe broke under my house, I thought it was raining really hard, then looked out the window, no rain but there was a giant puddle in my yard!
And man are we being spiritually attacked!! All the ppl in our life that have a Jezebel spirit are rising up and waging war on my husband! 3 Jezebels in 3 weeks...
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3LilChunklins- OH NO!!!!! Let us pray for a better tomorrow.

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What scares me is since we hold the standard for the tribe of Judah (this was prophesied over my family) and Judah was the first ones into battle, then it's probably about to be a full-on onslaught. Jezebel is rising up in opposition to the church... I'm trying to see with my spiritual eyes
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3LilChunklins- How are things go today? I hope better


My sheep listen to my voice (John 10:27)

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Skinny- I was thinking about you. This morning was was reading PSALMS 3


v. 6      I lie down to sleep, then wake up again,

           because ADONAI sustains me.

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I've been concerned about Skinny, she hasn't been around in a little while, hope she's ok.
Today has been a hum dinger! I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out! The actual removal wasn't enjoyable by any means, but wasn't horrible either. He gave me SO much numbing stuff, 2 different kinds, my eyes were continually watering because they were even a little numb too. My sister and pastor watched my kids while I was there, the baby just *loves* the pastor, they're buds LOL. My gums and jaws are so so sore right now. And I haven't eaten anything yet today, I'm not terribly hungery tho. I'm going to attempt a nap with LO now.
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Feel better soon!

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Happy Friday :throb


Ex 13:17 - 17:16

Judges 4:4-5:31


LK 2:22-24

John 6:25-35; 19:13-37

1 Cor 10:1-13

2 Cor 8:1-15

RV 15:1-4

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Happy Friday indeed!
DH shared with me something really interesting, I figured that I would pass it on. There's going to be 4 blood moons in a row (on Jewish holidays) the first will be on Passover this year, the 2nd on the feast of tabernacles this year. Then the 3rd and 4th next year (I can't remember if they are on the same 2 Holidays next year...) But its really interesting because the last 4 blood moons were at times that were very significant to Israel. Jesus tells us in the word to watch for His coming, to watch the heavens (sky) for signs, to know its getting close to time as we begin to see the signs just as we know summer is near when we see the leaves sprouting, he tells us to be ready!
Idk if we want to get into the differing opinions on the rapture and second coming, I'm open but IDK how everyone else feels about going there.
The most important point is we are beginning to see the signs... Are we ready?
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Well, I could see a rapture based on the Jewish wedding. The bride and groom are lifted up. As far as the blood red moon. That is in REV, right? I have seen many come and go. I remember their was on right at the end of 1999. Right around the whole Y2K thing.


We are to keep following Jesus.

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If I'm not mistaken, I believe in Matt 24 Jesus mentions a blood moon when His disciples ask Him about the end times. I just thought its really cool and couldn't possibly be a coincidence that 4 blood moons in a row within 2 years all on Jewish Holidays. Its been confirmed by NASA that these blood moon occurrences are to be expected on those particular dates.

I personally don't find the (pre-trib) rapture to be very supported in scripture. I would be overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and relief if the rapture did happen before the great tribulation, but I'm preparing for being here for it...
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Going to look up blood red moon tonight after the kids are a sleep. Right now it is just crazy here.:dizzy


Plans for the weekend? We are hoping to get outside. Maple Sugar thing at the Great Swamp. I hoping & praying.


Skinny- if you are reading this I hope that you are all right...

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DH watched something on you tube about the blood moon.

No real plans for the weekend here. I would be delighted to get to do some scrapbooking tho smile.gif
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