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Cough in 3 month old...

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DS has a yucky gunky cough.  He had influenza A at two months and is over it now, but still has crud.  The nosefrida isn't getting anything else out except for very rarely.  Last night he coughed and some yucky brown mucus came out.  What can I do to get him better?  He seems pretty happy, no fever or anything.


We have a cool mist humidifier running in our bedroom.  Sitting in the bathroom with the shower running didn't do anything.  Should I take him INTO the shower with me?  I'd be afraid to drop him, and our tub isn't terribly big.  Are there any essential oils or anything at all that I can use to get this congestion out of him?

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I put a couple drops of eucalyptus oil in the humidifer. You could also put a few drops in the shower while you run it straight hot, with the bathroom door closed, and just hold him in the bathroom whille he inhales the warm steam.
I believe you can use eucalyptus oil, oregano oil, and TTO if you want in coconut oil and rub on the bottom of his feet.

Are you nursing him or formula feeding?
Is he taking any vitamins or supplements?
Have you tried giving him probiotics?

Also I saw hylands homeopathics makes a congestion and cold remedy, that might be worth a shot.

I'm sorry that your LO is sick. There's nothing worse than a tiny baby who is sick, especially with the congestion.
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He's EBF. I have some probiotics that DH can put in his bottles but no supplemental vitamins.

I put some baby Vicks on his feet with socks and took a shower with him before that. He loved the shower! Nothing really came out, but he was one happy dude.

I will be ordering more EOs to have on hand.
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You can take the probiotics too so they will be in your milk. I believe you can buy liquid baby vitamins OTC. The only reason I'm suggesting supplementing with extra vits is my 10 month old was all congested for like 2 months and I finally decided to rip a vit c gummie up for him. I did that 3 times and he was completely better.
Vicks, I would caution you to use sparingly. Google vicks carcinogen for more info...
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Eek. It's actually the baby chest run though, the ingredients listed are eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. No turpentine and no camphor.

Would boosting my vitamin C intake work?
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Oh, ok! smile.gif
I think that boosting your intake only works if its vit c in its natural form. I had looked this up on kellymom not long ago. My understanding is that for whatever reason vit c in supplement form does not pass through breast milk.
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Ok, so I picked up some tri vi sol at the grocery store and have been doing that, probiotics, and the showers. He's sitting next to me in his car seat (sleeping, we just got back from the final family Christmas) and he's really making a ton of noise when he exhales. It's kind of a constant rumbly chesty sound. Should I worry or no? He's been eating fine, not fussy, just sounds bad.
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He's scheduled for his two-month vaccines tomorrow (I am vaccinating for the most part on schedule) and now I don't know whether to take him in or not ... :(

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What did u end up deciding to do?
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I cancelled altogether because of the weather. It's set for Thursday at 2 now. He's been fussy and doesn't want to be put down much these past couple of days.
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Its a very personal descion. But would it really be hurting anything to wait until he's fully recovred before you have him vaxed?
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The pediatrician's office seemed very huffy that I even wanted to wait until he had recovered from influenza, and even more huffy that I asked which vax were typically done at the 2 month visit.  The pediatrician herself didn't seem to mind either way.


I'm going to see how tonight goes (usually when he's more snuffly and coughs more), he just doesn't seem to be particularly sick, but he doesn't seem to be improving much either.  And now I'm reading about bronchiolitis and asthma and RSV and working myself into a tizzy.  Ack.

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Ya know what, the pediatrician's office can kiss your butt if they wanna be like that! They're not the ones who have to deal with short term or long term reactions that stem from his immune system not being up to par... don't let them bully you around, Its your son, and your decision.
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So we went in for vaccinations, which he had no negative effects from at all.  Barely even cried, nursed for a few minutes and then was back to making googly eyes at the nurse. 


I did ask about his cough and she said it didn't sound bad enough to make an appointment for - "use the bulb syringe for his nose, humidifier, etc"


This week the cough is worse and he's getting a runny nose.  Blech. 

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Hi Ladies

my baby had also a cough and do not worry this occurs when a baby has a cold or allergies.

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