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That must be so frustrating scjp did they do an actual blood test? That is my biggest fear I on day 41 and day 39 was a negative. It's very difficult because I just feel like something is off with my body. I have to pee a lot and get nausea when I'm hungry. Last night I had a crazy nightmare again. I keep feeling cramping for AF but then it doesn't start. I hope you get your answer soon as I am rooting for you.
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apeydef it makes it even harder when you don't agree with ff on ovulation date. For example, I feel strongly I ovulated day 12 or 13 based on CM, cp, O pains Etc . But ff recently changed mine to CD 11. So yeah, best educated guess for me here too smile.gif
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mygreenestgrass woohoooooo!!!! Big fat congratulations! smile.gif
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AFMalready second guessing my CD14 decision! Lol! Today is CD13 and my OPKs have gotten darker the past two days. This mornings was almost positive. I don't usually get a positive til CD15 or 16! Idk...might talk to DH about just DTD tonight and tomorrow night too - just for good measure!

I'm sooooo happy for so many BFPs in December/last 30 days. I just keep thinking "if everyone else is getting theirs, I HAVE to get mine soon!" But I also keep whining to myself "why am I not pregnant yet?" Ugh!
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@Motivated, @kateanton, @rosie, @apeydef, @tigfa, @innacircle, @jenjy, @scjp, @saharaviolet... Thanks SO much, ladies!!!
I am so thrilled-- the first BFP of 2014! Here's hoping I'm soon to be followed by many more! I had a strong feeling that this was it, but after the last several months of disappointment, I didn't want to get my hopes up. Now just crossing my fingers that all goes well from here.
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alive and scjp I really feel for you both. I had an awful mystery cycle once as I've mentioned before. It's totally confusing and frustrating. I am thinking of you and hope things turn around soon. If it's helpful, Once I came to terms with not being pg that cycle I focussed on bringing on AF. If it's not where you are, feel free to take or leave that part of my story. But bringing on AF did help me. So if you want to know more, I am here to talk.
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No I didn't get a blood test
Done. The women pretty much acted like I was crazy lol
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Thank u Sahara I'm so ready for her to be here or me be pregnant I wanna just focus on something lol
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innacircle - Can you add me in? Testing the 11th at 11 DPO.

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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post

innacircle - Can you add me in? Testing the 11th at 11 DPO.

Did you finally O?? Yay!

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Originally Posted by innacircle View Post

mygreenestgrass - congrats to you!  I guess that brutal and early AF last month was worth it after all.  So exciting - yay! :bouncy


scjp - 59 days.  Time for a reboot.  Good luck on your Dr. appt - it'll be nice to finally get some answers.


kateaton - I'm really glad you posted with an update on your tests... talk about a big sigh of relief!


AFM:  This sure is a dull time for me.  The 3rd and early 4th week were kindof a pain and a bit worrisome bc everything was new.  But now, it's just like status quo all the time.  Generally queasy (which gets stronger from time to time), BBs huge, random aches/cramps, and super tiredness.  There just isn't much to do or report!  I know, I know... this is a good thing.  But coming off so much commentary on the last cycles TTC it's a bit of an adjustment.


I want to be busy and doing stuff, but I'm just so tired/fatigued.  I really have to pace myself and all my energy goes to doing the normal housework kind of stuff.  Nothing extra or preg/baby focused.  Still trying to exercise too - we go on walks 3-4 times per week (usually 2-3 miles) if weather permits, otherwise it's treadmill time.  That usually wipes me out though!  My next step is starting a prenatal yoga class.  I like yoga a lot.


I looked up a bunch of pregnancy and baby books on Amazon the other day - I requested several of them from my library (waiting for them to be ready for pickup).  I like to "interview" books before I buy them, and have found this to be such an excellent way to do it. 

It is scary how little I know about this whole process.  Yes, I know the science end from medical/nursing studies, but the practical end is missing from my brain.  Last time I cared for a baby was 7 years ago when I stayed with my neighbor's baby for an evening.  Before that it had been like 15 years.  Seriously... just no baby exposure at all.  My knowledge base will be as good as that of the average man!  EEK!


I got a (very) slightly darker one this morning, so I'm relaxed now.


Yes, boring is good right now.  It will get exciting closer to half way through when you're sporting a cute bump and can feel baby move around- and if you decide to have an ultrasound/find out the gender.


I need to start exercising again.  I was doing very well until the cold weather hit, and now with the snow, I'm cooped up in the house.  I need to get on my treadmill, but it's in my dingy basement.  We had to move it out of our bedroom when dd3 was born.  

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Originally Posted by kateaton View Post

Did you finally O?? Yay!

I believe so. I wasn't really sure right away but I think I'm 2 DPO now. I don't have temperatures to confirm but I'm more sure than not sure right now.


(Picture from December 30th)

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@mygreenestgrass congrats! I'm happy for you!

AFM.. Today has been ups and downs like crazy. Tonight I get to tell my little sister the news and then tomorrow my oldest sister. They both knew we were trying. Younger sister is pro baby, older not so much. I never gave full background, so this will help you ladies understand better. On October 2nd, 2009 we had our first child. An 8lb baby boy named Connor James. He only lived till the 5th because his left lung collapsed and there's only so much doctors could do before calling TOD.. Connor was pretty much a miracle to begin with since I had low egg count and hcg levels. It's still hard talking about him 4 years later. My DH understands why I get upset more each year since we actually held him in our arms and he grew in my womb for 8 months. But since this is my 2nd early miscarriage, he doesn't get the emotional damage it causes. For my younger sister, she has endometriosis (not a blood sister btw) so she is going to take this early mc as badly as I am. My older sister thinks we shouldn't be trying after what happened to Connor and just going straight for adoption. She will tell us it was a sign or something.

There you have it, ladies. A better explanation. If you have questions feel free.
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Originally Posted by badwolf092087 View Post
. My older sister thinks we shouldn't be trying after what happened to Connor and just going straight for adoption. She will tell us it was a sign or something.




Ugh.  Maybe you could start off the conversation with a clear boundary...like you are just informing and desire no commentary on the information?



I am so sorry about Connor, and all that you are going through right now.

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Hi everyone! Please add me to the WTF Is Going On section. I'm new to this, so still trying to learn the lingo! :) Thanks!

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Mygreenestgrass- congrats!
Badwolf- I agree with jojo. You need to be able have this convo with them on ur terms in a place where you feel safe to share with them what is going on in ur life.
Wide- horray for ovulation!
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@Siuann and @jojobean thank you. Little sister understands and kind of smothered me in hugs. We are taking an affirmative stand with our older sister tomorrow because if you don't lay down the law with her, she takes over.

I know everyone's body's are different, but how long do you think it will take for my temp to go down and the nausea to stop?
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kateaton, I'm very happy to hear the line is getting darker!


WifeofAnt - Oh my goodness, I'm about as excited to see that smiley face from you as I would be seeing a BFP!  Wow!!  Yay for O!


Hi, jchole!  Welcome!


inna, you will be totally fine.  You are a sponge and I know you'll soak up all those books.  And the stuff you don't get in books you'll make up for with your instincts.  :)  One of the wonderful things about having to wait the long gestation is that gives us lots of time to prepare.  


scjp, something is definitely going on.  You've had way too many weird cycles.  I am really looking forward to you getting some answers.  


badwolf -- Please, if your sister says this loss is "a sign", just try whatever you can do to ignore that.  I am so sorry.  As for when your symptoms will let up, it is hard to say but hopefully will be soon.


AFM - my OPKs are really faint now after a potential positive 2 days ago (but it wasn't super dark then).  If my temp doesn't go up tomorrow, it looks like this will be anovulatory.

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I have to add - rosie2727!  I just noticed your avatar change!  Aw, is that you and your DH?  :)

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Greenestgrass- congrats on that beautiful line, wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy smile.gif
Wifeofant- great to see that smiley face.
Badwolf- hope all goes as well as it can with your older sister. Comments like that would encourage me to 'prove her wrong' because life needs to be full of hope and light. I'm sorry Connor didn't get to stay.
AFM - I got my pos OPK on the 1st, we BD'd lots in the days leading up, but not on the day. OH's Nanny (grandmother) passed away that day, so a BFP would be truly bittersweet... Can I be added to the test list for the 13th? I guess I'll be about 11DPO.
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