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Co-sleeper that fits between parents, in the bed - has anyone tried this type of product?

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I've co-slept with my two older children, but I was sleeping alone - single for #1, then XH just moved out of the bedroom for #2 (a sign of things to come, lol).


Anyway, DH and I are expecting our late-life surprise baby in March, and he's simultaneously charmed and terrified by the idea of co-sleeping.  We don't have room for a co-sleeper that fits outside the bed, but I found this one on Amazon that fits between both parents:  http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Delight-Snuggle-Green-White/dp/B005519GC2/ref=sr_1_8?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1388588518&sr=1-8&keywords=cosleeper 


We have a king-sized bed, so this would fit...I'm just wondering about how safe/effective it is.  Anyone try anything like this?





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I used it for a bit with my first and it did make me feel more comfortable having such a tiny baby in bed with us. It didn't last too long though, because she grew out of it fast. I liked it so much that I bought another when I was pregnant with my second, but she was a 9.5 lb baby so we maybe used it very little with her before she was just too big. But the greatest risk of something bad happening due to cosleeping is in those first 3 months of baby's life, so having a separate surface made us feel better.
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I just got one for our upcoming baby. After doing some research I noticed the only complaint people had was how fast babe grew out of it. I found the summer infant one to be the longest in length. I even got it at once upon a child for $10!
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Oh yeah, I was gonna say don't pay $50 for one! I used the First Years version and paid about $15 for it off Craig's list
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We used a very similar one ( it had a bottom) for both kids and we were really happy with it. It definitely makes the early days more secure feeling if you are at all nervous. Our first was in it for about a month, second a bit longer.
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Thanks for the tips!  Based on tales of babies outgrowing the snuggle nest, I wound up ordering this product:  

The corners can be untied, so I'm going to leave the "barrier" in place on DH's side and leave them untied on mine, for easy nursing.


Starting to get excited!  <3

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Do you have a link for that product? What's it called?
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Yes where did you find that?
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 I found it.  I'm not sure I would be comfortable with it,  at least not without getting my hands on it.   There are long  'handles' that scream strangulation hazard to me. 

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Yeah, I don't think I'd be comfortable with it either. It isnt a structured sleeper, so it doesn't really qualify as a separate sleeping surface. I doubt those sides would do much to prevent accidental roll-over on top of baby. Plus, if baby became pressed up against one of the sides there isn't any ventilation. The First Years sleeper we used had mesh fabric for breathability. Sorry, I don't mean to be a wet blanket but I would keep looking if I were you.
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HolY crap that baby looks terrified
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That does not look safe to me either. It is cute, but definitely strangulation/suffocation hazard imo.

http://www.safebedsharing.org/safetyguidelines.html says "Avoid strings or ties on night clothes or blankets. These could cause strangulation. Be sure to remove toys or other objects from bed before sleep time, to avoid suffocation." and "Use a firm mattress for bed sharing. Soft mattresses can allow baby to accidentally roll over causing suffocation."

Dr. McKenna also has some good information on safe sleep = http://cosleeping.nd.edu/safe-co-sleeping-guidelines/
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Why do you want the baby in the middle? With a King size bed, is there a reason you don't want to have the baby on one side of you with a guard railing (something like this http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13193990&cp=2255957.2273443.4392756.2256208.3243666.2256226&parentPage=family) on that side of the bed? You between DH and the baby. I think that is what is recommended. I used a rolled towel to make sure there is no way the baby could roll between the guard and the bed, and with the mesh even if the baby were to roll against it there would still be air flow. That's what we do, anyway, and I've found there is plenty of room for everyone. And in two years DS has never rolled against it. Not all of them extend to fit King beds, though, so you have to make sure you read the description.

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Hmmm...hadn't thought about a strangulation issue.


I want whatever sleeper I get to be in the middle because I'm having a c-section and I'm going to need the outside edge of the bed for myself.  I'm okay with her being on the outside edge once I've healed, but not for the first few weeks.

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we have a summer infant by your side co sleeper and we love it.

That one looks a lot better. We don't use them but if I needed one I think I would be far more comfortable with something like that. Sturdy sides, no extra fluff, and breathable mesh on the top and both sides - :thumb

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