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January Chit Chat

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Here's a place for us to chat in general... Save the big threads for large, specific topics! smile.gif

Did everyone stay up last night? I did, but by 12:10 I was in bed with both (well I guess all 3) of my babies!
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ha. we put on Superman (my husband ran out and rented it) and i was asleep before the end!

can't remember the last time i saw a New Year's Eve/New Year's ANYTHING!


our church had a 'Ball' and my girls were very sad mama wasn't going anywhere.  husband even offered to let me go out solo.  but anything after 8:30 just isn't worth it to me.


yay for chat thread!!!

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We're staying at my inlaws and they had a huge party. I felt obligated to stay up even though the last thing I want to do is make empty conversation with drunk people when I'm sober, bloated and tired! I'm so ready to get home to Wyoming, find my maternity jeans and sleep in my own bed and not have to socialize!
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I didn't stay up last night. DH put on a movie, but I fell right to sleep.

Btw, I'm Chelci. DH and I have been married for 6 years, we have a 7 year old son, a 5 year old daughter, and unexpectedly having baby #3 after an IUD fail.
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I made it, but it was a pretty big stretch. Our 9 year old was really excited that we were going to let him stay up until midnight for the first time and he'd made hats and confetti, so it was worth it, but I'm feeling the sleep deprivation today!
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I threw up after dinner.  Then I stayed up and watched Cloud Atlas.  


the ecovillage in which I live had a party and fireworks...was really glad they only woke up my son twice.  I'm not one for fireworks.  

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I made it until midnight and I am paying for it today. We went to a friends house and my oldest two made it as well. I am so tired today and nauseous. Not to mentioned, smells are getting to me. Dh made dinner tonight and I couldn't even go in the kitchen let alone eat it. Ughh
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I stayed up past midnight at my kid's grandparents' (ex's parents). Drove home shortly after midnight and slept pretty much since then. Up for a couple hours here. Up for a couple hours there. It's been beautiful. wink1.gif mostly just awake to eat and go to the bathroom. But I'm going to go try to be productive now before my next nap. Heh.
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Hi :)


Can I jump in?  I'm Jenna, and I'm due around August 23.  It's baby #6.


And, I didn't mean to stay up, but I did.  And our neighbors let off some HUGE fireworks which woke up my 1 year old.  So, it was quite late when I finally got back to sleep.  And, we've had the flu (or something?) and have all been so miserable we skipped Christmas.  I think, maybe, we are ready to go for it in the morning.  Ds is pretty grumpy today, off and on, so I'm worried he'll be sick soon.  He hasn't had it yet.

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Hugs Jenna... And hi! Welcome. What are your kids ages?
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feeling heavy and sad today.

a friend of two of my dear friends lost her 5 month old pregnancy last week.  her second late loss.


and today my friend lost her LO she wasn't aware she was pregnant w/ yet- and it was so bad bleeding-wise she needed a blood transfusion and is not doing well.


kinda kicking my still-not-pregnant feeling butt into worried overdrive.  

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ps- i've been on MDC for a while now, and FINALLY made a signature!!!


wow.  it seems so funny when i list out my little buddies like that!  my kids thought their emoticons were hilarious and totally recognized each other and themselves.  

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Rough day HouseofPeace. What are they attributing her late losses to? That's so sad.

I feel so pukey today. We're driving all day from Michigan to see friends in Minnesota. I've had to have the window down three times in 2 hrs because I almost tossed my cookies! I have NEVER had this much nausea before! This isn't fun - I have more sympathy for those mamas that really struggle.
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i don't know.  my friends are discreet, but since i counsel and work w/ infertility they brought it up (independently of each other) they asked if they could pass on my info and maybe help support her.

it just breaks my heart!  my losses have been so early, but even on thanksgiving a friend swung by and she was still bleeding from her 7 week miscarriage, and i was so sad from that b/c i suspected i was pregnant that week......


i always get scared b/c so many of my friends w/ repeated miscarriages have unresolved health issues (and so many have gluten intolerance- http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2000/08/06/wheat-miscarriage.aspxhttp://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art18391.asphttp://www.easy-immune-health.com/gluten-sensitivity-and-miscarriages.html.)

and w/ my history of infertility up until being really gluten-free and detoxed and undergoing lots of healing that took 3 years before i COULD conceive, it's really scary to me that i might be still damaged enough to undergo such a major loss.....

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Oh no... Prayers for your friends. That's hard.
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I've been spotting for 4 days, since DH and I were intimate. Today, I saw a CNP (that was great!) and she removed my IUD. She said I have a 50/50 chance right now, but my IUD was in my cervical canal and not my uterus. So, I am hopeful that the baby is safe and sound in my uterus. I will have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to find out.

I already feel better, physically, and my spotting seems to have instantly stopped.

Please send out sticky vibes and prayers for a healthy pregnancy.
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Best of luck to you and babe!
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Happy New year mamas. Peace, that sounds like a horrible day. I hope you get a sense of peace yourself.

I have my first midwife prenatal with ultrasound this Weds. I'm petrified. I think I'm around 9 wks, but could be 7 or even 13 for all I know, as I was on the pill and when I'm not I ovulate randomly. The last time I had an ultrasound it showed a missed miscarriage ... I had thought I was pregnant still for two weeks after the loss of the embryo. Knowing that it's possible to have no bleeding or change in symptoms and have lost the pregnancy shakes my confidence terribly. So I'm scared of the appointment.

DD1 (eight) figured it out this week. She's old enough to remember the miscarriage, and understand why we aren't telling yet.

I'm also terrified about work. A colleague bought our practice a few years ago, and she's making a ton of changes in policy ... including there being no written maternity leave policy (which I'm guessing means I will get accrued pto and such time and nothing more .... and that stinks). When I lost the 2010 pregnancy, I was going to have 10 weeks at home. The idea of going from that to four or five breaks my heart.
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Pudlenka - because you're pregnant before the policy changes, I would think you would have a case to be grandfathered in. Maybe talk to an attorney friend if you have one?
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It's a very small business (9 employees), and the previous policy was verbal/"understood". So basically when I announce to her (sometime in the next few weeks I guess, I'm starting to show), which she is going to NOT be happy about, we have to negotiate privately for leave. I'm the only full-time doc there, so my absence will be a big deal. I have another position courting me, though, so I don't feel as trapped as I might otherwise ...
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