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Kind of long, surreal, but pleasant day here:


- started at 4 AM with a dream plus early awakening insomnia

- dozed in fits and starts until getting up and moving

- today a shower, making bed, and having breakfast were accomplishments

- compiled and emailed DS1 a list of recipes he requested

- chatted with mother; plans for tomorrow, today's menu, grocery list

- moved furniture around in our living area -- rotated our desk, much nicer now

- dealt with all the associated cables including

- taking apart ethernet switch plate to get the defective plug pried out

- while swearing . . . a lot, and in two languages

- heated and prepared food for DS2 and his girlfriend a couple-three times

- made dinner:  roast, broccoli, rice, sauteed onions, pumpkin garlic knots (the kids vacuum those up)

- washed two sinks full of dishes


It was a very nice day here, but I'm really dragging.  The insomnia has me fearing a bout of depression, and spoons feel in short supply lately.

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Another very rainy day.
Felt kind of irritated and depressed today.
Served coffee and breakfast
Helped mom and husband used computers.
Went out for walk to library and dollarstore.
Had a rest with son.
Helped husband with computer.
Served lunch and cleaned up.
Organized some sewing projects.
Helped make dinner.
Finally produced long awaited teething popsicles for son.
Talked with family over dinner.
Helped more with computer issues, watched a show and played with baby.
Just nursed son to sleep. Plan to rest well tonight and have a better day tomorrow.
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I did nothing that I intended to last night, except clipped or organized some of the coupons. I only got through half. So today I'm doing the rest of it - 


- Sorted the laundry and got it started. The last load is finally in the dryer now. 

- Ran out to the better Dollar Tree for bobby pins and hairspray and also found some Valentine's Day window clings for Little Man's room, as well as two food items for half off with my coupons that I'm going to donate to the food pantry. And now this week's food pantry bag is full and ready to go! It's our goal this year to donate one full bag of food every time we do a grocery shop. That is the power of coupons!

- Tidied the kitchen and living room. 


Still to come - 


- Wipe the toddler grime off the glass side tables (I hate, hate, hate those tables with a passion and plan to upgrade them as soon as humanely possible). 

- Vacuum the living room and bedrooms. 

- Sweep and spot clean the bathroom and kitchen floors. 

- Wipe down the bathroom sink.

- Figure out what to wear to husband's holiday work party tonight (that I totally ranted about over in the "What's for dinner" thread - go figure). 

- Lay out clothes and organize my work bag for tomorrow. 

- Figure out lunch for work tomorrow. 

- Bake brownies and gingerbread cookies for snacks/babysitter tonight. 


So.... guess I better get off my butt now and get to it. Our babysitter is actually husband's aunt and I have no idea what time she's actually coming by this afternoon and I'd like to have the house in order before she gets here. She's family and she gets it, but still, you know?

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I cut *so* many onions today!  Among other things:


- got up, took out the dog, fed her

- dropped my mother at her house

- bought groceries

- folded a load of laundry, washed and hung another

- caught up on a couple of transactions in electronic check register

- chatted with DH re some career / school thoughts he's having

- chatted online with DS1 re some career / school thoughts he's having (Groundhog Day)

- ironed a tablecloth I washed yesterday and replaced it

- chatted with my mother a little after DH brought her back

- did the sous chef thing for DH when he made a chicken-spinach dish for DS2 and GF; onions were involved

- made soup for tomorrow; more onions

- cut up still more onions for this evening's dinner


Now I'm donion.

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Originally Posted by MariaMadly View Post

I cut *so* many onions today!  Among other things:


Hahahaha, why!?


I got everything done that I planned this afternoon, except for putting together my work bag and getting ready. About to do the work bag next, scarf some dinner, check work email to make sure the place didn't spontaneously combust (although...) and then start getting ready... 

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Again, very rainy. Up early before the sun.
Made and served coffee.
Helped baby pour the milk from a little jug.
Got lunch packed for husband.
Dressed baby and served breakfast.
Headed up for a walk, very wet, so just around a few blocks
Prepared list of birth and breastfeeding resources for neighbour.
Hung out with Mom and talked.
Layed down for a rest with baby.
Got groceries at the market.
Enjoyed espresso and conversation with son and mom at local cafe...
Tried a new recipe: Channa Saag; Indian spiced kale with chickpeas on brown rice
Did 10 minute zumba workout with the whole family!
Made a skillet sized chocolate chip and walnut cookie
Made popsicles for the teething baby
Watched a series of decorating shows and martha stewart cooking school videos.
Bathed with baby.
Took some great photos of mom and baby playing together
Successfully lifted my bad mood from
yesterday smile.gif
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Hope everyone is having a better day today. So far mine is uneventful, beside family drama that doesn't much effect me personally. Is only not quite 8 and I've only been up 2 hrs.

Yesterday I basically showered, washed diapers, drove to the convenience store for burritos, went to the mail box, got hubby of to work, and went to my in-law's for the afternoon.

Today I have done my morning routine, tried to fix my phone's texting issue, made coffee- a rarity, danced with the baby, prepared petri dishes to experiment with when the girls come for school. Very excited about this one. Testing three different essential oils against household germs to see if the $$$, $$, or $ is better. This is for my benefit, but a fun school project to help with/do.

I still need to:
Clean the fridge
Make my grocery list for tomorrow
Contact some ppl about some stuff I want to buy tomorrow
Put her diapers together
Bathe her
Check with my accountability partner
Make hubby's teas
Grade school
Do school
Do that experiment
Replace elastic in at least one diaper
Dishes, dishes, dishes
Left overs for super and lunch, but make eggs for breakfast when he gets up
Pay with and nurse baby
Maybe call my Mom or sister. Or both.
Straighten the house b about 5 times
etc, etc, etc.
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My throat hurts and there's pressure behind my eyes, so I am pushing fluids and washing my hands aggressively.  Fake it 'til you make it is the order of the day, but it's working nicely so far:


- up zero-dark-early to start my day -- shower, make bed

- dropped DH at work

- stopped at pharmacy to pick up vitamin supps

- post office to return Christmas belts that did not fit DH well

- called mechanic about looking at whatever's dangling from my mother's car

- home briefly, took the dog out to powder her nose

- texted with DH about tax and pay things; flirt-flirt

- took mother to a medical appointment

- walked with dog

- made pop tarts

- put out some cake ingredients and supplies for my mother; she's baking while I'm out this afternoon


Now I'm waking DS2 -- bless his GF, she helps, and he likes her a lot better than he likes me!  :-)  He's got a brief medical appointment, and I hope to get them to go to the kitchen store.  Then simmering on the couch.  Oh, and I'll remember to get DH, too.


ETA:  We *did* go to the kitchen store, right after stopping by the dump to drop off recycling, such fun!  Got a loaf pan and a couple other little things, brought the kids home and made them a late lunch, washed a ton of pots from my food prep and mother's.  Now grabbing a few moments' peace before it's time to get DH.

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Nice day overall here, though it was a bit work heavy. Didn't feel totally well today, so I worked from home. I'm so glad I can do that. 


- Called the doctor to try to get an appointment and was told she's off until Wednesday. This doctor takes more unexpected time off than seems reasonable... practically every time I call she's "closed".

- Prioritized my personal to-do list. 

- Spent some time with Little Man after work, and gave him dinner and did bedtime with him. 

- Worked for another hour. 

- Made dinner. 

- Put away clean dishes from the dishwasher and starting loading in dirty stuff. 

- Watched the new This Old House and Sherlock with husband. 


Now I'm putzing around on the internet for a minute. I need to cut the screen time and get to bed - I have a conference call at 7 AM... there's never enough time in the day! I need to place some orders on Shutterfly to use free codes (a calendar for my office and coasters for home), start planning the spring garden on Smart Gardener, come up with my next blog posts, and on and on and on...

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A clearer day; we could see the mountains, and no rain.
Got up early again, before the alarm.
Served coffee and porridge.
Did dishes.
Walked to the thrift store and managed to find some good items; a spoon rest, swimsuit, 4 board books, a big bag of mega blocks and an electric kettle; all needed and wanted. Avoided extras.
Bought groceries at the market on the way home.
Bought laundry coins at the bank.
Napped baby.
Wrote out some meal planning.
Made some plans with Mom.
Listened to Neil Young interview.
Discussed some family health and wellness issues with Mom.
Made lunch for sick mom.
Delighted in son's enjoyment of megablocks.
Late napped baby
Sorted dirty laundry.
Watched a show about decluttering.
Went for a walk with son and Mom, played in the school yard, took photos.
Enjoyed a couple of minutes of sun breaking through the clouds.
Made dinner with son and Mom.
Caught up with husband.
Made grocery list and to do for tomorrow.
Now, going to drift off after a bit of internet, goodnight all.
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Another work-heavy day, but again from home so I can't complain. Did a few other things too - 


- Unloaded clean dishes from the dishwasher and put it in dirty. 

- Tidied the kitchen and living room. 

- Checked the mail. 

- Designed the spring garden and calculated how much my seed order should cost.

- Made dinner. 


Tonight - no work! Relaxing mostly, maybe chipping away at some of the more "fun" items on my personal to do list, like writing some blog posts or planning deals. 

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Got some fun and long-term things done today:


- up and out the door, took DH to work

- picked up a few groceries

- got car to shop, loose cable, couple clamps, no charge

- did some research for an informal presentation I'm participating in at a meeting tomorrow

- walked with dog

- got DS2 and his girlfriend up and breakfasted

- so we could go to the labyrinthine used bookstore -- everyone found something!

- ETA folded a load of laundry

- made pumpkin garlic knots

- got DH and took him to eye doc to pick up his new glasses

- made dinner with DH


Now I'm kicking back.  Emailing back and forth a bit with my co-presenter, plus I need to email DS1 about this coming weekend at some point, but I think the heavy lifting is done for the day.

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Another day without rain, and mild, there is spring in the air.
Everybody slept in.
Served breakfast and coffee.
Took it easy.
Walked to community food bank.
Gave baby lots of time to walk and explore on the way there.
Napped with baby.
Much talking with Mother.
Watched a little t.v and played with baby.
Bought groceries at the local market.
Made a big stew, and cleaned up after myself.
Served dinner and did dishes.
Used google maps to trace the route of the river I grew up living on.
Family laugh and wrestle fest.
Snuggling baby to sleep now.
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Originally Posted by bruna View Post

Another day without rain, and mild, there is spring in the air.


Not even close here! Still freezing with snow flurries on and off, and for the next three days too. Working from home today, so I've been able to do a few things in and around that - 


- Loaded the dishwasher (why are there always dirty dishes and laundry!?)

- Tidied the kitchen and living room. 

- Made a doctor's appointment for myself, for later this afternoon. 

- Glanced at my personal to do list. 


This evening after work and the doctor, I've got to write a blog article to turn in for a guest post. They don't give me a hard deadline each month, by my self-imposed one is the 15th. Which apparently is today. So yeah. And now my 5 minute mental break is over, so back to working I go. 

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Yep, kitchensqueen, we are blessed with mild days in between the hearty rains here on the Canadian West Coast!

Another mild one today, so we took advantage.
Served breakfast and coffee.
Prepped snacks and water for long walk.
Took the bus across town.
Strolled the shops.
Picked up some long needed items from the hardware store.
Walked through a big muddy field with baby.
Crossed town by foot and stroller.
Stopped at the library to pick up holds.
Took a rest at home with baby.
Enjoyed a dinner made by my mom.
Installed new light bulbs.
Wached another episode of the decluttering show, totally hooked.
Bathed with baby.
Smooched with hubby.
Nursing baby to sleep now, another day is done.
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Did a few things today - 


- Organized my coupons and planned some last minute deals. 

- Did grocery shopping at Target because I didn't feel well enough to drive to Woodmans. Scored some deals though! I got 3 free Colgate toothbrushes, 2 packs of Bic pens and a pack of Bic mechanical pencils for 4 cents each, 4 hand towels for 88 cents each (two red for everyday, two in pumpkin orange for fall) plus all the regular groceries, which I saved about $40 on after coupons and Cartwheel. Cruise those back end caps, people! Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a Target Addict. 

- Put all the groceries away. 

- Had Little Man help me put up a felt heart garland in the living room (Target One Spot - $1!). I now have 5 total Valentines items in the whole house!

- Popped into Dollar Tree to see if they had any new Valentines stuff, but they didn't. I want to find some window clings for the kitchen that aren't hokey, which is proving to be easier said than done. 

- Made dinner. 

- Checked some work emails. 

- Browsed my blog feed. 


Now husband and I are going to watch a couple episodes of Tudor Monastery Farm. I love the stuff that Ruth Goodman does! 

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Well, a lovely day; sunshine!
Breakfast with baby,
Walked to bank, drugstore, second drugstore.
Played and walked with baby around the local schoolyard.
Met Mom at local restaurant for lunch.
Napped with baby.
Did 5 loads of laundry.
Folded, sorted and put cloth diapers together..
Packed for a 4 day trip by bus, then ferry then car.
Enjoyed dinner prepared by Mom,
Nursing baby to sleep,
Trying to envision a smooth, pleasant travel day tomorrow and trip ahead.
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Happy journey, bruna!  Is your mother joining you, too?


Took my eye off the ball today, and as I just told DH I'm still getting things done but feel disconnected from them:


- went to a board meeting

- bought some snacks for the kids at natural food co-op

- got home, made applesauce to go with mother's potato pancakes

- made a cake (from scratch, but mixed in pan -- half a point?)

- took a break for lunch

- formed and baked pumpkin knots from dough I had prepared last night

- nagged encouraged DS2 about things he said he wanted to do re finding work this summer

- made pizza dough, which is rising now


Still plan to:


- make pizzas the rest of the way

- make chocolate butter cream frosting for the cake

- play a game of Settlers with DH and the kids

- broach DS2's Plans for the Summer after we play (at his request)

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I'm so glad it's Friday. Just a few things today - 


- Made another doctor's appointment for myself. 

- Put together a mini shopping list of things I wasn't able to get at Target the other night. 

- Checked the mail. 

- Put clean dishes away and loaded the dishwasher with dirty. 

- Checked out the coupon insert preview on Klip2Save to see if want to buy any papers this weekend (I'm going to get 2). 


Now I'm going to work on a blog post or two, and order my spring seeds for the garden!

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MariaMadly- Yes, my mother, son and I have made it to the island for our little family visit and get away smile.gif

The trip across the sea was lovely, calm and foggy with the sun breaking through. I think I'll take a break from the list of the days doings, and just report that a nice day was had by all, a low stress and safe trip.
Baby boy a great day in a new place. Looking forward to a day outside tomorrow by the seaside, with some cafe stops.
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