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10 dpo 7pm bfp! 11 dpo am barely there?

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Hello there,


I was hopeful this month we caught the eggie. We seemed to have timed it right. I had symptoms from 4 and 5 dpo. I tested 9 dpo in the morn and early aft and nada. Tested 10 dpo (yest) in morning, bfn stark. Tested mid aft yest, squinter, tested last night at 7 on a hunch, very faint but solid line BFP! Looks pinker in person. Then this morning assuming it would be darker I used urine from 430 am. Hardly there. I always thought that the fmu was supposed to be strongest. Why also, would it be finally visible without squinting in the eve then gonzo in the morn? 


I had a missed miscarriage in May and am trying not to get too excited and hope this isn't chemical or tubal.


Any thoughts or similar stories out there before solid bfp's no matter what time of day?


Chart/pics below:



thanks for reading!

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The first test definitely has a line to me, but i can't tell for certain if it has color or not. 

your chart seems to indicate conception, that's for sure. 

Testing has more to do with how long it has been between pees than time of day. If you peed at 7pm after not peeing since noon, there would be more concentrated HCG in your urine than if you peed at 4am after peeing previously at midnight. 

I hope this is it for you! 

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Thanks bremen! I actually had peed at about 3, then 5, then 7. So not much time for concentration so crazy right? The 430 am pee had been held from 10pm! Longest time but I had a bunch of water after dinner last night (salty meal) and maybe it diluted it too much? 


I may try to wait again until tonight!


Thanks very much!

fingers crossed!

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The tests could be from 2 different batches with slightly different sensitivity levels.... I can see a line in each test, so I would say Congrats!!!!


Test again in the morning or wait a day or two (I could never do that.... I am a POAS addict.....)


Good luck!

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Ha Chloe'sMama! I have totally become a POAS addict!  I only have 1 internet cheapie left though! I might do that one tonight and if same as last night's darkness I'll go buy some FRERs to confirm! :-)


Thats true re the sensitivity levels. I figured since they all came in a 25 pack from Amazon they were from same batch. I should not assume though! 


Thank you so much! Here's hoping!!

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Here is my beauteeeful temp rise this morning:

and I finally managed to get a faint morning pee bfp. Took a second evening one last night and it was the same darkness (which is still light) as the night before. I was like a kid at Christmas when I discovered an extra IC in my bathroom cabinet!

I just bought some FRERS and digitals this morning at the drugstore. That way once I get a nice dark on an FRER I can test digi and hopefully see that awesome word PREGNANT.
BABY DUST welcomed here for anyone who wishes to sprinkle it! I'm cautiously optimistic as my first & last preg ended in missed miscarriage. :-( I'm 40 and I know the odds but I feel different this go round so I'm hopeful!

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So I took an FRER at 1pm. Thought it would be darker than the cheapies because it was a 6 days before your missed period type of test not as dark as I'd like to see it yet but at least its still there?

I hope its not taking too long to get dark...

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I see it. I have better luck sometimes with ic than frer. I say CONGRATS!!!!
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Thanks Chloe's Mama! Do you think it should be darker than that by now? So many people get their bfp's that are faint closer to 9 dpo and my first preg that is exactly when I got my first light bfp at 9. Seems later this go-round..but I think I may need to just take a chill pill and be excited to see a line at all?! ;)

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Aaaand we have liftoff
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Hurray!!!  Congrats and happy healthy 9 months!

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Thank you!! Excited and hopeful this little spirit sticks around for the long haul!
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Congratulations, Cricket!! So happy for you.

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Thanks mares and bremen! Hee!!
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Woohoo! Congratulations!

I bet there is nothing more exciting than seeing that digital turn!

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Thanks Mama! Definitely awesome! So far other than a few random cervix pains yesterday afternoon and mild occasional cramping I've not much to get me 'feeling' pregnant but I'm sure in time those things will come. I'm only 1 day past when my period would have been due to there is loads of time for those symptoms to come, I should probably revel in the "lack of" for now, lol! 

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