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January 2014: What did you accomplish today?

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Happy New Year!


And . . . not much so far.  :-)


- got an obscene amount of groceries

- started this thread

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i finally thought of/took the time to cut out a heart shape in some fabric i already had

... and to sew it by hand on a pair of trousers of DD2 which have had a hole

(when she fell at recess at school) ... for the last 3 weeks !

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- slept in late after staying up late working on resolutions and restless night baby.
- gratefully received freecycle haul of used toddler clothes and toys
- organized front hall closet
- organized entryway storage
- nursed and snuggled baby
- organized new used clothes and toys by size and age and put away
- organized piled up storage room storables, and cleared the floor.
- created 6 big bags of donations and one garbage and recycling
- successfully quarreled with hubby and sent him out for a walk with tired baby (10 minutes peace)
- roasted chicken
- made dinner
- made lists for groceries, organizing project ideas, and to dos for tomorrow
- researched health care options
- talked to husband about some angry feelings and felt better
- ate an orange
- cleaned up a bit and had a bath.
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I made a dentist appointment for myself. That means I can coast for the rest of the month, doesn't it? Well except for the day I have to actually go :wink


Yesterday, I did a ton of laundry. All caught up with the bedding and towels from guests! 

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today's major achievement ; get DH to a clothing store & to try new trousers & to buy two pairs !

(one size down too & his present too large ones have holes in them anyway ...i prefer to have a husband who has no holes in his clothing ...)

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Originally Posted by 4evermom View Post

I made a dentist appointment for myself. That means I can coast for the rest of the month, doesn't it? Well except for the day I have to actually go :wink


Yesterday, I did a ton of laundry. All caught up with the bedding and towels from guests! 

I made a dentist appointment too!  Put one off from September.  :P




- took DH in to work

- went by lab for blood draw

- took DS2 to dentist (where I couldn't really avoid committing myself . . .)

- got medicine for dog

- groceries at natural food store

- made lunch

- washed a sweater for DH

- picked him up at work


Lazy evening planned.  Snowing, so I'll be out with a shovel, but maybe not until tomorrow.

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Well better day today. I did dishes yesterday. That's about it.

Baby is teething and had restless nights all week. It was better but not perfect last night. But between her sleeping = me sleeping, me taking my vitamins right yesterday and just plain needing to get up to get hubby ready for work, my day feels accomplished.

After the morning rituals, I got 10 min cleaning my junk room before she woke up. Basically that was enough time to sort back or what she"helped" with on Saturday. Note to self, she's at an age where 10 min alone will be more productive than 30 with help.
Then I washed the bathroom mirrors. I guess I did the toilet yesterday too.
I watered and feed the plants and dogs.
Checked email
Called my mom
Did dishes
Got all the laundry washed and put away
Made tea for hubby's lunches
Tim a laundry basket full of old clothes out of my closet, under the bed, and tossed in a few of her clothes too
Took a nap with her
Watched some back YouTube subscriptions that are cluttering up my mailbox
Took out ashes and stayed the fire back
Started super
Started diapers washing
Rescued the FedEx man from our German Shepherd. He can smell fear and that guy had it. He had me control the dog and he set the box in the doorway. It was my new pizza stone and pizza peel! I got so far as to open it and throw out the plastic. Then she's whining for
another nap. That's where I am now. Feeding the little napper.

Still need to

Finish diapers
Finish super, he's working late plus had to run to town
Possibly bring in wood If'd he's still working when she wakes up
Break down the boxes the stuff came in
Dust, sweep and mop.
Wash dishes and get ready for bed
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I can't believe it's January. We had a major snow storm here over the last two days, so not much done. Worked from home today!


- After the roads cleared up, went grocery shopping. Found some holiday Ziploc bags and containers for $1 each after a sale and coupons! 

- Put away the groceries. 

- Printed some coupons. 


And that's pretty much it. Going to bed soon I think. 

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Baby boy woke up laughing today, a lovely start to the day.
He is teething in 4 teeth, and just a little bit whiny.
Today I;
- got up and put on porridge oats
- watched some youtube with the family and discussed vlogging over coffee
- put in laundry
- talked with neighbour about her upcoming birth
- went out in a downpour for grocery and drug store walk
- made some lists and to dos
- rested with baby
- cleaned kitchen surfaces, did piled up dishes
- put away laundry
- sorted through some stored clothes
- took out recycling and garbage
- cleaned out some expired pantry items
- planned some errands
- had major fun dance party with babe and husband
- had passionate heart to heart with husband, shed some tears, faced some facts
- wrestled with baby
- snuggled restless baby to try for bed time, but no go, so got up and made chocolate chip cookies, watched some tv., shared a popsicle,
- finally nursed son to sleep.

Plan to spend a couple of hours researching and writing before bed tonight.
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Woke up to alarm, usually I'm up way before it, so I felt behind
Did normal morning stuff
Put away my Christmas decorations
Took some boots and shoes I never wear out to get rid of
Straightened a bit more in my junk room
Ordered some essential oils and a petri dish set to test how well they work with household germs compared to what I have, are they worth the price?
Checked the results of my DNA test, very interesting!
Taking care of a very whiney girl who has a cold or something today
Talked to my Mom and sister
Checked emails
Nursed the girl to sleep, now here I am. smile.gif
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Bitterly cold day after a snowstorm:


- chatted on the phone with DS1 about winter maintenance issues in their apartment

- made pop tarts from scratch for DS2

- walked with dog

- started a new grocery list

- cleared snow off balcony, porches, bulkhead, etc.

- got mail

- kept fire going


Torn between a nap and a novel now.

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Got a few things done today around working - 


- Tidied up our bedroom. 

- Took the Christmas decorations down from the kitchen and put fresh linen on the table. 

- Tidied the bathroom. 

- Put away some spare blankets. 


After bedtime tonight, I need to do a few things - 


- Sweep and mop the kitchen floor. 

- Clean the bathroom sink. 

- Pay some bills (ugh). 

- Do some office work. 


Tomorrow is going to be a busy day - 


- Need to stop at the bank and get cash for laundry and transit. 

- Stop at Dollar Tree for Sunday papers (supposed to be SIX coupon inserts this week!) and food product I can free with coupons, to donate. 

- Go to the library. 

- Put away the Christmas decorations. 

- Do some baking (I've got cranberries in the fridge that urgently need to get into some bread before they go bad). 

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Sun was shining today and relatively mild day
got husband organized for errands
walked with son to park and played around
visited discount grocery store and deflected unwanted attention from unpleasant strangers, got some good cheap groceries
Did work and personal email
picked up parcel
bought dishsoap
did dishes
napped baby
Planned some activites for mom and I to do during her upcoming visit, mostly household things that I can't seem to get done while alone with the baby
Stored some hand me down toys for when son is older
put away clean laundry
had dinner and bath with baby
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Originally Posted by bruna View Post

visited discount grocery store and deflected unwanted attention from unpleasant strangers


That sounds unpleasant and annoying! 


Fairly productive day here - 


- Picked up a prescription at Walgreens. 

- Stopped at the bank for quarters for laundry. 

- Stopped at an auto parts store to pick up Heat fuel additive. 

- Stopped at Dollar Tree for 3 papers (5 coupons inserts this week!) and 2 boxes of Kraft Recipe Makers (free with $1 off coupon, to donate). Also found some cute heart magnets for Valentine's Day and shamrock window clings for St. Patrick's Day. 

- Clipped coupons.

- Put gas and Heat into the car. 

- Took down all of the Christmas decorations and put in our bedroom to box up (except for the Christmas tree - that will come down tomorrow). 

- Tidied up the toys in the living room. 


We didn't get a chance to go to the library before husband left for work, so that's a no-go for this afternoon. Instead - 


- Actually box up the Christmas decorations. 

- Clean the bathroom sink. 

- Bake cranberry bread. 

- Take out the Valentine's Day decorations. 

- Lots of play time and stories with Little Man when he wakes up from his nap. 


And then after Little Man goes to bed tonight, I need to do some office work... 

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Today is my rest day this week, so I haven't done much.

Slept till 8, haven't done that in a while! I don't feel quite right, and the baby was so cold, so I just stayed there till I had 11 hrs of sleep. I hope I am not having an allergic reaction or trying to get sick too.
Talked to my sister
Balanced the checkbooks
Made breakfast of bacon and eggs
Started my Sourdough starter
Hated up lunch, made his lunch for work
Took a short nap with her
Checked in with my accountability partner - my sil. We want to help each other be better Christians, wives and mothers. We have a vested interest, we swapped brothers and states when we got married
Gave Ana a bath
Started the fire back
Washed dishes
Made tea
Now I'm reading, drinking tea, nursing her off and on and watching Veggie Tales. That's about it for the day.
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Did most of the things I intended to this afternoon, except for the baking. But there's always tomorrow. 


- Boxed up the Christmas decorations. 

- Cleaned the bathroom sink. 

- Organized the medicine cabinet. 

- Took out the Valentine's Day decorations. It's a little sparse - I'd like to get some window clings and a few other things. 

- Lots of play time and stories with Little Man when he wakes up from his nap. 

- Did the dinner/bath/bedtime routine. 

- Cleaned up my Amazon wish list. 

- Loaded and started the dishwasher. 

- Wiped down the kitchen counters. 


And I've decided I'm not going to work tonight - six days a week is enough. I can give myself Saturdays off! So I think I'm going to putz around on the internet for a little while, then go to bed early!

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Went grocery shopping today. 3 stores, dh goes with me kind of like a date lol
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Bussed to the mall across the city to return a pair of toddler boots
Dropped in to swimming pool that is on the way back home and spent some time with my son watching the swimmers.
Walked about 3 kilimetres back to the bus loop.
Was out most of the day and didn't spend any money beyond busfare.
rested with husband
Made dinner
watched some youtube
made some housekeeping plans and grocery list
Wrestled with baby
Currently nursing to sleep the little fellow
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More snowstorm here today, so we've had a cozy day indoors. 


- Did a bit of office work before everyone else woke up. 

- Took down the Christmas tree and put away the ornaments. 

- Put the living room furniture back into it's original configuration - and there seems like there's more light in here now that the giant dead tree it out!

- Put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away. 

- Made a pan of scalloped potatoes with ham for lunch/dinner. 

- Vacuumed the entire house. 

- Took a nap when Little Man napped. The cold weather is making me feel awful. 


Really need to do some baking still. I think the cranberries are too far past their prime though. Sigh... I hate wasting food. So I'm thinking gingerbread cookies, Russian tea cakes and maybe gingerbread muffins for breakfast. It's cold. I want winter comfort treats! 


And I really need to do some work tonight after Little Man goes to bed - there's a Powerpoint with my name on it, and it's not going to write itself...

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Another bright winters day here, very lovely weather
Went for a walk on the sunny sides of the streets
Visited the library, checked out some books on naturopathy, printed some recipes and a housing application for my mom
Picked up some groceries at the market
Napped baby
Made chocolate chip cookies and pizza
Talked with Husband
Wrestled with baby and watched a french film
Decided on creating a small personal space in the master bedroom to use for reading and writing during my Mother's upcoming visit; a mental health accomplishment
Got baby to sleep
Mellow and nice day
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