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Yes, it's a lovely style. I love that blue and white one.

Patch pockets, or with a button down flap, might be nice too, either a matching or in a contrast colour. My 3yo is very into pockets.
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Wow! Just wow! I wish i was as patient and creative as you all are :'(

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12/52 - the third pair of short for DD1. Plain denim with a turtle patch on the left leg.

Now to decide on my next project. Either more shorts for DD2 or their Easter rabbits probably.
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How long does it take to make shorts?
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Depends on the details, elastic waisted shorts with no extras go together in probably less than an hour.  If there are pockets or a fly or things like that, that can double the time it takes.

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I bought a sewing machine a few years ago and really want to start making things. I think that will be my new hobby for 2014. I might join you here! It even has a quilting arm. I dream of making a quilt one day.
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1. ruffle scarf (made from the most horrible scratchy yarn ever - but that is what the  reciepitent chose

2. shawl (MINE!)  monets garden shawl

3.queen annes lace scarf (stash)

4. bucket hat (stash)

5. Ribbon Candy Shawl/Scarf (mine)

6. Shawl - covered in lettuce (mine)

7. Purple cape/poncho (gift)

8. rainbow cape/poncho (abby)

9. Purple pinafor (gift)

10 .Blue/white scarf (present stash)

11. purple shawl - present

12 pink scarf- get well present

13 gecko scarf - mine

14. 3 easter hats

15. purple scarf - didnt love the yarn but gosh i have tons of it... (present stash)

16. blue/green scarf (present stash)

17. 2 washcloths - stash buster

18. muted lucky charms scarf

19. blanket for nieces 1st bday!

20. blue scarf (present stash)



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I made a cute little baby dress and one for my oldest daughters doll Molly.  

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Originally Posted by Springshowers View Post

How long does it take to make shorts?

I really like the danamadeit kids shorts tutorial/pattern at the moment. It has a plain elastic waist or a flat-front, which are equally easy, and back and front pocket options. I also used the back pocket template to do cargo pockets on one pair, which worked well.
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I love that website Thank you.
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Danamadeit and CINO are both great pattern creators.
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No new projects yet, but I'm puzzling one out. I want to put some clips - like the heavy duty kind you use to hold a ton of paper on the fridge - on the wall of my laundry room to use for putting up the white / black fabric I use for photo backgrounds for my ebay stuff. But I'm not quite sure how to do it, as I've never seen anything similar that's designed to be put on a wall that isn't magnetic.


I think I need to go to Home Depot & see what they can come up with that might work.

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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

Danamadeit and CINO are both great pattern creators.

I need to explore CINO more. I've seen some guest posts of hers on a few blogs I think.

I also like the Birch Organic Fabric blog for patterns/tutes.
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Is this the site you mean?

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I am hoping that this weekend I can get a lot of crafting done. I need to finish up some things that are just sitting there mocking me.  I have a patio scrap skirt that needs to be lengthened since I cut it down from maternity to regular pencil.  A white tunic that I want to embellish before I sew (although I think I just lost the top part... so I need to find that).  A doll shirt for my DD1 that is cut out and needs to be sewn.  A coverstitch machine cover for my moms bday gift.  Lets face it- if I could get all that done this weekend that would be amazing.  But I would like to make myself a set of machine covers as well and a little pouch for keeping essential oils in for my purse.  And I want to turn my empty diaper boxes into some cute storage boxes for my dining room to hide dvds from the kids or school books in.  Probably over ambitious huh?



10/52  skirt finally finished

11/52  tunic finished


almost done with the cover for my mom  and my diaper boxes are spray painted and just need covered (which will probably take forever..)  I can scratch off the doll shirt since I only found half the pieces and tossed what i did find in the scrap bin.


eta again!

12/52  finished my mom's bday gift!  The cover stitch machine cover is done :)  I have been so productive today- even with a cranky baby and taking the whole tribe to a wild game dinner- whooo hoo!

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Go Iowa, go!  And I really want to see pictures of your finished storage boxes, my living room really needs some more storage!


I made longies!  They color combo is quite bold, but I like it!  They really could be just a big longer though.  Oh well, the next (theoretical) baby will have them to grow into, right?





And I made a couple dish cloths to brighten up my kitchen drawer for Valentine's Day.  Most of my dish cloths were getting seriously faded and dingy looking. 




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13/52  finished the boxes and filled 3 of them with dvds to keep them away from my overly destructive children.  I am sooooo sick of finding them all over the house.    I filled the other box with random school stuff.  I will post a pic once I organize my cabinet that they are on.  I think I need a 5th bin as well.  


working on covers for my machines now.  I am on a roll but so are you Angelorum!  I love the bold longies :)

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I made buttonholes in my first successful adult sweater! 




I left the button holes out when I knit it 6 years ago, but I've been regretting it ever since.  I made a loop at the top with one giant button originally, but it still let an awful lot of wind in, and it's such a nice warm wool sweater otherwise.  I thought about sewing in a zipper, but I liked the fit better with the button bands overlapping.  So I hand stitched some grosgrain ribbon onto the backs of the bands, did a million practice button holes with my sewing machine on various knitted swatches, fretted and stewed and put it off for a few months, and finally got up the gumption to just do it!  



I love the result, the sweater is so much more wearable now!



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13, 14, 15, 16/52 - four pairs of shorts for DD2.

Enough clothes for now. I'm going to start their Easter rabbits and a baby quilt for my niece/nephew, due in May.
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*waves shyly* Remember me?


I was all raring to go with 52 more projects this year, but as I was doing my new year's resolutions I realised that last year I had, with typical overachieving weirdness, put off doing some bigger projects because I was afraid they'd take too long and I wouldn't make the 52. :p


So this year my goals are to make/complete 3 quilts and sew myself 10 garments. Of course I'll do way more projects than that, given that I sew nearly all the kids' clothes, but those are my official goals.


So far I've completed one quilt - a baby quilt for my niece. It was a real spur-of-the-moment thing - I'd bought some pastel fabrics to make bunting for a play tent for DD, and suddenly remembered a quilt idea I'd had knocking around in my head for years. And SIL was due with a girl the next week. The quilt didn't *quite* get there before the baby, but it was still by far the most efficiently and quickly-made quilt I've ever done! And the most technically successful, too - I used hairspray to spray-baste the backing and batting while sandwiching the quilt, as well as using safety pins, and I think it helped. Still some wrinkles on the back, but not nearly as bad as my last attempt. And SIL likes it. :)



In the process I discovered I really like pebble quilting. Also, quilting with clear thread is totally not worth it. I hadn't realised how much the quilting thread disappears - on the right-hand side of the border I ran out of clear thread and substituted yellow, and you absolutely can't tell. Plus the clear thread has a nasty texture and is sort of snappy and weird. I wish I hadn't used it, but live and learn!  Now I'm all inspired to make more quilts. We watch a lot of movies on our living room couch, so I want to make some lap quilts - I was originally thinking one big one, but now I like the idea of three or four smaller ones, displayed folded up on an open shelf in the living room, or maybe with one draped over the back of the couch. Plus, smaller quilts are less scary. :p I bought some creams and blues and browns online, and I'm planning to do pretty simple designs and not too much quilting, so they'll be soft. Should be fun. I might even exceed my three-in-a-year goal!


DD's play tent, meanwhile, is still not done. :p


I can't quite remember when I did my two breastfeeding dresses - I think it was this year? Anyway, here's a linky if anyone's curious - I don't think I posted the second one here. 


Current projects (partly done or imminent): waistcoat for DS that just needs buttons and buttonholes (which I can do to keep from being bored stiff at the church business meeting tomorrow night - good timing!); white short-sleeved shirt for DS out of an old men's shirt; DD's play tent; DD's summer dress (which I started last year and really should finish before the weather gets too cold to wear it!); and a present for DD's birthday. This is in two weeks. I'd kinda like to get her quilt finished - I started it years ago and the top is nearly pieced, but getting it done a) in time and b) without her noticing is a pretty tall order. So I might just do another costume, 'cause she loves those. Merida? Kinda of complicated with all the Celtic embroidery details, but it's winter-appropriate, and DH is giving her a wooden bow for her birthday, so it'd definitely be apropos. 


I only flicked through the last few pages of this thread, but there are some awesome projects going on - and awesome BABIES! Well done, everyone. :)

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