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I know I've been all about me lately.  I promise I will be more about others soon. 


But, is it possible to be free of this entirely with one good treatment and epic picking session?  I spent 5 hours picking through my kids' hair yesterday.  And, as of this morning, I found only a couple of nits on Abby's hair.  I don't think it was very bad, and I was pretty OCD about it.  I have had DH (and middle DD) look through my hair about 5 times and nothing on me or DH.  All bedding has been washed and dried (or frozen, washed and dried).  I've sprayed, I've cleaned and my skin was still crawling all night long.  I felt like I woke up every couple of minutes to scratch.  But nothing found this morning.  Is it too good to be true?

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Bec - yes. your experience is par for the course. You can get rid of them in one shot, but sometimes there can be even one nit you missed, and if you dont keep checking for a few days (every other? every third?) and miss it, that one nit can start another infestation. But yeah, that's it. And the skin crawly thing is typical of the first time. You wouldnt believe what DD1's hair looked like the first time yikes2.gif and I think we got it all clear after three thorough combings. But every time my head itches I make Dh check me again . Its just so. much. work
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Lofty - She died?  In three days?  Yikes.  


Bec - I'd keep combing.  I recall seeing some chart of a louse life cycle and iirc the nymph stage is the one to be wary of because they are harder to see.  I think it's two weeks or something from nit to adult.  But yes, the red alert itchy-all-the-time feeling does fade as the days go by.  Nothing grosser than the first time.


RM - Happy Birthday!  I hope the day brings joy and the year is a lighter one.


Jo - Nice work!  I can just imagine you out bopping along in the earliest light.


RR; Nope.  C has been home since Tuesday with something, not flu I don't think, a stomach bug of some sort.  I just couldn't bring myself to leave her to go to boxing class and then I decided that changing her sheets and taking care of her was more important that boxing at home in that time slot.  So I'm down a workout.  I'll fit it in somewhere.

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Oh, Believe me!  I am going to be combing and searching for a couple of weeks.  Bedding is being dried every day.  I have frozen the couch cushions and vacuumed them.  Constant vigilance.  Meanwhile, everyone went to school, and I have to prepare my house for girl scouts tonight!

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Oh, Bec, good luck! I'm so sorry you have to go through this!

Sparkle, just wow.

Plady, hope C is feeling better. You'll get that workout in! (Yes, she died. The news has been full of people who have died from the flu, so much so that it's making me both skeptical and paranoid.)

RR or FM: Weights on Wed. Yoga on Thurs. Ran 2, Walked 1 this morning. Yes, running 2 miles feels like an improvement. This is where I am in life. Weights tomorrow (plus yard work) and basketball games. Sunday relax + yard work, then start over on Monday!
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Lofty - Dh just admitted a 38 year old "otherwise healthy" woman to the ICU last night with pneumonia brought on by the flu. The ICU doc who came down to admit her said that he just lost a 43 yo woman with the same diagnosis. Not incidentally, this was my trajectory 3 years ago: flu turned to pneumonia landed me in the ICU with a 30% mortality rate. Said ICU doc was the one who put in my chest-tube. Apparently the flu is pretty serious this year redface.gif
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tjsmama--I think as your training progresses you'll be able to run the faster paces and be in the right HR zone. I was looking at one of my easy runs and it was all in the range you describe (well, except for a very weird but brief spike to 158 that corresponded with feeling utterly crappy for a few minutes on that run. This still freaks me out a little, but I think it was a blood sugar thing). I don't usually stay in a zone that's quite that easy, but most of my warm-ups or easy runs stay below or right around 150. Your fitness is going to improve quickly with the swimming and biking and I'd imagine you'll see improvement soon. That said, are you using your inhaler before you run? Have you experimented to see if it's affecting your HR? If so, then you could factor those numbers into your calculations.

bec--ugh! Good luck and feel free to be all about you when you're dealing with that.

lofty--our pediatrician said H1N1 was back, which is probably to blame. There's a lot of pneumonia going around too. Many of those pneumonia cases are more antibiotic resistant than in the past (hence my niece's hospitalization with chest tube last year), and undoubtedly to blame for some of the deaths. I ended up getting the pneumonia vax this year because my asthma landed me in the risk group for it and I didn't want to take chances after her experience last fall. I make sure R has wipes for her desk and in her lunch and a little bottle of hand sanitizer in hopes of preventing unnecessary illnesses. We have wipes in the car that we use every time we get in the car after being at school/church/stores/etc. I think it helps.

1jooj--yay for forward motion and beautiful weather.

Plady--hope she's feeling better soon.

RR: just 2 on the treadmill tonight. The marathon plan calls for speedwork twice a week though, which has been interesting.

NRR: crazy week! Thursday night was a marathon board of ed meeting, clocking in at 5 hours and 15 minutes with only one bathroom break. If I'd gone to the study session, I would have been there for an additional hour. The meeting adjourned at 11:45 pm. There was a fair amount of nonsense and a lot of public comment, pretty much all from parents frustrated with some of the bad decisions that the new majority has made. But there were a couple of surprises where one of the new members broke ranks--twice!--so that's somewhat reassuring. One of the votes had to do with a middle school STEM program expansion to 6th graders at one of our middle schools. Letters had already been sent to parents in the area to let them know about the additional option, but then the new president said he could co-locate a charter school in that building (something we've never done in this district and not-- to my knowledge--something that a charter has asked for here) and told our superintendent he wouldn't vote for it. That was the focus of a lot of public comment (that he tried to cut off) last night. Long story short, one conservative broke ranks to approve it. It's shaping up to be a very interesting, chaotic and frustrating couple of years.
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Last year I had flu which nearly became pneumonia and it was scary and a really long recovery.This year I got a flu shot, With my asthma I really should and last year taught me a lesson.


Lice only came into our house once about 8 years ago and we were lucky that it was short lived but pinworms were a major issue for my kids for a few years. Yuck.


Puppy just got her second shots which means longer walks and no need to avoid other dogs. She isn't crazy about walking some days, resists until she realized we are heading home and then is full of enthusiasm! Because she is so little we never go far but I am looking forward to that increasing as she gets older. Having a furry walking partner will keep me getting out there a few times a day and that can only be good. I should get my snowshoes out again tomorrow - after that crazy blizzard it has been so mild and I don't want to take the snow for granted!

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My sister mentioned H1N1 and that some elderly seem to have better immunity due to a similarity with something that went around like 50 years ago. Hm.

On that note, we are going in for vaxes tomorrow morning and hope to go to Makkah (aka Mecca) end of the month. Hope to avoid the sicks.

Lofty, I am right there with you. I would estimate I ran about 3 of the 5 miles I went this morning and I was definitely done running when I stopped. Then proceeded to walk another 8-9 miles on two other walks. Did some yoga yesterday too, but too tired today. Tomorrow we are going to the vax clinic early,so maybe I will bike during the day
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Oof, so we went in for meningococcal and left with that plus influenza, and all for free! :wink And we are all feeling it already. Dh and I both feel a little flu-ish but we aren't mentioning it to the kids lest the placebo affect do its thing. Will be in bed early tonight, and head out for a walk in the morning, I hope. Been checking weather in KSA, and it looks hot. So much to figure out and do. Yikes.


bec, I hope you haven't seen more crawlies. We were watching Bite Me on Nat Geo last night and I almost lost it several times, notably when the dude swallowed Ganges water (!!! on purpose!!) and also body lice...and then dh proceeded to tell me stories about his childhood. Oh. My.

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Lice just icks me out. I'm all itchy now! But I read carefully so if it happens I'm ready. (Please never ever need these skills!)

Jo nothing is wrong! Needing solitude is healthy!!

Ten months ago I stopped running due to planters and an Achilles injury. I've been very very gently jogging some for about three weeks now. Lots of walking. Days off. My ankle still bugs me some, but it doesn't seem to worsen. I've blown up like a blimp, feel ucky, and am generally a crabby mess. I need the fm.
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BBM - have you tried eccentric heel raises? I dont know if they work for plantar's but yes for achilles ?

Sorry if I sound like miss know-it-all this week

NRR: So I sort of reached the end of my rope with my spoiled children this week. I grew up with far more structure and responsibility than Dh, and he is, well, worthless in the dept. of imposing rules and structure. I am well aware that chores are good for my kids' self-esteem, sense of independence, responsibility, etc, as well as teaching work ethic, acountability, and of course, helping me, but I have been lax in implementing them. So I finally faced the fact that it would be a front loaded affair, with me teaching them how to do it all and making sure they do, but that it is a must long-term objective. I made the chart, assigned the chores, and told them that they must be done every week by Sunday or they cant go out of the house Sunday until they are. I also gave Dh chores irked.gif (dont get me started). So far so good. My 6 year old just cleaned the toilet and DS is outside picking up 1/3 acre of dog poop (biglaugh.gif) Now I just need to stick. to. it.
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Sparkle I didn't know that's what it was called, but I have been doing those and that's the only thing that seems to help at all. Often it feels like the tendon is loose, but not painful. But then I'll get pain on the side of my ankle. I have found if I just go easy I can prevent that pain. But it takes very little to trigger it. So lots of rest days and walking. I might get a mile and a half to a mile and three quarters with walking to get to 2-3 miles total. I won't feel any discomfort while running, it doesn't come until later or even the next morning.

We struggle with consistency and chores too. We'll do great for a few months and then big stuff happens, like E being hospitalized for a severe asthma attack or N getting pneumonia. Then it's so uphill it's hard to make yourself enforce it. But, when it's running well, it's lovely to have the help and count on the support.
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My kids are finally really good about chores and helping out. They all do their own laundry and it took me awhile to come up with a system that worked for everyone. They don't initiate things like dusting but what teenager would?! For me it took consistency and tons of kindness after all they have been through and after a few weeks where I really did everything, they stepped up and are really good.


I wimped out today with the FM thing. Could be a good day to snowshoe but the wind is cold and I just want to stay inside! Does housework count as FM?

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I could use some Dingo love right now, to counter the accusation that I am a "useless waste of space" and "irrational and driven by my anxieties" as well as "oversensitive."




Good thing the morning started out well with a 10 mile-ish trek through the crunchy snow with a friend who actually, you know, likes me and considers me intelligent and interesting. He's even a male (married to a dear friend...and very happily so).

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Ewww, Nic - that person is living in their own little narcissistic reality and has no clue what normal behavior and expectations are! How awful that they slimed you with their stuff; its not yours. We know who you are, and how anxiety driven you are, and we all think your anxieties are reasonable to the circumstance(s) and well-managed! Seriously, dont listen! Think about the quality of relationships that person has with others in general v. the quality of yours. You are conscientious, giving, concerned, aware, open, etc etc. And remember that the term "oversensitive" is relative to this person's conception of sensitivity, right?...

I dont want to make it sound like the army, but we had set chores that we had to do before we went out every Saturday if we wanted our allowance. Dad would sometimes check the chores first and sometimes just hand over the money. We had to do our own laundry, which had to be worked around everyone else wanting to do theirs (6 people in the house), and we had to plan, cook, and clean-up after one meal per week. You bet my kids are going to have to do that when they are old enough (I started at 13, so only 2 more years orngbiggrin.gif). Dh had chores that he didnt do so his mom just did them for him irked.gif She has literally apologized to me ...
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From a dingo via Pinterest. 383485_468240943220101_121830490_n.jpg
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On chores. Yes. This. My kids have a job list. They can choose when to do them. Any time before sat noon. And they can bargain for other jobs (both are grossed out by sweeping steps for dog hair). Allowing choice and following up = win.

Sick here. Flu? Sinus junk. Aches. Fever. Yuck.

Yucky work stuff last week. Ultimately good. But yucky process.

No fm to report. Lots of couch sitting.

Bbm does biking irritate your injury?
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Too much snow for biking, but no it doesn't. But it's boring as he'll to me.

Nic - kindly tell him to shove it. Oversensitive is code for I don't know how to handle your feelings. And using the term, "useless waste of space," is emotionally abusive. Not cool.
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post

And using the term, "useless waste of space," is emotionally abusive. Not cool.

Yes. This.
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