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I hope everyone is staying warm and safe! We are completely housebound and that is fine by me at this point. Every road and highway in the county and the four counties south of us is closed. Basically ER's are the only thing open but I don't know  how anyone could get to a hospital in this weather!  Yesterday we had about four feet of snow fall/blow in and it didn't stop all night and it is heavier today. In a little while I need to head out with ds and dig out the path to our house and the car. Apparently there are abandoned cars all over the roads that are just getting buried in the drifts. Even the snow plows have been pulled off the road for the past 18 hours and there is no sign of them being allowed back on any time soon!  Fortunately we have a gas fireplace in our new house so even if the power goes out we can stay warm. I don't miss the woodstove one bit!


No need to plan workouts in this weather. The other morning while it was still nice out I shovelled snow for half an hour and then snowshoed for 45 minutes. Yesterday I probably spent two hours shovelling and will do at least that much again today. 


The holidays were really good in some ways, really hard in others. I am glad that season is over. I am back on track with eating - no sugar, lots of vegetables and fruit, lots of protein. Grain (except for the very rare bit of rice) causes me nothing but grief so it is easy to stay clear of it. I have been making a lot of juice lately and surprised by how delicious the green juices are. Too much fruit is too sweet - it takes time but apparently resetting tastebuds really is possible! After all these years, I finally got back to my goal/original weight without much effort this fall and now the challenge seems to be to hold steady here and not lose any more. One small perk in the midst of all this grief and upheaval.

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Shanti, so glad to hear from you here. Your phrase "resetting tastebuds" resonates with me. I like that. Good news about the gas heat, too. Geez, I really can't even begin to imagine what it's like where you are. So happy you're safe and warm.

Hope everyone else is safe and warm, too!

No run here. Just not. 18° and numb toes after only a mile. To use Geo's word: "Wimps!" wink1.gif

I don't remember if I asked this a while back or not, but does anyone here have experience or can recommend someone with experience in custom knitting a sweater? My dh has a sweater I'd like to get replicated, as close as to the yarn, color, texture, size, etc. I've been googling and there are people who do that, but it's a bit overwhelming so if you have recs, I'd love them. Thanks!!
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Hi Shanti!  So good to see you here and on FB!  Your whole vibe is very joyful these days. 


Lofty - Have you checked with all the knottiest dingoes?


JayGee - I can't wait to hear about your solo trip!  You deserve it!


RM - :cold  Now, I don't approve of DC but I guess when times are tough the tough need diet coke :D


Thinking of all you ice bound Dingoes.  


So I finally persuaded dh that we really could and should make a February vacation trip to Mexico.  I was angling for about 9 days but he countered that he'd only agree to go if we stayed at least 2 weeks.  So 16 days it is due to flight times and ticket prices.  I'm excited to go, hoping against hope that the weather is normal and not freakishly cold (anyone kwim?) but I haven't exactly cleared it with work.  Now, it's not insanely busy and I am only part time but still I'm feeling a little sheepish.  But I just didn't have the cohones to get the okay from dh only to have work frown on it or vice versa (vice versa would have been worse actually).  And now to figure out all the other details....

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Plady, I hope you get two blissful and excellent weeks. And that work doesn't mind.


Shanti, yes! So happy to see you around!


RM, thanks. My dh likes to get me DC as an act of love, too. I am doing a Whole 30 now, though, so I am hoping he notices I am drinking Perrier, not DC, should he decide to be nice.


JayGee, so glad you got some books to read!


I am actually kind of procrastinating on the last application. Wtf is that? I don't know...I have to revise a craft essay, customize another SOP, and the sample I have is within limits and about as polished as I am willing. I don't know why I just don't feel like it's in me. Anyway, I still have some time.


I ran today. :joyI am still stressed out by our little mini-crisis (which is less small with each passing day, ahem) and I wasted some time on that this morning, and also dh kept me up late with :blah so I didn't get out early, but the weather is cool and I didn't think, just ran. Felt great, and I am hoping for more of those over the next 2-3 months until it's all hot again.

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Shanti - it's so wonderful to see you here! You are so right about resetting the tastebuds too.

Plady - 16 days in Mexico sounds heavenly! Enjoy!

jooj - glad you were able to run today.

lofty - I second the suggestion of checking in with some of the knitting-Dnigoes. Monikita comes to mind.

RR - walked for 45 minutes at the Y yesterday and plan to go again this morning. This afternoon we are going sledding since the temperatures will be in the low 30s finally.

Tomorrow, I'm off to NH! Of course, there is more snow/freezing rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning, so we'll see how things go with the flights.
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I'm laughing at the diet coke as act of love. I've never been a cola drinker, but I know so many people who have this little "secret". My former office-mates had a diet pepsi lunch date and I always felt like a bit of an outsider as I sipped my tea instead.


Shanti, it's great to hear from you. Stay warm and safe in the storm!


Plady, 16 days in Mexico sounds terrific! Good luck convincing work ;)


jo, hooray for running!


RR- A 30 minute swim on the lunch break. It was a spontaneous swim date and I just told my husband to bring swim suit, goggles and towel instead of sending him hunting for eye makeup remover and hair conditioner. I managed to get *most* of the mascara off in the shower, and am now back at work with hair pulled up and my new "smoky, sultry eyes" look.


NRR- My youngest started at a new daycare today for one day a week. I realized that our work/kid schedules were just too insane to cope with only 10 hours of totally kid-free time a week. I already feel less stressed, and she seems pretty happy with a new outlet.


@Geofizz can you point me in the direction of evidence about grade skips? In my school investigations for the move I think my eldest will end up back in "regular" public school. I think she's a good candidate for a single grade skip, but want to be prepared. I chatted briefly with her current teacher today and he is happy to support the skip- she's a young grade 3 (Nov 1 b-day with a Dec 31 cut-off) in a mixed 3-5 class and currently working easily at a grade 4-6 level in all subjects (with the possible exception of PE...). The Canadian context is a bit different but in general grade skips are less common now than in the past so there may be resistance to the idea.

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The blizzard finally ended so maybe now I can get back to snowshoeing for my exercise. The shovelling wasn't quite as bad today, thank goodness. Yesterday half my car was buried. Maybe the schools will open again tomorrow and life can begin to return to normal. The kids have been off for three weeks now and while we are still doing great together, it is time to get back into a more productive routine. Weird how I am parenting on my own now and I don't get nearly as overwhelmed by housework and kid stuff or need as much alone time as I did when I wasn't parenting on my own. Kind of makes you wonder…….


Plady - Mexico is one of my dream destinations. It may never happen but I feel happy just thinking about people going there! I hope it is great :throb


loftmama - you can PM me if you like about the sweater. I would be happy to help if I can! 


1jooj - :blowkiss


They are saying  this is the worst storm to hit this area in 35 years. Over 48 hours when they wouldn't even let the snow plows on the roads! The grocery store shelves, post office, gas stations, everything are pretty empty until tomorrow when delivery trucks can get through again. I was so glad to be safely home and just knit, hang out with my kids, cook and venture out every few hours to shovel. Maybe a couple more days of snow would have allowed for some reading time too :)

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RR: did a difficult work out from Zuzana Light's originals;  5 rounds took my 25 minutes and I thought about just doing 4 but then my fat gut in the way was a great reminder to push it harder.  Shower earned.  


NRR: roads are still super crazy, temps today just creeping up toward freezing makes clearing the ice and snow difficult.  School is cancelled for the fifth day tomorrow due to roads and bus stops and sidewalks are covered with several feet of snow from plows and shovels.  Only place for kids to stand is in the street, which is ice covered and narrow due to the snow/ice. 


Some parents want their kids to go to school for various reasons but I'm pleased that the schools are thinking of the kids safety first.  Within minutes of the school cancellation phone call it started snowing again,  huge flakes and of course some accumulation due to the fact it's still freezing out, lol.  Here's hoping that we can get to the orthodontist appointment I rescheduled to tomorrow from Wednesday due to the weather.  :) 


I also have a Saturday haircut rescheduled as well, we will see! 


How are our other snow bound ladies doing ?


Paige: been watching you on FB and so excited for you and what you are accomplishing this week!!


Anyone hear of FlyLady?  If you haven't, she's got a website and she breaks down cleaning into easy to accomplish ways.  I pulled out  my old "control journal" from Years! ago and have been working on that this week.  I could get lots more done if I was more organized with my time and what needed done.  So I'm trying her methods again.  I also purchased a years worth of clean eating meals with it all laid out for me with grocery lists and recipes and plugging that into my book.  My kids have been complaining about having "meat" at every meal.  I have no idea what started that or why they are saying that but it means I need to change things up a bit (which I already knew).  I can look at meals all day and night and pin a million to pinterest, but wasnt' putting it into action.  $37 was worth it to me for some help. 


Shanti~my hubby and I get along great, and he is a great person and dad, although I feel the same way you explained when he is not here.  It is so weird and I don't understand why it happens, but I get so much more done in far less time, and the kids do things the first time I ask, etc.  bed times are a breeze too, which is crazy!  Happy that you are content and with your lovely kids. 

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Please tell me that somewhere inside my lackadaisical 11 year old sleeps a fiercsom (sp) warrior of initiative, self-direction and/or get-up-and-go (I'll take one!) It is like there is taffy in her head. Sometimes I want to slap her, or shine a light in her pupils to make sure they are responsive!

Which is to say, we are packing to leave on a road trip in the morning with much to do, and she. will. not. move. And the trip is for her!! I dont want to pull that schrew-mom line out, but man, its on the tip of my tongue.

Speaking of taffy in the head: um, the IRB office at my university .... Good thing Im less than motivated to actually do this study lol.gifbag.gif
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Roller coaster of a couple of days. I didn't want to say anything here, but a good friend/colleague of mine's son went missing in the Boston area the other day (dad's a famous journalist, and his son is 16; I was at his bris). It's been wrenching. He was, by the grace of God, found safely this evening in Times Square. I'm sure the family has a whole difficult time awaiting them as they deal with the fallout, but he is safe and whole. 


Anyway, ramping up to midterms time here, so I'm swamped with writing tests, doing reviews, then having to write the narrative semester reports on each student, grade said tests, etc. Bah.


RR: This week has mostly been about cross training (alas, not *that* kind...too bad). Swam on Monday and Wednesday, biked on Tuesday (on the spinner). Because I've had to work out in the evening, my stomach really can't tolerate running that time of day too much. I did manage to get in a shortish run this afternoon/evening (5.3 miles) but the sidewalks were pretty icy still. It was a bit of a steeplechase kind of run. I have new running shoes (winterized version of my regular ones, they have a gore-tex upper and more 'tread' on the sole) which are really cushy but gave me a toe blister because they aren't broken in I guess.

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Evening mamas,


RM - I'm going to have to use some Zuzana magic in Mexico I think, well that and I can run.  Now that she's not at bodyrock, where is she?  ANd yup, although I haven't gotten in deep with FlyLady I do swing by for inspiration now and then.  Not that this is a FL thing but I just skated my kitchen floor clean.


Nic - Glad friend's son was found.  I like the image of you steeple chasing over snow banks and icy patches. 


Sparkle - I'm not sure exactly what shrew line you're thinking of but I bet I'd already have said it.


MelW - I love a lunch swim date!  How perfect!


Jo - Hope things make a turn for the better with your less-mini mini crisis.


Lofty - My toes would be complaining at 18 degrees in running shoes too.


So breaking the vacation news at work went well.  My boss actually thought I was going to say we were moving back permanently so when she realized I was coming back after only 16 days she nearly cried with relief (seriously, I saw the tears, I couldn't believe it).  So phew on that.  And then the guy I work under was calm cool and collected about it.  I'm sure he isn't thrilled but he spent a month in Thailand over the summer which I covered so I guess he figures it's reasonable too.  PHEW!


Meanwhile I continue to try and ignore the cold that's still trying to happen.  My throat is getting progressively more sore by the day and I can't seem to sleep through the night without little blue helpers ever since we switched mattresses <SIGH> and since I'm paranoid about getting hooked on those I have been thinking of Real a lot in the week dark hours.  Last night I got up at 4:15, puttered around until 5:15 and then fell back to sleep on the couch for a few minutes.  But I skipped boxing to try and rest a bit.  My theory is that working out will accelerate whichever direction my health is going, getting sick or getting better.  I think I'm still getting sick so trying to err on the quiet side.  We'll see.

I also have finally written down the rule I need to remember at holiday times.  The muffin top continues to expand even after the holiday chow down is over.  For at least a week or more after that final cookie has been snarfled I can see the spread happening in my gut.  I suppose it's only fair since the fitness appears to linger on for a week or two after the workouts end too, but I still don't like it. :irked  And, on Saturday I'm hosting 12 ladies for hearty appetizers and dessert.  And drinks.  Will I eat and drink in moderation?  Tune in to find out!

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Nic--glad to hear they found your friend's son. What a terrible few days for them. Good luck with the midterms and associated work.

JayGee--have a good trip and hope the weather improves while you're there.

Shanti--good to hear from you and hope you stay warm. Also, I think households are generally easier to manage when there's only one adult in charge, yk? Sounds like you're finding some peace in the new situation.

Plady--how nice of you to think of me in the wee hours of the morning! At first I wasn't quite sure what to make of it when mentioned in the same sentence as little blue helpers headscratch.gif but I'm guessing it's in a good way. lol.gif Seriously though, sorry to hear the new mattress is disrupting stuff.

J started preschool of a sort this week. It's an arts-based program that meets 2 hours 2 days a week and she's been really wanting something that looks like school. This seemed like a good compromise with something that's not academic but meets her desire for 'school.' I'm guessing this means I need to figure out what we're doing next year for her too, though maybe she can just stay in this program for the next year and a half?

R went back to school on Wednesday and it's starting to feel normal around here again. Mostly. Some weird health stuff seems to be going on. Then again, I need to take all those wonderful steps to find a job in a new field, so maybe stress is having a greater impact than I've been willing to admit.
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Yeah, Nic, I can't imagine. Don't want to. I hope they are all OK.

Real, I am sure the stress has been eating at you, maybe more than you realized. Here's to some normal ahead!

Plady, have a great time in Mexico!

Getting dd a haircut. Crazy kid wants bangs.

Biked up and down thw Corniche today. Perfect weather for it. Overcast and cool enough that even the tourists are in sweaters. Now, if the idiots would just learn to walk on the sidewalk and leave the bike path clear...

Wrote my last SOP, now working on the critical paper and enjoying it, even as I struggle. I really hope this school thing comes together. We are definitely all approaching our use-by date here. I guess I could always just start a job search and see if I get any nibbles...
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Logged on to shout out to Paige! You are rockin woman!!

Shanti mwah, love to you

Everyone love to you!

Still working on a bum ankle, limited forward movement for me.
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Totally agree about HBM! Wowza! Go Dingo!


BBM, :blowkiss


Giant sigh of relief. Lest anyone think it was a baby scare (G!d forbid), it was worse: banking. Which is no joke here (think debtor's prison, which it would not have come to, but still). Problem resolved minutes ago, and maybe the numbness and tingling in my neck will resolve over the next couple of days. Heh.


I should have gone out for a run this morning but I was overwhelmed and paralyzed at the same time. A run would have been the thing, but sometimes I fail. So at least I cooked some good food for the family and did some laundry.

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Go Paige!!

Hi Shanti & BBM :-)

Gah, Jo, I am so relieved for you. Yes, a run is sometimes just the thing needed to loosen the web of anxiety that paradoxically won't allow us to run.

I did 10 mile run with the same group from back in December. It was hard, especially the last few miles. But done and that's good.
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So, hola.gif


Checking in to give Paige a big shoutout!  Such a huge few days for her!


Shanti - So good to see you!  And sounding so well!


I've been running, lifting and watching what I eat.  I've started tracking everything that goes in my mouth.  It has been difficult to get in the amount of calories that I should be taking in.  Weird.  Only minimal movement in the weight department, but we shall see what happens over the course of the month.  If nothing much has happened by February, I am going to the doctor for an explanation.  I'm tired of the extra weight.  I feel like it holds me back physically and emotionally.  I'm just done with it.  When I am doing everything right, and there still is no movement, it makes me think something else is going on.


Much more to say, but I want everyone to know that I think of you often, and while I am in touch with most of you on Facebook, I also miss my MDC time!

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Bec, :Hugyou work so hard. You are beautiful inside and out and I know it must be frustrating to have this feeling oppressive to you. I agree with you...likely to be something else going on.


I see the GI doc tomorrow.


RR: 10.2 miles today. OUTSIDE!!! Woot. It was windy and rainy but didn't get uncomfortably cold til the end.

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Ouch. Just deep fried the back of one finger while making papadums for dinner. This does not work well with the need to wind and twist 1000 mini-skeins of yarn this week.


I forget - do any Dingoes juice?

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