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2014 Project challenge 52 weeks 52 projects

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Someone asked to start a new thread....  here ya go ladies....


Day one...

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Here's my spot! :) 


New Projects

1. 2 Pettiskirts for surro-daughters

2. Cape for surro-son

3. Curtains for my bedroom.

4. Hanging wet bag for kitchen

5. Sew something quilty. I go to quilt club every week..but haven't ever done a quilted anything <oops>.

6. shelf liner for last shelf in bedroom

7. 3-5 more utili-kilts (three to five projects, but I'll just list as one here)

8. leggings or me

9. skirt or two for me

10. more cord keepers for self/sale





#1 piece of advice to my future self.....FINISH YOUR UFOs LADY! Quit cutting out more things until you sew up what you've got cut out!!! Hear me? 


01: 01.04 Duvet Cover

02: 01.04 Unplastic Wraps

03: 01.04 Belt

04: 01.04 Tiny Knitted Hats











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I'm in! Will come back later with my list.
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This is my year to seriously get my act together!

1. Christmas card organization (2007-present) - 1/2
2. Ornament boxes for kids (3) - 1/7
3. Science fair project - 1/20 (a crapload of work!)
4. Hearts for door decorations x 56 - 1/31
5. C's birthday party *stuff* - 3/29
6. Started a new Brownie sash with dozens of patches - 3/30

1. Bags for the homeless (6) - January
2. Decorated cans for food pantry - February

Felted sweater stockings (5)
Felted sweater tree skirt
Accordion book for Santa photos (2006-present)
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I started stalking the other thread a few weeks ago...I'm totally in! I actually had a seriously productive year last year. I don't have a list yet for this year, but project #1 will be giving birth to our third baby, who was due last week... eyesroll.gif
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I'm in, but don't have a list of projects just ideas to run off of. I do know that #1 will be finishing the giant crocheted t-shirt rug I'm working on now though. And I know I want to make dd some AG doll clothes & maybe some food for her dolls too. And I want to sew myself an abaya or two as well - would love to have those done before July. Maybe I'll get an abaya done for dd too as an Eid gift.


Mostly I want to attack the 4 totes of fabric I have that are taking up space in my storage room.


1. Crocheted t-shirt rug for living room

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I dont really have a list per se but I have things to finish, things to do, things that come up etc.

I am admitting now, early in the year, that I am addicted to yarn.

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I'm in! I'll be back later to add the few things on my list so far.

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I am ready to get started on new projects this year. I got 42 of 52 done next year. I am excited to get started on some things for my little boys.

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I'm tentatively joining... I've had the desire to do this for a couple of years, but haven't made more than a few things a year. I really want to spend a little more time in 2014 pursuing my own little interests.

I'd like to do a few paintings for the home and sew a few things for myself... and play with all of my pinterest fantasies... :drool

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1. ruffle scarf (made from the most horrible scratchy yarn ever - but that is what the  reciepitent chose)

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The first few items I want to work on are:

1. Finish scarf for DH

2. Scarf for me

3. Wine cork bulletin board

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I wrote this into our family budget to make sure it will happen.

1. Purple longies for DD2
2. Gray black out curtains for living room
3. Crochet hat for DH
4 . Cleaned out under kitchen sink. Replaced all toxic cleaners with homemade
5. Dyed over Lola's sweater. Fixing bleach stain
6. Kids closet shelving
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I did this a few years ago but bailed after 3 months.  I need to make attempt again because my studio is overrun with half finished projects.  Going to mull over a list for a bit and then update.


-finish DD3's hobby horse

-repair DD1 and DD2's hobby horses (they both broke their sticks, need to replace them)

-make 2 more gnomes to complete DD4's set

-make Waldorf doll for DD4's 1st b-day

-sew upcycled sweater throw pillow

-sew upcycled dress shirt throw pillow

-sew at least 50 sets of diapers for Teeny Tears (100 diapers total, this is a service project to work on w/ DD1)

-sew 3 walker caddies for local retirement home (service project to work on w/ DD)

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I am in.  


1.  get baby out. lol.

2.  make a cover stitch machine cover for my mom.

3.  make a potato sack purse for my sister.

4.  make a sewing machine cover and serger cover for myself.

5.  finish my thrummed mitten.

6.  make another thrummed mitten to finish a different pair.


Ohhh you know what I really really want to make?  The knitting shop has this yarn that is soooo stinking cool.  It is cream wool with felted flowers in it that they knit into a scarf.  Insanely expensive (like $30 for the skien) - but perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Perhaps I should pick up a skein and make it for myself if I haven't had the baby by the next time I go to town....  Might make the wait more bearable.  I think it is about the quickest knit ever.

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First 4 days of the year, first four projects knocked out. I need to keep up this momentum as I aim to have 52 done before Dec 1 as I really petered out last year. 


#1 Duvet cover for my bed. I used a sheet set and then added another coordinating flat sheet for the backing. I got a new wool comforter for Christmas and needed a new duvet cover as my old one was too small. 


#2 Unplastic wrappers for bowls. 


#3 Belt for the little guy to keep up his pants. 


#4 Some tiny knit hats for gifts. 

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Hi ladies- I have been working on finishing my thrummed mitten.  Getting closer :)  


Stopped at the knitting shop to pick up that gorgeous yarn and I must have looked at the price wrong before.  It was actually $53...  and it took 2!  So since that is clearly out of my budget I am trying to muster up the motivation to make my own version.  I have lots of random roving bits and I could definitely spring for a skien of cream wool....


Momsteader- so productive and so cute!  Especially the cutie under the comforter :)

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Still working on my t-shirt rug. Gotta find more t-shirts to recycle lol. I'm at the point where 1 t-shirt, even if it's plus size, still only makes 2-3 rounds before I run out of yarn.

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Love the unplastic wrappers for bowls. How did you make them?
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1. ruffle scarf (made from the most horrible scratchy yarn ever - but that is what the  reciepitent chos

2. shawl (MINE!)

3.queen annes lace scarf

4. bucket hat

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