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January (!!!) Chat Thread

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I got excited when I wanted to make a chat thread post and realized its "our" birth month!!
Getting geared up and loving reading about what everyone else is doing.
I saw my midwives yesterday and they were adamant I not even think about this baby coming before Jan. 2 bc my backup OB is out of town until then. He delivered my 2nd child- my Vbac- and is v midwife friendly. Plus my midwife is into astrology and said I am so nurturing, she just didn't see me having a baby born on a Capricorn moon (today's moon). Sigh...so of course this all made me v paranoid bc today is exactly how long I carried my daughter (38 wks 5days) and I've been having tons of bowel movements, BH, back pain and feeling loopy. Oh yeah also we live right off the Rose Bowl parade route so there has been zero parking in my neighborhood for blocks.
Anyway, starting to breathe easily bc it's nearly 4 pm here now and seems I have dodged the New Years date.
Although truth be told, when she wants to come, she will! We will be happy to see her too.
Working now on getting my birth altar in dining room where the pool is going set up with candles and things I want to look at...washing wool diaper covers and making a shepherds pie to freeze. I feel she will be here by end of weekend- just my hunch- we shall see!
I have my labor oil blend ready for the burner- lavender, tangerine, marjoram, petitgrain, vetiver, patchouli, roman chamomile. Gonna fire that up shortly.
Wondering about labor music too...hmm...might upload some Tibetan singing bowls for ambiance and also music I love like Kate Bush or jazz. Not sure what I'm feeling.

Hope everyone is well rested, not ill and had a lovely New Years!!
Sending you all good vibes and love! 🙏🌟❤️
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Happy Birth Month everyone!  So exciting!  I'm only 38 weeks today so still have a while to go I think, but I think I can start counting down in days now.  Ah, that's so hard to believe!


I see my OB again tomorrow.  I'm feeling content with things so I don't know if I'll do a check or not.  Baby has definitely dropped.  I've had friends and strangers comment on how low my belly is.  But nothing is really going on.  Contractions, but no more than usual.  A little cervical stabbing, but no mucus plug or bloody show.  I would be happy if LO holds off until my mom gets here next week.  So sometime between 39 and 40 weeks.


Packing up what I can of my bag tonight.  Then I think that's the bulk of what needs to happen.

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37 weeks tomorrow
So super excited, hospital bag is packed,everything is folded and ready, her moses basket is ready all her stuff is just sat looking empty and lonely..everyday now were just waiting for a sign to say she's on her way..
Can't believe our birth month is finally here!! Feels like its been forever..
My mum got her csection date yesterday and its been moved forward to 2days before my due date, she's a little nervous but she'll be fine so excited to meet my daughter and my brother orngbiggrin.gif
2014 has so many wonderful challenges and surprises ahead I can't wait to face them orngbiggrin.gif

Happy new year guys! Exciting month ahead!!
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37 weeks today. Been feeling a lot of stabby cervix pains, and just general tenderness in the cervix area. No mucus, no blood though. My friends put together one of the guessing games on ExpectNet...my midwife/friend is guessing January 11th. I guessed the 9th, maybe it is wishful thinking, but it just feels like he is coming sooner rather than later! I am trying not to be too attached to any particular outcome, but man I could see just hitting the wall and feeling miserable if I go past my due date! I am waddling and slow and feeling ready!


I figured out that I transferred my daughter's flight date on my calendar wrong- up until last night I thought she would be coming home tonight...and I was worried because there has been an ongoing snowstorm. Turns out she isn't coming until tomorrow night! Hoping the roads are clear by then and she can get in okay! I had planned a special day with just the two of us for Friday, which we won't have time to make up now due to other commitments.


My dreams have all been about the baby, and very vivid. This a.m. I dreamnt that I could see the entire outline of his foot, and was tickling him, which made his entire body wiggle.

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I kept saying that the baby was due next year so that it didn't seem so eminent and now the time is nearing so fast!!

Babes are arriving and it is getting so exciting!

I am so happy to have made it to 37 weeks (as of Monday) so that I can stay at home to birth (as long as all is well :) ) but boy am I unprepared on the home front!!

getting a little done each day and am hopeful that this babe will stay in a little longer so that there is space for it to arrive at home ;)


Sending out strong, birthing vibes to you all!

and love to those new babes in arms!

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Always weak-willed, I had a cervical check at the OB and am 2 cm, 50% effaced and well-engaged.  So that's kind of fun!  OB thinks close to 7 lbs at this point, but he was off by a pound for DS so I don't hold much stock in his weight estimates.


DS and I have been talking a lot about the baby coming and I know he still doesn't get it, but he was really excited to go hear the heartbeat today - although he wasn't especially excited when he actually heard it!  He also keeps referring to the baby as baby Jesus, which is kind of hilarious.  By-product of Christmas, I guess.

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Wow.... so here we are!!!


I initially said that I'd go in early Feb but I think all bets are off. Yesterday I felt loopy and had some contractions and a lot of BMs. It's still real early but I'm not 100% on LMP even though I was kinda charting I took a brain vacation during April :o


My father ordered the carseats which will be here tomorrow I think. I am making a list of places to call for the birth (rentals near the area) It feels weird not knowing where I will be birthing but I didn't want to put down deposit on place with not knowing when travel would need to take place... Hopefully will be ordering supplies tomorrow like tub, etc as well.


My next appt is Jan 7th and will also meet with the doula that day. I spoke to someone today who will encapsulate my placenta and will be meeting up with a someone I kinda know locally on Sunday to look through her diaper stash and get a few items. We bought a dryer yesterday and the items I pulled from storage are washed, dried and put away.


That's about all I guess. I've been pretty badly irritable lately and prone to cry so there is that too.

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I'm 37w3days and had my checkup today. When I described some mild cramping and lots of Braxton Hicks, midwife offered to check my cervix but I declined--didn't want to get excited over nothing. Last time I hung out at a half cm dilated for four weeks, and then boom was in labor the next day, so who knows. Cwill, that is exciting, though!

I've definitely felt the nesting drive the last few days, but still have a lot to do. Is anyone else uncontrollably sleepy? I feel like I have narcolepsy and mono in one--all I want to do is nap. Doesn't help that I'm not sleeping great at night and it's been cold and overcast here.
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I am crazy sleepy too like somebody has slipped me a Mickey!
I got checked by my midwife the other day at 38 wk visit and am not really dilated w about 40% effacement/ baby low. I don't put much stock in whether or not I am dilated bc with my Vbac I wasn't dilated before and then when my water broke (38.5 which is today for me interestingly enough), I went from 5 to 10 in about 6 hours.
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I'm super tired too.  I wouldn't mind some nesting energy.  I'd like to stay on top of things before the baby comes, but I'm on mothering and knitting and laying on the couch while DS naps and the dishes sit in the sink and the laundry sits in the washer AND dryer and more waits in the wings. 


And ugh, I'm still working, but we were super slow over the holidays so it's like I had 3 weeks off.  But we're back in full swing and I go on-call tonight at midnight for the next 72 hours.  I want a little extra money before baby, but man I do not want to get called out at 2 am.


I'm with you ladies on the cervical checks.  Last time I was at 3 cm for several weeks before labor.  And my labor was average, I would say - 12 hours from PROM to birth with 2 hours of pushing.  Certainly not fast and getting to 4 cm took a long time and a lot of work on my part!  Still, any little piece of information I can get about baby and body at this point makes me happy.  I can't know anything else about the baby so I'll take even the meaningless stuff.

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Whew, glad I'm not the only one with the sleepiness. I'm trying not to freak out about the mess. I just really, really wanted to feel prepared for this baby. We're almost there, I guess--at least I sorted out the newborn clothes and ordered a carseat.

DH has been cleaning like crazy, which is good, because the simple act of bending over and picking up one of DD's five zillion pieces of clutter makes me feel like I ran a marathon.
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With you Blanca. I was fretting over the horrible state of the kids toy closet and their "art studio" area yesterday. I moved something and was feeling anxious, straightened it a very tad bit while complaining to myself about all the junk / clutter. Well I got my pay back. The minute I walked upstairs from the top of the closet fell the lite bright and all the pegs everywhere all over the floor. Luckily no kitties or kids hurt but what a mess.


DH offered to clean it up but I reminded him that the midwives said I should do more hands and knees...... :rotflmao

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Originally Posted by Blanca78 View Post

DH has been cleaning like crazy, which is good, because the simple act of bending over and picking up one of DD's five zillion pieces of clutter makes me feel like I ran a marathon.


OMG, yes.  95% of the reason this pregnancy is harder than the first is because I have to bend over all the time to pick up crap or do other things at toddler level.  No more bending over!!!

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I am not ashamed ot say I got my son one of these for christmas, 10% because I knew he'd like it and 90% so I could use it. 




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I am so tired too, but then I can't sleep! So frustrating.

I just have a couple of things left to do, I feel pretty much prepared otherwise!

36wk Appt went well today, I loved the provider I saw (my ob is on holiday so I saw someone else at the practice)! She did the gbs swab and when I asked her first how far she had to insert it so I could warn her if I might pass out (I have for pap smears before) she said "lets skip the cervix check, then" without me even asking. She checked baby's position and couldn't be 100% certain she was head down so she did a quick ultrasound to confirm! It was unexciting though, she just showed me baby's head, then did a quick check of her heart since it was there and I had asked her if it was really ok that the hb was 144 when its always been 150-160 before.

Anyway, my bp is up just a little but she says its not worrying yet, since its just back to my pre-preg normal. 143/82, today and then 132/80 when she did it again. I mentioned my feet have been a little swollen and she checked them and then laughed and said "nope, that's not even a slightly concerning amt of swelling!".

So I feel reassured and much better about baby being head down and my bp staying reasonably okay.
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I've been sleepier too. Def been trying to squeeze in the afternoon nap when I can. 


Someone mentioned their due date poll. My fam is doing that too. Winner gets a $25 gift card. It was set up by my MIL. Dh's fam loves games lol.  We have dates ranging from tomorrow til the 20th (mine).  I'm 38 + 3 today. Nothing happening outside of the normal BH. 


For those of you using prefolds - what has been your favorite fold for a NB? Do you do anything special to hold in ebf poo?

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Cwill- My DD did the same thing and called Atlas baby Jesus! My DH said, "Well at least we know she was paying attention to what we were teaching her this Christmas!" lol 

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I use the angel wing fold. It creates a gussett to hold in poo. Here is a tutorial. Although with NB sized PF, you probably won't have extra material to fold down in the front. And i use snappies, not pins.

Other than that, i don't do anything special to hold in poo. EBF poo is impossible. I find the PFs work better than 'sposies, maybe bc u have two layers with the diaper and the cover, rather than only 1 layer. But seriously, that is a losing battle. I sprint for the changing table when i hear the poop!! The worst is when they do it in the car, and then you grab them out of the seat, only to get a handful of poo and it is up their back and thru the onesie!! Good times.
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I never had bm pooptaatrophes until my son was older -- I was using some sposies I bought for a trip while he was in a bouncy seat.

That was the only time I can remember . I consider myself lucky.
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Help! I was just organizing in the baby room and realized I still have no diaper pail. I bought aliner from GMD but don't have a pail. Any recs? Huge kudos if it's available from amazon prime.
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